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My Quick 10 Pound Baby Birth Story

My quick 10 pound baby birth story

We are pleased to bring you a beautiful birth story from one of our readers and online students! Paige Hirajeta says that her favorite thing about her birth experience was, “It was so empowering to know just what you’re capable of!”

She is even planning on becoming a Birth Boot Camp instructor!

We love to hear women say this about their birth. Keep reading to learn about her amazing birth.

My birth story

Here’s the story of my super quick labor and the birth of my 10lb 3oz baby! I was 41 weeks + 1 day pregnant with my second baby.  I was extremely eager to meet this baby because we didn’t find out the gender.  

I started to have some contractions around 11 am. We put my toddler down for her nap while I tried to relax and sleep through the “easy” part.  

That didn’t happen.  

Contractions picked up rather quickly and by 12 pm they were two minutes apart and STRONG! My daughter woke up from a nap and she loved on me during my contractions saying, “It’s okay, mama”.  Her tiny, little voice was so comforting.  I knew we weren’t far from having this baby so we had someone pick up my toddler and we packed up everything for the hospital.

At the hospital, my midwife heard me (moaning very loudly lol) in the lobby and raced down to help me into a room.

She stayed with me and my husband the entire time and acted like a doula + midwife and didn’t blink an eye when I immediately got naked! Ha!  

She was amazing.  

After a few minutes standing in the shower, I got out and felt that oh so familiar urge to push! It was a crazy sensation. Pushing is my absolute favorite because you can feel the progress you’re making!  

My Quick 10 Pound Baby Birth Story

After three big pushes on my hands and knees, my big 10lb 3oz baby BOY made his debut at 3:36 pm (5-hour labor)!

My midwife, the nurses, and my husband were all speechless because, little old me, 5 ft tall and 100 lbs pre-pregnancy, had this giant bundle of joy! It was so supernatural and I’ll cherish it forever!


Congratulations, Paige and thanks for sharing this AMAZING birth story!

My Quick 10 Pound Baby Birth Story

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