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Andrea Brannock

Andrea Brannock

BBC Instructor Trainer

Burleson, Granbury, Cleburne and Glen Rose, Texas
About Me
I am a mother to three beautiful daughters and two handsome boys. I have always had a passion for pregnancy and birth but didn't know I had options with my first two pregnancies. With my third pregnancy, I finally had the education I had been looking for and chose midwifery for my care. My third baby was born at home and it completely changed my life. Ever since that incredible experience, I have wanted to share my knowledge with others so that they, too, can experience the power behind having an educated birth. As a doula I have seen the difference childbirth education can make in every birth experience. I am beyond excited to share this wonderful curriculum with my students as well as my doula clients.
My Class Schedule
Third Saturday of the month Comfort Measure Workshop
*Lake Granbury Hospital 9am-1pm

Basic Training One Day Workshop
*September 26th in Granbury 9am-5pm
Doula Services Offered
My name is Andrea Brannock, owner of Adore Birth Services. I am a mother, a crafter at heart (not in actuality) and lover of all things pregnancy and birth. In 2013, I began my doula and Birth Boot Camp instructor career and have loved this great opportunity ever since. I have had five births. Each was different and helped to shape and set my path toward supporting families during such a special time. It was after the birth of my third baby - first natural - that I felt I was called to this wonderful work. That birth was such an amazing experience for me AND my husband. The work we put in during the pregnancy and at the birth brought us closer together and it was amazing! I want to share that gift with others. I want others to experience what birth and pregnancy really can be.
My goal is to help you gain the confidence that you need to have an empowered birth. Through Birth Boot Camp classes, our meetings together and my confidence in you and your partner, you can achieve the wonderful experience birth can me. I find it an honor and privilege every time a couple invites me to be a part of their birth team. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and support you during this special time. To schedule a free consultation, please contact me today!
Doula Availability
October 2020- 1 spot
November 2020- 2 spots
December 2020- Full
January 2021- Full
February 2021- 1 spot
March 2021- 1 spot
April 2021- 1 spot
May 2021- 2 spots

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