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Alayna Spratley

Alayna Spratley

Cleveland and Akron, Ohio
About Me
I have always considered myself to be a progressive individual, called to support a variety of social justice issues, but it wasn’t until I became pregnant with my first child, and needed to navigate the maternity healthcare system while living abroad, that I realized the nearly universal journey of a mother through pregnancy and birth, is not only a feminist concern but a fundamental human rights issue. So I began to dig deep, exploring my philosophy surrounding modern medicine, health and wellness, researching local resources available to me during pregnancy and birth, and I uncovered so many options! My quest to be educated about birth culture, knowledgeable about reproductive anatomy and physiology, curate a solid support system and an expert care team, and trust my intuition as authoritative knowledge helped me have the most positive birth experiences, one in Sweden and the other in Baltimore, Maryland. After I had my second daughter, I became increasingly active in my local birth community and felt an overwhelming desire to serve other families who were looking for resources to help them plan for an amazing birth. So, I trained and certified as a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator, in order to better support and guide women during the maidenhood to motherhood transition. I steadfastly believe that peace on Earth begins with birth!

The mission of Cleveland Natural Birth is to educate, support, and coach families, so they can have safe, healthy, and satisfying birth experiences. We are thrilled to offer families the most comprehensive pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting resources available. Using the Birth Boot Camp childbirth and parenting education curriculum and Lamaze principles coupled with personalized coaching techniques, we’ve curated truly exceptional classes and workshops for growing families. Our distinctly collaborative education model is modern and full of evidenced-based information from WHO recommendations and the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative, midwives, obstetricians, lactation consultants, nutritionists, physical therapists, exercise specialists, chiropractors, doulas, and a community of perinatal experts. Pregnancy, birth, and parenthood is an amazing time of transformation, and Cleveland Natural Birth can help you feel well and balanced, so you can achieve an ideal childbirth experience, giving your baby an optimal start to life, and empowering your entire family.

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My Class Schedule
We are excited to offer Birth Boot Camp Comprehensive Childbirth Education and Early Parenting Workshops to Cleveland and Akron families!

We can offer classes as private study or via online programs, as well. For more details and to register please visit Cleveland Natural Birth at

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