City: Bellingham
Name: Rachael Heiner
Email: rheiner@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.readysetbirth.com
Rachael is excited to be one of the first instructors bringing Birth Boot Camp to the Pacific Northwest.  After the medicated hospital birth of her first son, Rachael became interested in the way birth is viewed and approached in our culture and dove into reading and watching anything birth related she could get her hands on.  For her second pregnancy, she chose a midwife and had a planned birth center birth turned home birth.  She believes that birth is amazing, and often one of the most empowering experiences in a woman’s life, and that all women should have a place to learn every option for achieving the birth experience they desire.  Rachael has been running a local birth story and pregnancy/birth resource website since early 2012 and is excited to be more involved in the local birth community outside the computer.  She is passionate about natural birth and can’t wait to share her passion and knowledge with the couples who take her class. She believes Birth Boot Camp is every parent’s best chance to arm themselves with all the tools they’ll need to bring their baby into this world.
Andrea Durham WebCity: Spokane
Name: Andrea Durham
Email: adurham@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.tworoadsbirthservices.com
Andrea is a mother to three small children, with a love for all things birth. After the typical, intervention filled birth of her first son, she knew there could be a better way. After reading everything she could, she was lead to a natural birth with her next two children. Doula work has kept her busy since 2011, attending to women through medicated and unmedicated deliveries, both at home and in the hospital. She is excited to help educate others on their birth options and to help them find their ideal birth. Visit her website for upcoming class schedules!
City: Spokane
Name: Andrea Winn
Email: awinn@birthbootcamp.com
Website: class.birthbootcamp.com/andreawinn
Andrea is a proud Air Force wife and mother to two little girls. Her interest in all things pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding-related was sparked when she became pregnant with their first daughter. Andrea and her husband attended a birthing class where they came to realize the importance of education and continued support throughout pregnancy and childbirth. While attending this class, they discovered the numerous benefits of having a doula and they quickly hired one. Their birth experience was so wonderful that it led Andrea to pursue a career as a doula. She has attended homebirths, as well as hospital births with a variety of outcomes ranging from all-natural, to medicated, to cesarean sections. With her own children, she has experienced both a natural birth in a hospital as well as an at-home water birth with a midwife. Andrea truly believes that an amazing birth experience starts with education and preparation. She is dedicated to helping couples achieve their ideal birth, and walk away from her classes feeling confident, empowered, and knowing that they CAN have an AMAZING birth!