Childbirth Classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming

February 22, 2016

childbirth classes in Cheyenne Wyoming

Childbirth Classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming

It is has been an amazing journey training instructors across the country and watching Birth Boot Camp grow. We have recently welcomed several instructors in Wyoming. Rachael is one of these wonderful women and teachers. We are so excited to have her offering childbirth classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming! Check her out!

First, could you introduce yourself so we can know a little bit about who you are?

Hello! My name is Rachael Bruyere and I LOVE being a mom! I teach childbirth classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My husband and I have been married for almost 8 years now and I have one daughter who I hope is just the first of many more to come. We live in Cheyenne and we love the community; it is a great place to raise a family.

Childbirth Classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming

I mostly stay at home but I also work part time as a massage therapist in a chiropractic office. I have been practicing massage for five years now. On the weekends we often visit the mountains. I love to cook, bake, and make homemade household products. And my nerdy side loves to play Nintendo!

Tell us a little bit about your own birth experiences and how they influenced your desire to teach birth classes.

During my pregnancy, I planned to have a natural birth in a birth center, but everything changed when I had a necessary transfer to the hospital for preeclampsia. I was devastated because I was convinced that having a natural birth would be out of my control in a medical environment and that it was quite plausible that I would end up with many medical interventions that I so passionately wanted to avoid.

However, despite my condition, my body was able to deliver my baby naturally in the hospital, without any help or inhibitions from the hospital and I experienced a wonderful birth! I owe all of it to the awesome birth classes that my husband and I took to be knowledgeable and prepared for what it takes to succeed but also to be content with whatever the outcome when you are in charge of your own birth and you make the decisions.

Childbirth Classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming

I had also hired a doula, which was the best decision ever! She was worth every penny! Although I didn’t get the birth I planned for, I got one that I couldn’t be more thankful for. After the birth I needed medication to lower my blood pressure quickly and was thankful I was in the hospital to be looked after.

Too many women are having traumatic and unsatisfactory births that could negatively impact their lives, including bonding and breastfeeding with their newborn! I wish for all women to have a great birth experience and I have made the effort to become a Birth Boot Camp instructor so that I can help prepare women with what they need to know to have the birth they want!

What first got you interested in the realm of natural birth?

My inspiration for preparing for a natural birth was none other than Ina May Gaskin (an experienced midwife) and her book Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.  A highly recommended read during your pregnancy.

There are lots of different birth educator training programs out there. Why did you choose Birth Boot Camp?

Birth Boot Camp is the best program on the market for anyone who wants a natural birth but without commitment to specific styles or methods of birth. You are free to choose any style you want and Birth Boot Camp with help you find what works best for you. This program begins with great tips for healthy pregnancy eating, exercise, relaxation techniques, avoiding cesareans, birthing positions, and bonding with your baby, plus much more.

Tell us a little about your Birth Boot Camp training experience. Where did you train? What did you like about it?

Birth Boot Camp has high standards for who can become an instructor and rightly so for they only want the best to be teaching their curriculum! All the instructors, including me, have had unmedicated, vaginal births, and have been present for other woman giving birth.

Childbirth Classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming

She might be having TOO much fun at instructor training!

Further, we have read many of the best books on pregnancy, birth, and research of the current standard medical procedures for maternity care and how those procedures help or inhibit the natural birth process. Then we attended their training workshop to become certified. What a great experience to meet the founder of Birth Boot Camp and learn from some of the best instructors. (You can see highlights from that training here.)

Was your husband involved in birth education? If so, what was his experience and would he recommend the training to other husbands?

When I first found out my wife, Rachael, was pregnant, I think I felt the same concern and nervousness as many other husbands. I felt very overwhelmed with my own lack of knowledge and the natural anxiety that comes when you realize you have a baby on the way, but you have no idea what to expect.

When we enrolled in the education for natural childbirth, I was not sure what would come next, but our education so far exceeded my expectations and prepared me for our birth and the unexpected complications that accompanied them. During our education, I was equipped, with my wife, for the natural childbirth process, the need and appropriate times for medical intervention, and all the benefits of this process.

Childbirth Classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Not only did the education calm my anxieties, it also gave me the ability to understand the process, what the doctors were talking about, and understand our options. Because of our natural childbirth education, I felt prepared for our birth experience. Even when we found out we had complications and had to go to the hospital, we were well prepared for the experience.

I cannot more highly recommend for couples to participate in a natural childbirth program like this; it will prepare you for the process leading up to birth, the birth itself, and the somewhat uncertain few weeks directly succeeding your new child’s birth.

Rachael is very passionate and knowledgeable. I could not be more proud of the effort she has put forth in becoming educated and certified, and I am confident she will be a great instructor for you and your partner and you will be as excited and well prepared for your birth experience as we were.

To close, tell us how you see natural childbirth education having a positive impact? Why does this work matter to you?

I envision a transformation in maternity care as a whole to meet the needs and demands of it’s consumers. If women are educated about birth and the birth process, they will not seek medical interventions but instead will question their necessity.

With this education, women will be happier with their birth experiences, both when they go “right” but also when they go “unplanned.” This is because they will know why the interventions may have become necessary at that point, and feel confidence, rather than fear, just like my own experience!

Where can we find you?

I teach childbirth classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming. You can visit my website at or find Motherhood Beginnings on Facebook!

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