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Chatney Thibodeau

Chatney Thibodeau

Ogden, Davis County, Weber County, Hill Air Force Base, Layton, Riverdale, Clearfield, Sunset, Clinton, North Ogden, Harrisville, Pleasant View, Brigham City, West Haven, Eden, Huntsville, Utah
About Me
As a military family, being pregnant in 2020 had the added isolation of not being near family. After a challenging pregnancy, I needed hope and I found that in learning about how cool birth is. After the birth of my daughter, I felt I wanted to be that source of support for other pregnant people. Having solid, comprehensive birth education set me up to feel in charge of my birth, even if I couldn’t be in control. I truly believe that every pregnant person needs to feel that. I’m dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive place for all birthing people and their support systems.

When I’m not nerding out about birth, I’m traveling with my husband and daughter. I also love baking, trashy reality TV, and browsing thrift stores.

My goal is that you leave my class feeling in charge, empowered, loved, and confident in your choices.
My Class Schedule
Fall/Winter 2021 Classes: Comprehensive Class, Hospital Class, Birth Center Class, Basic Traning, Virtual Classes.

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