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5 reasons your doula training should include business training

5 Reasons Your Doula Training Should Include Business Training

At Birth Boot Camp we have designed a unique doula training that gives our graduates all the tools they need in order to be successful as a doula.

This includes training in comfort measures, training in relational support skills, mentorship from experienced doulas, support from other doulas and childbirth educators, advanced lactation training, and of course, doula business training.

We don’t want to just churn out doulas- we want to create and nurture doulas who can have long-lasting professional doula careers after finishing our training.

That is why we include it all in one spot. Here are 5 reasons your doula training should include business training.

1.You need to know how to run a business!

When you choose to become a doula, you are automatically starting your own business. Most people become doulas because they have a passion for supporting families in birth. This is an incredible passion!

To be successful, passion for childbirth and doula work must be paired with business know-how. From your elevator pitch to inexpensive marketing tactics, to networking with providers, our doula trainers have been there and they know what you need to get started and stay working as a doula.


You don’t need to pay for a separate training to learn these skills. We view it as an imperative part of a complete doula training.

2.Marketing is a must!

Marketing is the way you as a business communicate with potential clients. Marketing can really encompass everything you do as a business and it is crucial you understand this in order to be successful.

Part of marketing is your branding and it can take considerable effort, time, money, and talents to create materials.

Birth Boot Camp DOULA has already created marketing materials for our doulas. From the incredible Supporting Arms booklet, to the fliers, t-shirts, and postcards we have, there is so much at your fingertips for you to use.

5 reasons your doula training should include business training

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS have access to numerous professionally designed promotional materials from customizable business cards to brochures. We want them to succeed!

Alexa Gumm, a Birth Boot Camp DOULA in Atlanta, GA and a Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer and advisory board member says, “It is fantastic that I don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” for my business materials. All of the marketing products are great looking, customizable and available quickly!”

We include ongoing marketing support for all our doulas and instructors including diverse videos for you to watch with tutorials on everything from Twitter to Tumblr and your very own elevator pitch.

We also offer support and ideas from other doulas and instructors who happily share each other’s posts and memes. This built-in network is part of our doula support package.

3.Understanding the internet is key to success

We live in a digital world. Most people find things on their phone, not in the Yellow Pages. People turn to blogs and websites to find information. This is a big, foreign world to most birth workers, but one in which it is imperative you navigate correctly if you want to be successful: we’ll show you how to do it with a minimum of funds invested.

Cameo Sherman, a doula in Bowie and Annapolis, MD explains this well. “Besides learning how to support my clients in labor, we also learned business strategies to help us meet potential clients, such as networking, marketing, and search engine optimization. Before training, I had never even heard of SEO so it was a valuable lesson for me. And not only does Birth Boot Camp DOULA teach us about it but supports is in achieving it.”

We teach you about SEO, we support your learning, and we have a large team willing to offer advice and share your work. We constantly strive to help make all of our doulas easily found on the internet. This is an invaluable part of your doula training and certification!

We also invite our doulas to be featured on our website so that we can support and promote them. Posts such as this help each of our doulas succeed.

4.The knowledge exists- your training should include it!

You might be a brand new doula, but there are women who have gone before and learned all the important information regarding building your doula business. You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel! It has been invented–learn from those who invented it.

Our doula trainers were, in part, chosen because they understand the business side of being a professional doula. They love sharing information that they have learned from years of work. There is too much early doula burnout because so few doulas have this information at their fingertips. We are trying to change this.

5.Doula business training gives you confidence to succeed

You are starting a new business with a new skill set, what do you need to help make it all work?


Confidence is key to helping you get out there, meet people, and be successful.

Our goal is to ensure that all of our doulas leave training feeling lifted up and capable of success. Then, after training, we seek to support them with a growing community of like-minded women and their doula mentors and trainers.

Maryellen Yates, a doula in Lafayette, LA says, “The Birth Boot Camp DOULA program gave me confidence in my doula skills, but also encouragement in valuing myself as a professional and knowledge of how to make my business sustainable for my family.”

Bad days will come.

Self doubt will rear its ugly head.

Questions will arise.

Knowing you have a group of people rooting for you in your corner helps support you as a professional doula and is part of our doula business training.


Doulas are an integral part of improving maternity care in a system that often leaves women feeling helpless, alone, and ignored. Doulas bring the powerful skills they possess and make a huge difference in individual births.

But they can’t do this successfully or long term without pairing the emotional support and physical aspects of doula work with business skills.

April Francom, a doula in Mansfield, TX explains, “Learning all about how to make my business sustainable for me and my family has been wonderful! It has given me the understanding and confidence I need to run a successful business.”

We don’t just want more doulas out there in the world, we want more successful, happy doulas who can work as long as they want doing something they love! Including business training in our doula training is one way we do this.

Join us.

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