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The Instant Pot madness has begun. What’s an Instant Pot, you ask?

Remember the Cabbage Patch craze of 83′? It’s kind of like that only it’s for moms and it involves dinner…

An Instant Pot is kind of like a slow cooker- only instead of taking 12 hours to make dinner, it takes a few minutes.

It’s pretty much a busy doula’s (or mom’s) best friend.

Because we love doulas and care about you, we have compiled some of our favorite Instant Pot recipes for your convenience. Check them out- because being a busy doula doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome and healthy dinner!

Check this little video from Instant Pot about the benefits of electric pressure cooking.

(We have not made a dime from Instant Pot- we promise. We just had so many people asking for electric pressure cooker recipes, we had to respond!)

Incredible Instant Pot Recipes for the Busy Doula

One pot pork chops-

The recipe we linked to is for slow cooker pork chops, but these work awesome in an Instant Pot and they only take 20 minutes.

Tons of Instant Pot recipes in one place-

This blog post has over a dozen incredible Instant Pot recipes for the busy doula. They are awesome and there is something here for whatever you are craving.

Instant Pot hard boiled eggs-

Everyone who has tried it says that you will never go back to regular egg boiling again. Done super quick and they peel to perfection. You have to try these! Boiled eggs make a great snack to have on hand for anybody, plus they are packed with protein and can easily be made into an egg sandwich or thrown on top of salad, as the mood suits you.

Pressure cooker Mongolian beef-

This is the perfect meal. Leave it in the fridge when you take off for a birth, and your sitter or partner can have dinner ready in less than half an hour. Bonus: it is so tender it melts in your mouth!


Balsamic brussel sprouts-

These quick and easy brussel sprouts make an incredible side dish that even your kids will love. Brussel sprouts are a wonderful veggie that is underappreciated because they taste pretty nasty if you don’t know how to cook them.

Pressure cooker sweet potatoes-

If you are looking for a healthy side dish or a vegan main dish, sweet potatoes are perfect. They cook so much faster in the Instant Pot!


Pressure cooker coconut milk rice-

Rice is so perfect in the Instant Pot, but this coconut milk rice is off the hook. Try it.

Pressure cooker whole chicken-

Our beloved doula, Laurie, up there in Canada, highly recommends the one pot chicken.
“Add some water or homemade stock to the bottom along with a bunch of veggies ends from the freezer (carrot and onion ends, celery tips, etc). Place the tray over top and place the chicken in after rubbing it with avocado oil and a herb blend. Cook for 25 minutes on manual and voila, super tasty and moist chicken.Keep the juices and add the bones and a bit of apple cider vinegar with additional water to make bone broth (2 hours on manual).”

Laurie is a doula and childbirth educator in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Chicken tacos-

Andrea loves making chicken tacos in her Instant Pot. Just pour a can of green chili enchilada sauce in the bottom of the pot, add chicken as desired (3 or 4 breasts works great), and any other things you like in your tacos- chicken taco seasoning, onion, garlic, etc, as desired. Cook on 20 minutes on the meat setting. Place in you favorite tortillas for a perfect dinner.

Healthy pressure cooker recipes-

This website has not only beautiful pictures of food (gasp!), but a wealth of recipes and a dedication to fast AND healthy homemade food. Love it.

You can find their Instagram page here.

Instant Pot recipes on Pinterest-

Our amazingly sweet instructor trainer, Melissa, loves her Instant Pot so much, she has a whole Pinterest page dedicated to it. Check out her favorites. They are yum!

One of our favorite doulas and childbirth educators, Andrea Brannock (she submitted lots of recipes for this post!) wrote about making the busy doula life work when you have children. She is a mom of five beautiful children and we so admire her! One thing that helps her “do it all” is her pressure cooker.

Do you have a favorite Instant Pot recipe? Leave the link in the comments so everyone can try it! May your meals be as quick and heavenly as the births you attend!

Photo credit: JefferyTurner via / CC BY, Photo credit: Ruocaled via DesignHunt / CC BY