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Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson

BBC Dual Certified Instructor and Doula Trainer

Oklahoma City metro, Oklahoma
About Me
I am a mother of 5, I have had 2 cesarean sections, 2 unmedicated hospital VBA2C's and a HBA2C. I have been a birth doula since 2009, I joined the Birth Boot Camp Family as an instructor in 2012, and a Birth Boot Camp DOULA in 2016.

I am also a Birth Boot Camp Instructor and DOULA trainer! I look forward to supporting families in the OKC area and training new instructors and DOULA's!
My Class Schedule
Due to Covid-19 I am not offering in person classes at this time, however I am offering a hybrid class with our online classes. My hybrid class will include the Birth Boot Camp class of your choice plus weekly zoom check-ins with me. Hybrid class prices are 25% off of my in person class prices.
Doula Services Offered
I am currently providing both virtual options and in person doula services for the OKC metro area.
Doula Availability
April - 2
May - 1
June - 3
July - 2

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