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doula in burleson, TX

Doula in Burleson, TX

We can’t wait for you to meet Megan Ray, a doula in Burleson, TX. This North Texas mama brings an incredible perspective and sensitivity to birth work. We are pleased to have her as part of Birth Boot Camp and so happy for the women in her community who now have her as a resource. Welcome, Megan!

Introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m so excited to be offering Doula services with Birth Boot Camp in the DFW area! I’m a wife to my lovely husband Jaron and we have 3 kiddos. We live on a small family farm where we have cows, horses, goats, dogs, cats, and a parrot!

Doula in Burleson, TX

What first got you interested in doula work?

When our first was born via unexpected c section after transfer from our planned home birth I realized just how important having our doula was for us. I couldn’t have imagined doing our births without her.

Do you have any particular passions concerning birth, if so, why?

My first 2 babies were born by way of family-centered c sections, so I have a very special place in my heart for women facing cesareans and have a lot of passion for helping them achieve fantastic births. Cesarean sections can be such beautiful experiences when everyone involved is on the same page. My 3rd baby was my VBA2C (vaginal birth after cesareans) baby and I love supporting women as they pursue a vaginal birth after cesarean.

Doula in Burleson, TX

With so many doula trainings out there, why did you choose Birth Boot Camp Doula training?

My husband and I attended Birth Boot Camp Childbirth classes before the birth of our second baby and we enjoyed it so much that I knew that I wanted to be involved with these fantastic ladies. I also take pride in the fact that Birth Boot Camp was started right here in North Texas.

Tell us about your training experience.

Training was so fun! I loved being equipped with so many techniques to help women and their partners with their labors!

How did your training prepare you for actual birth attendance?

The training helped me to learn comfort measures and positions for use in labor, these are such important tools to have in my doula bag of tricks!

To close, how do you believe doulas can make a positive difference in the birth experience for women?

Doula in Burleson, TX

Doulas can help women know their options and made the best choices for their family and their birth. Each birth is different, and we learn from everyone along the way.

How can we find you?

Megan Ray is a doula in Burleson, TX and you can find her via:

Phone: 817 933 3432
Email: [email protected]