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Kimberly Sheppard

Kimberly Sheppard

College Station, Texas
About Me
Helping women work with their bodies and learn how strong they are during childbirth is my most treasured role so far in this lifetime. I love supporting women throughout their pregnancies, teaching them to listen to their bodies, and helping them feel empowered during labor and delivery. I’ve been a certified birth doula for 3 years, a licensed massage therapist for 6 years and now a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. My duty is to provide a continuous source of education, comfort, encouragement and support, both emotional and physical. My goal is to help families have a safe, healthy, positive labor experience. It is an honor to serve these families during one of the most precious moments of their lives, and to support them in their decisions for the birth they desire.
My Class Schedule

Basic + Breastfeeding:
3/9, 16, 23 (series)
6/25 (1 day)
7/19 (1 day)
12/7, 14,21 (series)
12/3 (1 day)

Comfort Measures:
6/6, 8 (series)

Food & Fitness:
6/20, 22 (series)

Hospital + Homecoming:
7/16-8/10 8/13 (HC)

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