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Bevin Victory

Bevin Victory

Cleburne, Texas
About Me
Hello! My name is Bevin Victory and I am the owner of Victory Doula and Birth Services in Cleburne, Texas. My husband, Michael, and I have two little girls, one born at a birth center and the other born at home. I enjoy cooking, gardening, tennis, and volleyball.
Our amazing birth experiences have ignited my passion to help other families have great births as well. I offer classes, doula services, prenatal yoga, and reiki in Cleburne. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss YOUR amazing birth!
My Class Schedule
Comprehensive Course:
Oct/Nov/Dec due dates: Aug 3-Oct 5, Mondays 6:30-9:00pm

Hospital Course:
Jul/Aug/Sep due dates: June 1-July 13, Mondays 6:30-9pm
Dec/Jan/Feb due dates: Oct 26-Dec 14, Mondays 6:30-9pm

Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit:
August 8, 9am-12:30pm
November 14, 9am-12:30pm

Labor Comfort Measures:
June 13, 9am-12:30pm
Sept 12, 9am-12:30pm

Food and Fitness:
June 1, 6:30pm
Oct 26, 6:30pm

Early Pregnancy Class:
July 11, 10-11:30am
October 10, 10-11:30am
Doula Services Offered
What does Bevin do as my doula?
-Professional labor and birth support, experience with birth and laboring women
-Physical support: Massage, comfort measures, positioning, acupressure
-Emotional support: Unconditional support for your choices and the path your labor takes
-Supports mom AND dad: Makes sure both are getting their needs met

Why should we have a doula?
-More positive and enjoyable labor and birth
-Can reduce the use of medications, interventions, and c-section rate
-Takes the pressure off of dad to be the only support

What is included in the $750 investment?
-Prenatal visit in your home to discuss your birth preferences and favorite comfort measures
-On call 24/7 from 38-42 weeks to come to your birth, assistance with breastfeeding
-Postpartum visit in your home within two weeks after baby is born to process the birth and transition with new baby, referrals to various support professionals
Doula Availability
Please contact me at to check availability for your due date.

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