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10 Reasons To Certify With Birth Boot Camp DOULA

10 Reasons to Certify with Birth Boot Camp DOULA

Birth Boot Camp DOULA is growing and we couldn’t be more excited. When there are so many options available for doula certification, why should YOU certify with Birth Boot Camp DOULA? Here are some of our favorite reasons why.

1. One-Stop Shop


This one word helps describe how we have tried to design our doula training requirements. We don’t want you to have to search or spend more money to complete your training.

Included is:

No extra expense.

We think it’s so important we include it for you. No extra workshops. Just included in one package.

2. Mentorship and business training

What does it mean to have a mentor? It means you have someone who can not only answer your questions, but who welcomes them. Mentorship is imperative for any business owner but even more needed for those doing the sometimes hard and emotional work of a birth doula.

We provide this in a few ways:

  • Your Birth Boot Camp DOULA Trainer is accessible to you when you need her.
  • Calls with Birth Boot Camp Headquarters are available.
  • We facilitate peer support from other doulas – but we’ll get to that later!

When you are  Birth Boot Camp DOULA, you won’t be left alone. There is a huge team of people to support you.

3. Coursework finished before workshop

You will finish your book reading, childbirth classes, and other coursework BEFORE the workshop. We want your training to be a time where you can focus on connection, relationships, and learning. There are two other reasons we want all of our trainees to have their coursework done before training.

  • We are all on the same page and have the same knowledge base so there isn’t anybody in the back wondering what is going on.
  • We want you to be able to start taking real, paying clients immediately. You’re not certifying just for fun (though it is fun) but because you want to rock this business.

10 reasons to train with Birth Boot Camp DOULA

4. No certification births

No certification births – what exactly does this mean? We do want you to observe a few births before you come to training. This will give you a taste for this work, a respect for birthing women, and an awareness of how differently all births, birth places, and care providers are.

Yes, observation is important and we expect that. Required certification births however are not part of our program.

Why don’t we require specific “certification births”?

  • You are a trained professional when you finish training.
  • No arbitrary number of births makes you deserving of certification.
  • We feel these free births can cheapen the doula profession.

5. Relational support rather than informational

Being a doula is a unique and special role. At its core, a doula is someone trained to provide relational support.

  • The doula supports your birth without judgement.
  • They are a safe place.
  • Doulas hold space.

We focus on the relationship and teaching you how to build this with your clients. Your role is clear. Your training prepares you for it.

6. Supporting Arms Workbook

We created an amazing booklet for our doulas to give to their clients. Why?

  • No staplers.
  • No copy machines.
  • No handouts.
  • No scrambling to pull together documents before your interviews.
  • It’s professional, neat, and clean.

It’s a 28-page booklet for your client that has all the information you would like to impart to them. It is neatly bound, beautiful, bright, and colorful.

It helps couples have a reference when they have questions so they feel safer and supported.

And as an added bonus – you never run out of ink!


10 reasons to certify with Birth Boot Camp Doula

7. Support any kind of birth

People plan all kinds of births.

Then people HAVE all different types of births, sometimes according to plan and sometimes not.

Your training will cover:

As a doula you need to be able to support all of these births. You need to be able to roll with the punches, put on your game face, and be professional, no matter what.

8. Postpartum visit training

Doulas are the first line of defense postpartum. With the relationship they have built with their clients and their intimate presence at the actual birth, the doula is often the one who gets the early calls about breastfeeding or baby poop.

Learn to:

  • Help initiate breastfeeding
  • Recognize signs of postpartum depression
  • Recommend needed professionals
  • Conduct a postpartum visit

You won’t just be a great birth doula – you will be trusted postpartum resource for your clients.

9. Support through Birth Boot Camp

At Birth Boot Camp, we have a Headquarters team who work tirelessly to support and promote you. This includes:

  • Our advisory board with vast knowledge in different subjects who can be approached with questions.
  • An ever-growing community of doulas and childbirth educators all over the country.
  • Facebook live events, private Facebook groups, e-mails, newsletters, and phone calls.
  • The community you will find within our Birth Boot Camp culture is designed to be supportive. You can safely ask questions, get answers, find reassurance, and be lifted up.

You will be part of the Birth Boot Camp family.

Plus, as an added bonus, we refer to each other all over the country.


10 Reasons to Certify with Birth Boot Camp Doula

10. Learn how to turn your passion into a profession

Our mission at Birth Boot Camp is to help couples have amazing births. We also want women to have amazing and fulfilling careers as doulas and childbirth educators. We want your passion for birth to translate into a job you love. Birth Boot Camp wants to help!


A better, more streamlined training and an organization that strives everyday to serve their people means better quality care, long-lasting, fulfilling careers for birth workers, and ultimately, better maternity care for birthing families.

If changing the world one birth at a time sounds like something you would love to do in your life and in your community, Birth Boot Camp DOULA is the training for you!

Join us!


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