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10 things to do when you're overdue

10 Things To Do When You’re Overdue-

No matter how much you desire a natural birth and understand the absurdity of due dates, when you pass that 40 weeks of pregnancy mark, it is just plain HARD. Mentally, physically, and emotionally- going “overdue” is no fun.

If you happen to pass that 40 week mark (or even just need some self-care ANYTIME during your pregnancy), here are some awesome ideas for things you can do to keep yourself busy, feel better, and maybe even kick start labor.

Here are our favorite 10 things to do when you’re overdue-


By the end of pregnancy it can be just plain difficult if not impossible to paint your own toe nails. A pedicure is the perfect solution to the end of pregnancy blues. A nice foot massage, 10 tiny pieces of shining beauty on your tired feet. It all adds up to bliss in those final days.

10 things to do when you're overdue


Massage is always nice, but at the end of pregnancy it can be even better. In fact, there are many benefits to pregnancy massage and some massage therapists actually specialize in “induction” massage. The simple relaxation can help put your body into a relaxed state more conducive of labor hormones and that beloved oxytocin.

Sounds good!


Acupuncture has been around for…well, for a really long time. Many acupuncturists specialize in acupuncture for pregnancy and some claim the benefits can include helping a baby get into an ideal birthing position and  encouraging labor to start naturally on its own.


Chiropractic feels so good, can help with low back pain, can encourage your nervous system to function at an optimal level, and many midwives have even noticed that women receiving chiropractic care have better positioned babies and shorter labors.

If you have hit your due date or are experiencing prodromal labor, call your closest ICPA certified chiropractor. They just might make you feel better.


Ahh, a nap. We all know that sleep during pregnancy can be brief and involve a lot of tossing and turning and pee breaks.

Naps aren’t even optional during the final trimester: they are required.

Put on some relaxing music, have your partner help you out with some relaxation practice (bonus- this is great labor practice!), and see if  a nap doesn’t make you feel like a new person. At least, it will make you forget for an hour or two that you are past your due date!


By the end of pregnancy it might even be hard to fit into maternity clothes. Yes, it’s rough! A lovely shopping trip to grab something comfy and flowy that makes you feel beautiful is just the ticket for those final days. Bonus if it is nursing friendly so you can wear it to lounge around in after baby is born.

Lunch with a friend-

Never underestimate the benefits of some girl time with someone you love and who knows what it feels like. There is nothing quite like having a safe place to complain and feel supported when your ankles are swollen, your emotions are high, and your patience is running thin. Yay for best friends!

Sexy time-

One of our beloved San Diego doulas loves encouraging her couples to have some “sexy time” in those final days. There are lots of reasons this can be beneficial, from the merits of oxytocin production, relaxation, and more. Sexy time can work!


Time for quiet meditation and/or prayer can help quiet worries, face fears, live in the moment, and tune in to what is really going on with you emotionally at any time of life. The end of pregnancy can be an ideal time to practice some quiet , focused, meditation. It might even help to talk to your baby. Sometimes we have fears about birth or coming motherhood that simply require some mental focus.

10 things to do when you're overdue

Walk in nature-

Sometimes some active quiet time is exactly what we need to turn of the big noisy world and tune in to our bodies and our emotions. If you need more than the emotional benefits to motivate you to spend some time in nature, some women swear that walking can help kick-start labor.

If nothing else, the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of nature can be excellent fodder for labor relaxation. Go ahead- take a walk. And yes, exercise during pregnancy can be pretty awesome and beneficial.


We tend to dread the end of pregnancy and it truly can be difficult. All transitions in life try our patience and our strength. But the end of pregnancy is a precious time where you need feel no guilt in a daily nap, self-care, pampering, and just taking it easy and experiencing yourself and your body right where it is.

If you need some pampering, schedule these 10 things to do when you are overdue.

Enjoy the moments that you can- we promise- pregnancy doesn’t last forever!

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