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Announcing Your Pregnancy

The coming of a new baby is a wonderful thing.   Now with the benefits of social media, there are as many ways to announce the beginning of your newest adventure as there are types of personalities.   Here are a few cute (or fun or creative or just plain silly!) ways to share your joy with the ones you love.  

We would love to hear your ideas too.   Leave them in the comments!

announce your pregnancy

~A darling way to announce a new baby- the tiny coffee cup with the expected due month on it!  

~If you have older children, have them each hold a chalkboard with their birth order marked on it.   For example, the oldest would hold a chalkboard with “#1” on it and the so on and at the end of a the picture would be a chalkboard sitting by itself, with the appropriate number for the newest family member.   This also works beautifully for a first baby, as shown below.   This couple used their simple initials in a heart for this tender announcement.

announce your pregnancy

~Print a puzzle with a picture on it announcing the new baby for family to put together.   (This one works great as a Christmas or birthday present.)

~Address a card to each family member with an enclosed “letter from the baby” announcing their coming birth.  

announcing your pregnancy

~Take pictures of the entire family’s shoes lined up.   Mom, Dad, older siblings if applicable, and lastly some tiny baby shoes!   This one is great to share with social media.   Add in each member of the families birth year using photoshop for some extra fun.

~For family members give a gift with the announcement inside.   This one is especially wonderful for a long awaited baby.

~Make a family “movie” ending with mom and dad holding a positive pregnancy test.

announcing your pregnancy

~For a pregnancy announced around the time of a holiday, incorporate seasonal themes.   This family had an older sister hold eggs marked “big sis” and shared the photos with family members for Easter.

announcing your pregnancy

~If you have older children, a simple shirt with the words, “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” are a cute way to both announce a baby and involve the older children.   Or, if you are more creative, you can make your own shirts like the one above!

~“Bump Ahead” signs are always fun.   Have parents stand next to a “Bump Ahead” sign.   Dad points at the mommy belly, and mom points to the sign.  

~Give the grandparents a brag book or photo album with only the first sleeve filled- with your ultrasound picture!   Not only is this a cute way to announce a pregnancy, but it gives excited grandparents a place to document the growing of their loved one.

~T-shirts for extended family members, especially grandparents are a cute idea.   Just have shirts made (or find some you can buy) that say, “Grandma” or “Grandpa” on them.  

~A baby picture frame presented as a gift, only instead of a picture it it, have a note with the expected due date in it.

announcing your pregnancy

~Simple, but sends the message!   Just sharing the picture of that positive test is a great way to tell your friends about your exciting news!

We express gratitude to all our readers who helped with the ideas for this post.   In particular we would love to recognize some of our amazing instructors who submitted ideas and pictures.   You can find more childbirth educators online.

Dani Long – in Washington state

Cori Gentry – in California

Joni Yankus – [email protected] in Texas

Kendra Parry – in Utah

Rachel Johnson – in Texas

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