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Amy Locke

Amy Locke

Washington D.C, JBAB, Andrews AFB, Ft. Belvoir, Alexandria, Virginia
About Me
Hi!!! I am Amy Locke. I grew up in Alabama and married an Air Force man and we love traveling the world and experiencing new things. I have been a practicing doula for a few years now and have been certified with Birth Boot Camp for over a year. I love helping couples welcome their little ones into the world. I love watching couples work together and bonding over this huge milestone in their lives.
Doula Services Offered
I am a birth doula so I meet with mom and her birth partner at least twice during pregnancy for us to get to really get to know each other. I really want mom to be comfortable with me and me with her. I come to you once you are in labor and feel the need to have the extra support as in relaxation techniques and massage. I will be with you giving hands on support throughout your labor and birth and then help with establishing breastfeeding after baby is born. I also come to you once you are settled in at home to check on you and baby. At this meeting I like to process your birth with you and answer any questions you have regarding your birth or breastfeeding issues.
Doula Availability
April, full
May, 1 spot
June, 1 spot
July, 2 spots
Aug, full
Sept, 2 spots
Oct, 1 spot

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