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5 Ways a Doula Can Help You Have A Natural Birth

5 Ways a Doula Can Help You Have A Natural Birth

If you are considering a natural birth, you have probably been told to hire a doula. While a doula can serve you for any kind of birth from a planned cesarean to an epidural birth, they are a particularly great addition to a natural birth plan.

Here are 5 ways a doula can help you have a natural birth-

1. A doula can help you have a natural birth by supporting your partner-

Preparation for the birthing woman and her partner is imperative for a great birth.


Because if the partner is frightened or simply unsupportive and baffled, it will impact the woman, the mood in the room, and the memory of the experience. So, information and prep is imperative for the partner and the doula helps him remember all that he learned!

Birth is such a big life event that involves a whole new vocabulary, new places, new people, and new sensations. A steady, calm presence through it all calms the partner. This in turn, calms the birthing woman.

Bonus: potty breaks, food runs, and all the rest are easier with a doula.

2. A doula can help you have a natural birth by believing that you can do it-

You know that quote, “She believed she could and so she did.” A doula believes you can even when you are having doubts- and this helps you complete the task at hand!

Coping with labor and attaining your natural birth is in part, a mind game. Your mind will tell you can’t hold on any longer even if your body can go further. A doula is that voice in your ear saying, “You are so strong. You are so powerful. Just take one contraction at a time.”

Sometimes that quiet yet believing presence is what makes all the difference.

3. A doula can help you have a natural birth by providing physical comfort-

Ever had back labor?

Experienced a contraction that lasted three minutes and double peaked?

Even been in pain but not known how to deal with it?

Ever been awake for two days?

Doulas are familiar with all of the above, and many other birthing situations. She has studied books with countless positions, she has practiced various situations in her training, and, if she is experienced, she has seen many women labor and birth in their own unique way and she has tools to help you.

5 Ways a Doula Can Help You Have A Natural Birth

Sometimes in labor we are just too tired to move but we need to. Sometimes we just need someone’s fist pushing into our low back for six hours straight. A doula is comfortable with birth and she can step in and help. The importance of this physical comfort can’t be underestimated.

4. A doula can help you have a natural birth by providing relational support-

What is relational support? A doula provides relational support by actively listening to you and learning about your particular needs and wants regarding your birth. A doula providing relational support tunes you in, tunes out the rest, and supports without judgment. She builds a special birth relationship with you so that she can bear witness to your power at the time of birth.

She “holds space” for you.

People often say that we never forget the way we are made to feel or the way we are treated in birth. This can carry more power than the actual birth outcome meeting our previous desires. A doula who provides relational support helps you prepare for and have a natural birth by always remembering your strength and always supporting your choice, even when nobody else seems to.

5. A doula can help you have a natural birth by connecting you with local resources and people who can also support your natural birth-

In the birth world we use the term, “birth team” frequently. What’s up with the sports analogy when it comes to birth?
When you have a baby, you and the little one are the stars of the show. Mom is Brett Farve throwing those amazing touchdowns and saving the day for the team, the city, and everybody else who cares.

5 Ways a Doula Can Help You Have A Natural BirthYou “birth team” is all those other surrounding people who help support you to make it happen- and the team can be bigger than you realize.

Most everybody hires an OB or a midwife right away after they realize they are pregnant. But there are so many other people that can maximize your chances of having the natural birth you are planning.

Chiropractic care for pregnancy can be incredibly helpful with ensuring optimal positioning. A massage therapist that specializes in pregnancy can help you feel more comfortable and may even help you relax enough to start labor if you go way past your due date.

A good childbirth educator can help you and your partner prepare together and meet people who can lift you up and be part of your postpartum team. A lactation consultant can help you overcome breastfeeding hurdles that you may not have anticipated.

A doula who is in touch with the people in your birth community can help connect you, answer questions about hospital policies, and help you build your own network so that you feel strong and able to handle the changes that come after baby.

5 Ways a Doula Can Help You Have A Natural BirthBirth is an incredible life event. In fact, in a lot of ways, it is THE life event. A doula can help you navigate this and help you get what you want, especially if what you are wanting is a natural birth. It can be hard to find support for natural birth when it is less common than medicated birth. A doula can be the support that you need.