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Amanda Standlee

Amanda Standlee

Shawnee, OK, and the OKC Metro, Oklahoma
About Me
Hi, I'm Amanda! Wife of Brent (since 2004) and mom to six. We live on a small farm near Jacktown, Oklahoma.

When our first two daughters were born I had what I believed to be a very standard birth experience --induction with an epidural and a whole list of interventions. It wasn't until I almost had a c-section with our second daughter that I decided to educate myself and began to question this “standard” birth process.

My husband left for basic training when I was 6 weeks pregnant with our third daughter. I used those months while he was gone to read or watch everything I could find concerning the birth process. For my third birth, I hired a doula for the first time and had a beautiful water birth-- with a midwife-- in the hospital.

After her birth, in September 2009, I decided I needed to be a doula. I trained in March 2010 and certified not long after. To date, I've attended 24 births.

For babies’ numbers four and five we decided on homebirths. Both good experiences with well-trained midwives. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed with your new baby.

After attending several births I realized that the couples in my area had few educational options for childbirth classes. I attended Birth Boot Camp training in September of 2012, with a 9-month-old on my hip, I started teaching almost immediately and taught constantly for 2 years till our little boy was born in December 2014. Life with 5 kids was a bit complicated so I took a break from all birth work for a while.

When I got pregnant with our sixth baby, things felt different. I trusted my intuitions and hired an amazing OB and planned a hospital birth. Our baby girl was born by an emergency surgical birth. Thanks to the education I’ve received as a doula and Birth Boot Camp instructor I feel no regret about my choice to go back to the hospital for her birth. I am so thankful that I understood all my options that day, and in the days following.

Since processing her birth I have gained a renewed passion for birth and look forward to supporting families through their birth journeys again.
My Class Schedule
I have private or hybrid classes starting on an ongoing basis.

Text me with questions anytime.

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