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50 Things Doulas Do Best

What do doulas do best? Well, that is actually a much longer list than the one below. Doulas have an amazing array of skills, many of which can’t really be put into words.  It is no secret that at Birth Boot Camp we love doulas. Here are just 50 of the many amazing things that doulas do best. Not sure what all of them are or how they will benefit your birth? Call your doula and ask her if she knows. You will be amazed! Good luck and happy birthing!

1) Pack snacks

2) Hip Squeeze

doula double hip squeeze

3) Rebozo

4) Listen


5) Comfort

6) Horse-lip demo

7) Moaning with you

8) Getting up early

9) Going without sleep

10) Or food

11) Pumping in strange places

Doula Pumping

12) Questions

13) Phone calls

14) Support

15) Recommendations

16) Hand holding

17) Back rubbing

doula back rub- one thing doulas do best

18)  Massage

19) Interesting things with tennis balls and frozen rolling pins

20) Remembering the hot pack

21) Cup holding

22) Bendy straw bringing

23)  Staying calm

24) Believing in you

25) Staying quiet

doula at water birth

26) Smiling when you need it

27) Wiping your brow

28) Bringing cool washcloths

29) Getting ice chips

30) Getting a steak (when ice chips just aren’t cutting it.)

31) Pressure points

32) Filling birth tubs

33) Boiling water

34) Slow dancing

35) Supporting dad

36) Feeding dad

37) Helping siblings

38) Breastfeeding tips

39) Postpartum support

40) A friend to call

41) Birth story listener

42) Natural birth supporter

43) Keeping unwanted (but excited and well-meaning) visitors at bay

44) Manipulating a hospital bed better than inspector gadget

45) Having unwavering faith in your abilities

46) Providing non-judgemental support

47) Recommending care providers

48) Partner calming

49) Fix your ponytail

50) Witness your power

There is so much more that your doula can bring to your birth: doulas are truly priceless! Not looking to hire a doula, but would rather become one? Check out our doula certification. We have tried to develop an awesome doula training program out there covering not just comfort measures but how to run your business and intensive postpartum and breastfeeding training. Check it out!


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Maria Pokluda
7 years ago

So many great things we do(ula)!