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Passionate about birth, families, support and education.

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About Birth Boot Camp

Decades of Experience

Birth Boot Camp was founded by popular blogger and childbirth educator, Donna Ryan, in March 2012. Over the last 10 years, Birth Boot Camp has grown and evolved into the company we are today. Our CEO, Hollie Hauptly, took over in January of 2021 and we have added new trainings, classes, certifications, and experience to our company. Our Headquarters team is made of Hollie Hauptly, April Francom, Cheryl Amelang, Robmikia Holman, and Hanan Webster who have over 4 decades of birth experience between us. We are passionate about birth, families, support, and education and work hard to stay current on evidence, meeting the needs of communities, and empowering those around us.

Online Birth Classes

Read Some Success Stories

“Have met some incredible women with Birth Boot Camp and together with the training programs, I've become a doula and childbirth educator! So happy to now have the tools necessary to effectively assist expecting persons to have the birth they desire!”

Jeannette Napoleon

“I recently became a certified birth boot camp instructor! It has been a really great exercise and I am so exciting to start teaching. For my training I took all the online birthing classes and I really enjoyed them. They are teach good true information that all moms and dads should have going into birth! Whether you know a little or a lot these will be a great addition to your knowledge.”

Ruth Hildreth

“Birth Boot Camp is so amazing! I attended their February training in 2021. I felt mostly prepared to start this journey before I attended the in-person training but when it was time to leave the training and start my business I knew I was ready! They are so hands on and help you to feel confident.”

Rebekah Bryant