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Have you found that you are the go-to resource about all things pregnancy and birth?

If you have found a passion for sharing information about pregnancy, birth, and beyond, becoming a childbirth educator is the career path for you! All expecting parents deserve to have meaningful childbirth education. The trouble is, most classes available are wildly out-of-date, overlooked, or undervalued.

If you feel a stirring in your soul to do something about it, this is your community! At Birth Boot Camp, we believe what you believe; great education is a game-changer, paving the way for baby’s best entry into the world.

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It may feel like a loaded question because the truth is, being passionate about something only takes you so far. Actually writing and presenting a curriculum to a room full of wide-eyed parents can be quite intimidating.

Good news! You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Birth Boot Camp has done the hard part for you so you can focus on your passion!

Become a Childbirth Educator

We invite you to join our Childbirth Educator Training program. As a part of your training, you gain everything you need to teach an engaging and empowering childbirth class in one easy-to-navigate place.

Ready to Teach Curriculum

When you become a Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Educator you will receive digital outlines for 6 classes that you can teach in your local community. You will leave with access to everything you need to immediately start teaching including birth videos, games and activities, workbooks for your students, and more!

Hands-On, Interactive Training

During your training you'll have the opportunity to practice teaching with props and different activities so that you feel confident teaching the curriculum. You’ll get familiar with all of the books and materials and have hands-on practice learning comfort measures and labor positions.

Ongoing Mentoring & Support

After you complete your training you will be part of an amazing organization. Birth Boot Camp is a family! We’re here to support you as you grow your business and work with more and more families. We offer ongoing opportunities for continuing education and a variety of tools to help you meet your goals.

I had an amazing experience at Birth Boot Camp training. I chose to go through Birth Boot Camp training so that I could get help with marketing and I am very impressed with all the resources we are given. Everything you could ever need to run your own business is already done for you. I would recommend any of my friends to take Birth Boot Camp training. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in for me to move forward with my dream to teach others how to have an amazing birth!


Birth Boot Camp is so amazing! I felt mostly prepared to start this journey before I attended the in-person training but when it was time to leave the training and start my business, I knew I was ready! They are so hands on and help you to feel confident.

You Should be a Childbirth Educator if...

You love talking about  birth!

You prefer a set work schedule that you set.

You are passionate about education and teaching.

You want to help families make informed decisions to help them have an amazing birth.

Teaching an evidence-based curriculum is important to you.

You enjoy interacting with and getting to know new people, helping them build their community.

What Will You Learn?

How to teach the Birth Boot Camp Curriculum

Role play scenarios that might happen in class

How to use the workbooks and outlines

How to address difficult or controversial topics in class

How to teach effectively to different learning styles

How to build and grow your business

How to use birth videos to enhance learning

How to find students for your class

How to use a variety of activities to engage the class

And more!

What's Included?

Outlines and Workbooks

Our materials are one of a kind! They are professionally designed, printed, and beautiful. You'll receive all of the Birth Boot Camp class outlines so that you can start teaching right away! You will have access to our exclusive Birth Boot Camp store where you will be able to purchase student workbooks, brochures to market your classes, and other Birth Boot Camp branded materials.

Real Birth Videos

You’ll receive all of the birth videos that you need to show in class. We have birth videos showing a variety of different types of births in different settings. No need to go searching for birth videos!

Activities for Class

You’ll receive all of the activities you need to teach fun and interactive classes. Printable downloads of each activity will be provided. We have a variety of “teaching tools” to meet the varying learning styles of everyone you teach.

Business Training

Starting your business as a childbirth educator may seem intimidating, but we'll walk you through it every step of the way. Learn the basics of networking, building a website, social media marketing, and more! You'll receive our Business Quick Start Guide and so much more when it comes to the business side of being a birth professional.

Online Childbirth Educator Portal

You will have access to our Childbirth Educator Portal where you will find all of the digital outlines, teaching tools, birth videos, and additional resources you will need to teach amazing classes. The portal is also filled with helpful resources for you as a Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Educator including tips for teaching classes, business and marketing tools, and professional development. The portal also has all the links you'll need as you teach classes all in one place which makes being a childbirth educator easy and streamlined.

To start, simply choose the

program right for you.




Who: Spend 3 amazing days in-person with your trainer and other passionate women as they learn and prepare to become childbirth educators!

What: Our in-person training is a hands-on and interactive experience. First, choose which date and location you’d like to attend. Then complete all of the certification work (listed below) that must by submitted before your training. Finally, attend the 3-day in-person training and leave certified!

Early Bird Special *Pay in FullPayment Plan

*Save $100 with our Early Bird pricing when you sign up for an in-person training 3 or more months before the deadline.

In-Person Trainings

Upcoming Dates & Locations

Feb. 16-18, 2024

Fort Worth, TX
Deadline - Dec. 22nd

Feb, 22-24, 2024

Salt Lake City, UT
Deadline - Dec. 28th

March 7-9, 2024

Denver, CO
Deadline - Jan. 11th

April 11-13, 2024

Fort Worth, TX
Deadline - Feb. 15th

May 30-June 1, 2024

Orange Beach, AL
Deadline - April 4th

Aug. 1-3, 2024

Fort Worth, TX
Deadline - June 6th

Sept. 6-8, 2024

Fort Worth, TX
Deadline - July 12th

Oct. 10-12, 2024

Houston, TX
Deadline - Aug. 15th

Nov. 1-3, 2024

Fort Worth, TX
Deadline - Sept. 6th

Nov. 1-3, 2024

Austin, TX
Deadline - Sept. 6th

Nov. 11-13, 2024

Phoenix, AZ
Deadline - Sept. 16th



Who: Complete your training on your own time and schedule. With one year to complete the training, you choose how quickly you move through the content.

What: Our online training is a self-paced, 100% on demand course that you complete in your own time. Your materials will be mailed to you so that you can get started and our Headquarters team is here to support you if you need any assistance.

Pay in FullPayment Plan

Receive all of this, your training, certification, and more for one price!



Register and Pay

Choose whether you’d like to do the in-person or online training. Sign up, pay, and immediately get access to your training portal. You will receive an email with your log-in information. Be sure to check out the welcome video.


Sign Paperwork

In your training portal, you will find links to sign some paperwork including our Policies & Procedures, Code of Conduct, and Non-compete agreement. Read over these and please let us know if you have any questions.


Complete Your Training Modules

In your online portal you will find all of your training modules with detailed instructions and tips for each one. Be sure to download each module and make a plan to complete your work in a timely manner. If you will be attending an in-person training, you are required to have all of the training modules submitted to your trainer no later than 10 days before your training. For those taking an online training, you must complete all of the modules within a year.

Module 1 – Reading

Read each of these books and write what you learned from each one.

Module 2 – Childbirth Education

Watch Birth Boot Camp’s online Comprehensive Childbirth Class and answer the questions in the Childbirth Education document. You will be given access to the Comprehensive Class as part of your training.

Module 3 – Acronyms

Identify and describe common pregnancy and birth related acronyms.

Module 4 – Vocabulary

Define a list of pregnancy and birth related vocabulary words.

Module 5 – Documentaries

Watch these documentaries and answer questions about them.

  • Born in the USA

  • Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret

  • American Circumcision – A Documentary Film

Module 6 – Community Resources

Compile a list of local resources that will benefit your clients.

Module 7 – Birth Observations

Observe 2 different births and record your experience.

Module 8 – Online Training Videos (Online Training Only)

Watch the online training videos.

Module 9 – Teaching Tools Practice (Online Training Only)

Record yourself teaching 3 of our teaching tools to practice and get comfortable teaching them.

Module 10 – Reflections (Online Training Only)

After completing all of your modules, answer a few essay questions to reflect on everything you’ve learned.


Attend In-Person Training

If you’ve chosen to attend an in-person training, you will enjoy an amazing 3 days with your trainer and other trainees passionate about birth.


Receive Your Certification

After completing your training modules, attending your in-person training or completing your online training you will be certified and ready to begin working as a doula!


In the meantime, get a taste of our training style with a free guide our childbirth educators love, What Every New Childbirth Educator Wishes They Knew + Bonus Content Supplies Needed to Teach a Birth Class

"The certification is top-notch. The trainers are wonderful and truly accessible. The company itself gives a greater benefit and support to the individual as well as to their businesses. Having an organizational standard of care and training is a unique and structured approach to something which can be very nebulous."


“After the birth of my second baby (2019), I decided to become a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor. There were many requirements to complete before the live training, but they were all preparatory and so educational. Then, when live training came, we all had most of the knowledge we needed for the weekend to flow well. We worked hard, and at the end we were tested. I have loved teaching classes and feel the training prepared me so well. I am now also a certified BBC Doula and had the same great experience!”


Become a certified Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Educator and be a light in your community!

Giving birth should be a life-changing event. Expecting parents deserve to be informed and know what their options are so that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their new baby. When we arm expectant parents with knowledge, confidence, and support, we will begin to transform birth! Childbirth education plays a critical role in improving birth for everyone!


What’s Included

  • 3 Days, 20+ hours of instruction
  • Support from your trainer and the Headquarters team
  • Receive all of the outlines for each of the classes
  • Birth videos
  • Teaching tools
  • Marketing materials – You’ll receive samples of each of them
  • Stock photography

Due to COVID-19, what should I do about the required birth observations?

Covid-19 has made it difficult for trainees to attend their required birth observations. We are being very lenient about this requirement. We still want you to reach out to those in your community to try and find births to attend. Keep in contact with your trainer and let her know how things are going with this requirement. If needed, we can grant an extension so that you can complete this after attending the training workshop. Be sure to contact us with any further questions at [email protected].


If a registered applicant desires to change their original specified training date, a $250 fee will be applied. This fee must be paid in order to reserve the applicant’s spot in the newly chosen workshop. If it is not possible for a trainee to attend an in-person workshop, we do offer online workshops.


What is your personal life like? Do you have a newborn? Small children? Do you have a job outside the home? Do you have a lot of obligations?

Are you a fast reader? Are you familiar with the material? Are you already a birth professional? These are the people who are able to get through the workload within the deadline of 8 weeks before the workshop.

If you are brand new to birth work, are a slow reader, have a busy personal life, or have small children, you might need 4-6 months to complete the pre-workshop reading and study modules.

Set realistic goals for yourself. Enjoy the journey of getting certified. Remember, the more prepared you are coming to the workshop, the better equipped you will be to help couples work towards their amazing births.


Laptop/ipad for note taking and for the online exam, 2 bed pillows, comfortable clothing, a jacket or sweater, your own snacks and beverages


Keep in mind that there is a significant amount of work involved in this training. After your application has been approved, allow yourself plenty of time to complete all certification requirements. The study modules must be submitted three business days before the workshop. Certification should be completed within one year of applying.


Recertification is due each year at the end of March. The fee for recertification is $150. We include several requirements that will help you develop as a childbirth educator as well as grow your business.


Yes, instructors may be certified through (approved) organizations, as long as there is not a conflict of interest in your classes. We do expect our instructors to teach and use Birth Boot Camp materials when a class has been advertised as such, and only in such instances. For example, you may not use Birth Boot Camp materials (written, video, or otherwise) for a non-Birth Boot Camp class. We believe that our materials and support are the best in the industry and you will not feel the need to have or continue with another CBE certification.


We encourage long-term breastfeeding and want nursing mothers to be included. Training, however, is intensive and requires long hours and a quiet room, so that all who have invested their time and money can hear and participate. Training also requires that all be able to participate in relaxation and various other floor exercises. If you are nursing a baby you must make arrangements to have someone who can bring your baby to you for feedings. Additional space will not be provided at training for your baby and babysitter. This enables both the nursing mother and others in attendance to maximize their workshop experience. You may also choose to pump during training. Please discuss your breastfeeding/pumping needs with your trainer. There are multiple breaks built into the training as well as a 1.5 hour lunch break when you can nurse. Older children are not allowed at training.


Yes! Ongoing, daily support can be found on the Instructor/Doula Facebook Group. Our wonderful childbirth educators and doulas have formed an amazing support system there. Headquarters and members of the Advisory Board are available by email, at any time. We are thankful for our instructors and do all that we can to help and support them!

In addition, Birth Boot Camp is hosting a company-wide retreat every three years with the purpose of providing new information and helping Birth Boot Camp instructors and doulas stay motivated and excited about their birth business. Fees are kept to a minimum. You will not regret making an effort to be at every single Birth Boot Camp retreat.