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chiropractic helped my birth- a birth boot camp birth story

Chiropractic Helped My Birth {A Birth Boot Camp Birth Story}

Today we are thrilled to share a birth story from a sweet mom having her fifth baby. She is a friend to many of us a Birth Boot Camp Headquarters, so it’s especially wonderful to us. Ashleigh said that the thing that made her fifth baby’s birth so amazing was how well her birth team worked together.

We couldn’t agree more; a great birth team is priceless. We also love that chiropractic care was helpful for her birth. It’s an incredible resource for pregnant women. 

Thanks for sharing Ashleigh, and congratulations on your amazing birth!

Birth Story

My water broke for the first time (this was baby #5) around midnight Saturday morning. I noticed after I got up to go to the bathroom.

We let our midwife know but then knew our best bet was to head back to bed since I just wasn’t having contractions yet. Saturday turned out to be a regular day with some minor contractions off and on. With four other kiddos at home, my body wasn’t relaxing and finding a rhythm.

I had more consistent contractions after the kids were all in bed but still not in active labor. I didn’t sleep well. The next morning our midwife, Lincey, joined us at our house and we got a sitter for the kids.

We hid away in our bedroom laboring slowly. Around 4 pm Sunday, after trying all sorts of ways to get labor established we decided the best option was a chiropractic adjustment.

We drove 40 minutes away to our favorite chiropractor, Dr. Kristen.

When we arrived I was having contractions about 10 minutes apart and varying in intensity. Dr. Kristen worked with my husband and me on labor positions after a quick adjustment and contractions were finally gaining intensity and were six minutes apart.

After a particularly difficult contraction, we knew we needed to head home if we hoped to make it back before baby decided to arrive. I let Lincey know we were headed back and asked her to meet us. She sensed the urgency and called her assistant and headed over.

When we arrived home at 6:05 I raced inside hoping for a shower to relieve intense back labor. Instead, I found a bath drawn and waiting and hopped in! Only one hour and 3 pushes later we finally met our surprise baby!

A girl!

She was born at 7:05 and was 5lbs 13oz!


We love sharing amazing birth stories. Have one? Submit it here!

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