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Caren Nugent

Caren Nugent

BBC Dual Certified Instructor and Doula Trainer

Arlington, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Dallas, Texas
About Me
Hi! I’m Caren Nugent! I’m a follower of Christ, wife to Ryan, and mother to Aaron and Sara.
Supporting families during their pregnancy and labor is so important. I am forever changed by all the families I support.

I live and teach in Arlington, but serve as a doula in the DFW area.

I love sharing birth knowledge with people, especially first time moms or 2nd time parents who are looking to have a different birth experience. I’m a huge believer in birth education because when you don't know all of your options you cannot make an informed choice.

I love it when people have an open mind about birth and are willing to learn things that can sometimes go against mainstream sources. You never know what you’re going to end up liking when you have an open mind!
My Class Schedule
Comprehensive Series: Thursday, June 17, 2021; Monday, August 2, 2021; Monday, October 18, 2021
Basic Training: February 20, 2021; March 27, 2021; April 17, 2021; June 26, 2021; July 31, 2021; August 21, 2021; September 18, 2021; October 16, 2021; November 13, 2021; December 11, 2021
Comfort Measures Workshop: May 22, 2021
Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit: May 22, 2021
Home and Birth Center: Monday, June 14
Doula Services Offered
I support families in whatever birth they wish to have. Hospital? No problem! Birth Center? Yes! Home? Absolutely!
Doula Availability
July 2021: Full
August 2021: Full
September 2021: Full
October 2021: Full
November 2021: Full
December 2021: 1 spot
2022: Open for clients!

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