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Erica Botha

Erica Botha

Atlanta, Georgia
About Me
I am a Birth Boot Camp Instructor & Doula based out of Atlanta, GA. I love all things birth related. I guess you could say after I had my daughter I got bit by the birth bug! I myself had a wonderful Birth Boot Camp Doula & Instructor and I feel that the education and the care that I received from my doula helped me to look back fondly on my medicated vaginal birth. I look forward to serving my community through teaching Birth Boot Camp and touching people lives with compassionate doula services.
My Class Schedule
Please contact me if you are interested in any of the classes that Birth Boot Camp offers!
Doula Services Offered
A complimentary consultation at your favorite locale to discuss your wishes and desires for your birth and pregnancy.

2 prenatal meetings to help you create a birth plan, navigate the changes that are to come within your family unit, and narrow down what to bring in your birth and postpartum bag to give you full confidence that you are prepared for the birth of your baby.

24/7 pregnancy support via phone, email, and text immediately. I am here to answer any questions you may have about pregnancy and your visits with your provider. I am also here to be a pillar of support once you are navigating the changes of pregnancy and parenthood upon the arrival of your baby.

On call immediately after signing of contract, not just 2 weeks before and after due date. No need to fear if you will have support should your baby come earlier or later than expected.

Unbiased, evidence-based informational support, physical support, and emotional support for you and your family at your birth. Need a cool wash cloth when you’re feeling hot? Check. Need someone to calm the energy in your birthing place? Check. Need someone to look you in the eyes and encourage you to keep going? Check. Need some physical comfort measures to relieve your aching back? Check. Rest assured that I am here to help keep your birth environment calm, cool, and collected and that all of your needs are being met.

1 postpartum visit to answer any of the questions that you may have. I can help with infant feeding, answer any questions about your birth, and give you the emotional support and community resources you may need during this tender time.
Doula Availability
Please contact me for availability!

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