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Anna Nevienski

Anna Nevienski

Centennial/Parker, Colorado
About Me
I have a deep admiration for the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth, and it all started when my husband and I took Birth Boot Camp's 10-week class before the birth of our first child. It was amazing to learn that my body truly was made to carry, birth, and care for a baby, and that I had the ability to make my own decisions about my birth. Education was the key to our (now two) amazing births. I became a Birth Boot Camp Instructor so that I could provide other couples with this treasure trove of evidence-based information about pregnancy and birth, thereby EMPOWERING them to have the AMAZING births they deserve.
My Class Schedule
I am currently only offering PRIVATE classes. This option is wonderful because you get to remain in the comfort and safety of your own home!

My directory page will be updated if any group classes are scheduled in the future.

Contact me to ask questions or to register!
[email protected]

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