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10 Ways Birth Boot Camp Supports Their Instructors

By April 20, 2016One Comment

10 Ways Birth Boot Camp Supports Their Instructors

10 Ways Birth Boot Camp Supports Their Instructors

Birth Boot Camp offers childbirth education for the modern couple. More than a method, we offer childbirth classes that give a birthing mom AND her partner all the tools they need to prepare for an amazing birth.

We have online classes and they are awesome! But most of our students take class with a live instructor. Our instructors are the lifeblood of what we do. They are incredible, passionate women and we seek to support them the best we can.

You don’t have to be certified through any organization in order to teach birth classes. However, we feel that being part of Birth Boot Camp, as an instructor, has many benefits for the educator. Here are 10 ways Birth Boot Camp supports their instructors.


Birth Boot Camp curriculum is already developed. We have 10 classes that include outlines, activities, detailed outlines, relaxation, comfort measures, and more all included in your instructor’s manual that you get at Birth Boot Camp instructor training.

No need to come up with your own curriculum, it has been developed by childbirth educators who have been doing this for years and who truly understand what is most important to communicate to your students.

We don’t want our teachers to realize, after their student’s birth, that they left out important information. We want them to have all the tools they need at their fingertips the first time they teach it.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when you teach Birth Boot Camp- it has already been done for you.

Expert advice-

Birth Boot Camp isn’t a one woman show. We have a crew of over a dozen professionals who contributed expertise, info, thoughts, and ideas to our curriculum. We have a personal trainer, an IBCLC, midwives, a massage therapist, a chiropractor, educators, and more who helped bring this company to life. The information is truly top notch and comes from the work of so many people striving for the best. You can read more about our advisory board here.

10 Ways Birth Boot Camp Supports Their Instructors

Not only that, as an instructor, you have access to these people so if questions come up, you can ask them and they will help!

Support- we don’t just think it is for our students- it’s for our instructors too!

Teaching tools-

Maybe you are passionate about childbirth but you aren’t confident in your ability to share the information. Don’t worry! We want to make this easy for you. Your instructor manual is detailed and we have carefully chosen dozens of teaching tools so that you can effectively and engagingly teach the information in a way that your students will love.

10 Ways Birth Boot Camp Supports Their Instructors

You don’t have to come up with all this on your own! We know what works and we share it with you. Our teaching tools are prepared, spelled out, and many are even available for you to print, once you are certified.

Teacher training-

Instructor training for Birth Boot Camp has evolved over the years. We are constantly striving for change and getting better. Our current training has a focus on teaching our instructors how to teach. We give them time to teach each other in a group and one on one. They leave training comfortable and equipped to teach a group. Plus, they are confident and excited!

You won’t just know stuff about birth- you will know how to convey it.

Marketing training and help-

We don’t just want our teachers to be able to engage a classroom- we want them to fill the classroom with students. Essentially, a childbirth educator must also be a business person and know how to market their unique skills.

10 Ways Birth Boot Camp Supports Their Instructors

With everything from over a dozen videos about different aspects of social media, to constant support from us and our other instructors, to basic SEO,  we do all we can to help you with marketing.

Marketing materials-

Along with marketing training, our instructors have access to tons of marketing materials developed just for them. From beautiful tri-fold brochures, to coupon postcards for professionals, and our amazing student field manual, we have thought of it and created it for you.

You look professional as you build your business, and you don’t have to spend hours designing your own materials.

Online childbirth classes-

All of our childbirth classes are also online. Anyone who has ever taught a longer childbirth education series knows that conflicts arise for couples taking a 10 week course. If your couples must miss class, you can assure them access to a few online classes. This is a benefit for your students, and a benefit for you. This helps the instructor fill their classes and avoid the trouble of having to discount or schedule special classes – you can hook them up with online ones!

Ongoing support!

We know our instructors and we are there for them for communication, help, and problem solving. Our management team works for you! Not only that, but we have a plethora of private facebook groups so that all of our 150+ instructors can communicate with and support each other.

10 Ways Birth Boot Camp Supports Their Instructors

We don’t just give you a curriculum- we give you community.

Stock photography-

We want you to look good in everything you put forward. We offer all our instructors and doulas access to beautiful and diverse stock photography so you can make your own amazing marketing materials, memes, blog post graphics, and more.

You will have no need to constantly search for free stock photography leftover from the 80s. Yay for modern hair styles!

Birth videos-

We don’t expect you to find your own birth videos for class, buy them from us for extra, or anything of the sort. Contemporary birth videos are included in your training materials- and they are incredible and illustrate the many diverse ways that women give birth.

You don’t have to search, you don’t have to pay extra, and you don’t have to be embarrassed about what you show your students.


At Birth Boot Camp, we love childbirth education and believe it can truly make a difference in our society as a whole, and for individual families.

We know how important our instructors are and we want to support them and give them the best so they can do the same for their students. We strive to benefit YOU.

Wondering how you can join us? Find a childbirth educator training and join us! We would love to have you.

10 Ways Birth Boot Camp Supports Their Instructors


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