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We consider birth videos to be an imperative part of childbirth education. It is so much easier to understand birth and know what to expect if you have seen and heard what is normal for other women- the more the better- because we all birth a little different.

Here are our all time favorite birth videos. They all happen to be of our amazing instructors and doulas, who have ninja like birthing skills. Grab some tissues because this kind of beauty makes the tears flow!

Favorite Outdoors Birth Video

This one is just too gorgeous. An outdoor birth…a horse…and one of the cutest babies you will ever see. The birthing woman, Jillian says this,

“Hired a birth team that supported (and had their own) outdoor waterbirth. Hired an amazing photographer. Early labor began at 3pm the day prior, active labor began around 10:30 am, baby born 6:00pm on the nose. My mom made it to my house when I was pushing, covering the 600 mile distance in under 6 hours. The angry squirrel who lived in our tree came down to yell at the midwife for all the ruckus. And my sweet, beloved horse stayed with me the entire time.”

Jillian teaches birth classes in Keller, TX.

Favorite Natural Hospital Birth Video

Oh my gosh…amazing hospital birth video of a miracle baby- at 42 weeks. I love what Kate, the mother, has to say about this beautiful birth

“After being unable to conceive for nearly 10 years, we were blessed with our miracle pregnancy! Instead of being induced, we waited…and waited…and waited…until our baby was ready. Then, at 42 weeks and 1 day, my water broke and labor began. After 5.5 hours, we welcomed our baby into the outside world with no medical interventions, labor augmentations or pain killers – yes, I felt EVERYTHING. The birth was midwife-assisted, grandparent-witnessed and (the most amazing) husband-supported. Our baby was born as I sat on a birth stool and I was able to see the process unfold in a full-length mirror opposite my position (when I was able to open my eyes). I believe God rewarded our plans, prayers and dreams that day as we – finally held our miracle baby in our arms.”

Natural Hospital Birth – 42 Weeks from Kate Sorensen on Vimeo.

Favorite Cesarean Birth Video

Birth doesn’t always go as we plan, no matter how much we prepare. This video is part two of Kate’s story. After her first natural hospital birth, she planned a birth center birth. But baby had other plans. Says Kate,

“After planning a natural birth center birth for our second baby, we were surprised to find out that he flipped to double footling breech during labor. Deciding to change our plans to a c-section birth was difficult but we are so glad to welcome our second miracle baby into our family. We are also thankful to family and friends who brought us joy and support through the process. We love you Titus!”

You can read more about Kate’s amazing journey here.

Titus’ Birth from Kate Sorensen on Vimeo.

Favorite Home VBAC Birth Video

Oh, but it doesn’t end there. A triumphant VBAC is up next. And yes, same mom, next birth. Triumphant VBAC birth stories (and VBAC birth videos) are so incredible. Read more about Kate’s home VBAC here.

Logan’s Birth (HBAC) from Kate Sorensen on Vimeo.

Favorite Home Birth Video

This one is so beautiful! The birthing mama, Ashleigh, said,

25 hours after PROM, hiding in a bathroom closet because I was having a hard time pushing in front of strangers, he was born.”

There is always so much more to a birth than what you can see! Possibly my favorite thing about this video, is watching Ashleigh and her partner work together. He is amazing! Relationships can be so strengthened by a beautiful birth experience.

Grayson’s Birth Story from Ceci Jane on Vimeo.

Favorite Waterbirth Birth Video

Fast forward two years, and here is Ashleigh’s next birth. Tears. Just tears. Every time you watch this birth video. You can see the real, raw emotions if labor- of how hard it is- it is just a beautiful thing. And her husband…always there. Then the beauty of a brother meeting his baby sister for the first time…You will love this one!

Roxanne Genevieve from Ceci Jane on Vimeo.

Favorite Partner Support Birth Video

The partner support in this video is simply off the charts. What a difference that makes! The mom, Brittany, says, “This is the home birth of my second baby – my midwife and doula are close friends of mine. Having them there made this birth incredibly special to me. My husband was an amazing support as well – at one point before we called in the birth team he asked me, “if this was a birth that you were at as the doula, what would you do?” I told him and he doula(ed) me, quite well I might add.”  

PS – don’t be confused with Brittany’s identical twin sister that’s also in the video!

You can read more about Brittany’s birth of Sloan, here.

Favorite Surprise Breech Birth Video

Searching for an epic, seemingly easy, SURPRISE breech home birth? Look no further.

Hailie is one of our favorite childbirth educators and doulas in Abilene, TX. Her beauty, both inside and out, shines through in this breech birth video. She has some incredible female support in this video too, showing that birth support, both emotional and physical can look different for every birth and for every couple. Find what works for YOU.

(Another) Favorite Waterbirth Birth Video

Megan births her fourth baby in this sweet home waterbirth, surrounded (literally) by loving support. Every woman deserves to be lifted up and loved like this in labor!

Favorite Home Waterbirth VBAC Birth Video

This video is more than just a home waterbirth VBAC- the birthing woman, Jessica, describes the birth itself as “perfect.” What we most love about this video is the incredible sounds that she makes as she births her baby! We often like to think of women in labor as being quiet and still, but for lots of women, NOISE is their most helpful coping mechanism.

Check out this perfect home waterbirth video! You can also watch the birth video of Jessica’s 5th baby  here.

(Last) Favorite Birth Video

Let’s end with this gorgeous video – a supportive partner and birth team, but you can still see how truly HARD birth is and how women work to birth their babies. It’s a transformative thing.

Taylor, the birthing mother says,

“43 hours of back labor, an amazingly supportive midwife and husband, only wish we would have had a doula! Around hour 40 (4cm) I attempted to give up, Joni convinced me to get in the birth tub and I relaxed and fell asleep on the tub between contractions, 3 hours later I pushed out our little guy with only a few pushes. Amazing what some water and relaxation can do for you! And we definitely hired a doula for #2!”

Birth of Oliver Barnes from Stephanie Smith on Vimeo.

We hope you enjoyed some of our favorite birth videos. We love the incredible strength of the women we work with. Birth can be amazing!

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