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Atara Klein

Atara Klein

Baltimore, Maryland
About Me
Hi, I'm Atara, and I support you through what may be the most daunting, emotional, and transformative experience of your life.

I joined Birth Boot Camp to inform, educate, and accompany you throughout YOUR unique and magical journey to motherhood. We don’t preach one specific method, but instead guide you through a number of skills. You’ll learn comfort measures, movements, relaxation techniques, optimal nutrition habits, and more -- and how to apply each skill to your different delivery options. And unlike many hospital-provided courses, we don’t just teach you how to be a proper patient, but how to best achieve the birth you expect and deserve.

I’m dual-certified as a doula through DONA International and L’Chaim Childbirth Education Services, and I’ve guided over 375 babies into the world. I’m currently a certified midwife assistant to Diane Sellers and served as medical assistant to renowned OBGYN, Dr. Deedee Shiller. I’m certified in a number of specialties and am constantly updating my knowledge base in both conventional and natural resources -- but am also a firm believer in your own intuition and capabilities.

My goal is to set the stage for happy mommies and healthy babies -- through pregnancy, birth, and beyond -- and I give you the skills and confidence to experience this time with equanimity and strength.
My Class Schedule
Currently due to the pandemic I am teaching all the classes as private classes. The classes are set based on your availability and due date. All classes are located in Towson, Maryland in a clean office. I provide all your learning materials as well as guest speakers and free parking at this location.
Doula Services Offered
Doula services are available either in person or virtually based on the hospitals policy. I am equipped to offer full virtual support for my clients which includes zoom prenatal visits, full birth support as well as postpartum zoom visits.

Each client will experience support from the time that I am hired for all their prenatal questions and guidance during your pregnancy. We schedule a prenatal visit around 36 weeks to discuss birth preferences and needs for your labor and delivery as well as discussing your postpartum plan once baby arrives. I support you over the phone during early labor and then in person as you transition into active labor, I join you either at your home for labor support or at the hospital and am with you until two hours postpartum. I help with establishing breast/chest feeding. We schedule a postpartum visit for about a week after delivery to check on breast/chest feeding and how you are doing both physically and emotionally after delivery.
Doula Availability
Feel free to call for a free 30-minute phone or zoom interview. I take up to 4 clients a month currently.

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