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Where to Find a Doula for Your Birth

Doulas have proven to be a great way for the entire family to have a more wonderful birth experience.  A doula assists the mother and father to get the birth that they desire.  An experienced doula will feel comfortable doing everything from navigaing the procedures in the hospital to showing dad how to comfort mom. 

But how do you find the right doula for you?

A good first step is to ask your natural childbirth teacher.  She should be familiar with the local doulas in your area and can help you find someone who can best meet your needs.

Talking to other women in your community who have used a doula is another great way.  When it comes to your birth, the experience of another mother who has been where you are can be very helpful.

If you prefer or need to use the Internet to help in your doula search, is a great resource which has listings for doulas certified by various organizations.  You can also simply do an Internet search for doulas serving your area.

Taking the time to find a great doula is certainly worth it.  Both moms and dads report increased satisfaction with their birth and are more likely to achieve the natural birth they desire.

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