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5 Simple Reasons You Should Take a Birth Class

By September 3, 2013No Comments

Anyone who has experienced the joy of pregnancy knows that as soon as that little blue line appears, so too does a seemingly endless list of expenses.   From the fun things, like decorating the nursery and buying baby clothes, to the more serious preparation for childbirth, everything just seems to add up.   Which, of course, begs the question, “Must I really take a childbirth class?”

Well, we might be a little biased, but we would answer with a resounding YES!   You should take a birth class.   Here are five simple reasons why the money spent on a great birth class is money well spent.

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No matter where you are having your baby, whether at the hospital, in a birth center, or in your own home, you will experience labor.   Labor (the contractions that build, peak, decrease and return again) is hard work.   It doesn’t have to be excruciating, but it will require concentration, relaxation, and some basic understanding of what is going on.  

Because women labor in order to give birth they should be prepared for the sensations of labor.   Can you imagine how scared you might be going into labor if you had never seen what that looked like and had no idea what was normal?  

Labor can be a beautiful time for a woman and her partner.   A thorough education on how a woman’s body functions in labor and relaxation practice can help make labor something you actually enjoy rather than something to be feared.  


One of the best things about a birth class is the friendships that can be formed with other like minded people in your same life circumstance.   Surrounding yourself with others like you, who you may not have known before, can make the joys and trials of pregnancy that much more exciting, fun, and informative.  

Sitting together with others each week in a birth class setting can be one of the best parts of your pregnancy and birth preparation.   Not only do you get to learn about birth together, but you get to know each other.   For those planning a natural birth, the support of others with similar goals can be deeply comforting.  

-Your Partner-

Do you want your partner at your birth?   Most women would answer with a definite yes to this question.   But what about this one? Have you prepared your partner for your birth?

Unfortunately, most would have to admit that not only are they fairly unprepared for their birth, their partner is even less so.   A good birth class that focuses on what happens in labor and then prepares the partner with skills so that he can be helpful, is an investment that you will never regret making.  

Not only does a prepared and knowledgeable partner help make a birth better, but it can strengthen the relationship and help eliminate fears for both mom and dad.


Sometimes, people express reluctance about taking a birth class because women have been giving birth for thousands of years- so who needs a class?!   Women have been doing a fabulous job having babies for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from a class.  

1000 years ago there were no hospitals, no informed consent, no hundreds of choices to navigate and make before the baby even appears.   Birth might be safer today than it was in days past, but it is often a little more complicated and overwhelming, too.  

An in-depth childbirth class will do more than prepare you for relaxation. It will help arm you with the information you need to make choices you are comfortable with while you navigate the complex corridors of today’s maternity hospital or birth center.   You deserve to make choices you feel confident in and a class can help you do that.  


Many people go into childbirth frighted, unsure, and naive.   It is simply miraculous what a difference a class can have on your mindset and your fear when it comes to childbirth.   With a knowledgeable and experienced natural birthing mother leading the way and answering your questions, your confidence will grow.   As you learn, practice, and prepare together, your fears will subside and your joy and anticipation will increase as the days tick away.  

Can you really put a price on the change from scared to confident as you draw closer to your birth?   You cannot put a cost on the happiness and peace of mind that a great birth class will give you!

Preparing you for labor, uniting you with lifelong friends, bringing you closer to your partner, teaching you about both hospital policies and your own inner ability- these are all simple things that   great childbirth education class can give you in the days leading up to the birth of your baby.

Is it worth it?   Absolutely!

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