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Chelsea Bennett

Chelsea Bennett

Lake County, Round Lake, Libertyville, Mundelein, Antioch, Volo, Barrington, Kenosha, Illinois
About Me
Hello! I am so glad you are here

I'm Chelsea.

I am a wife of 8 years to a Salty Sailor, Mama of 3 wild littles, and a certified childbirth educator and birth doula.

My desire for education began after my first was born. I walked into labor and delivery to be induced knowing only what a few google searches taught me. I thought I wouldn’t need to know anything else.

I have personally experienced the difference childbirth education makes. We experienced two drastically different births with our first and second babies. The difference was education from a birth class and support from a doula. I truly believe those two things change everything.

There is a fire burning in my gut to let women know that they can ENJOY their birth. I want partners to know that YOU are not worthless in the delivery room- that you are highly valued and play an important role in bringing your baby into the world. I believe you are strong and confident when you are equipped.

I believe there is a time and a place for every intervention- and I believe, given tools and education, you are capable and have the right to make all the decisions that will affect you and your family.

My goal is for you and your partner to feel equipped, confident, and excited about your birth.

I want women to feel empowered after birth, not fearful. You, mama, were made to birth.

Please reach out with any questions and I look forward to meeting you!

*serving Round Lake, Grayslake, Volo, Mundelein, Libertyville, Gurnee, Lake Villa, Antioch, Fox Lake, Spring Grove
My Class Schedule
{10 Week Comprehensive Birth Class}
Email me for the newest class schedule

{4 Week Out-of-Hospital / Homebirth Class}
Email me for the newest class schedule

{6 Week Hospital Birth Class}
Email me for the newest class schedule

If you are interested in any of the following classes feel free to contact me!
{Comfort Measures Workshop}
{Reboot Refresher Class}
Doula Services Offered
As a certified doula, I come alongside couples to help them prepare for an amazing birth and help them have a positive experience. There are many factors that influence a birth and I am there every step of the way to encourage and support families emotionally and physically.

I am not there to take the partner's place in birth- but to enhance it. Doulas and partners working together to support a woman can be a beautiful partnership. Doulas help partners be the rockstars!

Contact me for a free consultation to see if we would make a good team!
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