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Carmen Valverde

Carmen Valverde

Dodge City, Kansas
About Me
My inspiration to become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor was the lack of resources for families that were wanting a different birthing experience other than what the local hospital allowed. When I was pregnant with my second child I had no local support for a VBAC so I had to look in a different area. I found a VBAC friendly Doctor three hours away from my home. Along with finding a VBAC friendly Doctor I was able to find so many other resources for different birth settings. I want to share this with my community. I am excited to bridge the language barrier for the Hispanic community here in Southwestern Kansas. I am the first to offer Spanish birthing classes in Dodge City, Kansas from what I am told. My mission is to help families have true informed consent and choice. I look forward to serving Southwestern Kansas and educating the residents in English and Spanish so that the demand for better birthing practices and outcomes increases.

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