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Claire Francis

Claire Francis

Columbus, Ohio
About Me
My name is Claire Francis. I am a wife, mother, homemaker and Birth Boot Camp certified doula.

My experience with pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period has deeply changed me. In so many ways I am fundamentally a different woman because of the time I have spent carrying and delivering my babies.

In my experience, birth is about vulnerability. It’s about the surrender to your own power. It’s about bringing strong, resilient, beautiful babies into the world. All while creating strong, capable, resilient, wise, fierce, unwavering, independent, tender, selfless, and brave mothers into that very same space. My passion is serving women as they journey into motherhood. My passion is to befriend, encourage, educate and support women along their journey to their babies. No matter what kind of birth you are aiming to achieve, I would be honored to walk alongside you and your family!
Doula Services Offered
I offer birth doula services in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas. I offer support to families hoping to give birth in a hospital, birthing center, or at home. I also offer a discounted rate to all military families.
Doula Availability
My availability is subject to change, but is constantly updated on my website! Feel free to navigate my site for a more in depth understanding of who I am and what I bring to the table as a doula!

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