Hailie Wolfe WebCity: Abilene
Name: Hailie Wolfe
Email: hwolfe@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.countrybumpkinbirthservices.com
Hailie is a mother of five with a background in teaching special education at the elementary level. Throughout the course of her child bearing years, she has gone through a wide range of birth experiences and began to learn more and more with each subsequent birth. Through self-education and with the help of a doula, Hailie was able to achieve her first unmedicated birth with her fourth child. She went on to hire a midwife to assist with the birth of her fifth baby. She is excited to combine her love of education and passion for birth by teaching Birth Boot Camp classes. She believes that all women deserve an education that prepares them for the mental and physical challenges of a birth as well as the opportunity to make informed decisions in order to achieve their dream birth. Hailie is also an advocate for attachment parenting, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering.
Tara Quinn WebCity: Acton & Alvarado
Name: Tara Quinn
Email: tquinn@birthbootcamp.com
Tara is a believer in the intelligent design of birth. After having two cesareans, she was blessed in being led to women who educated, supported, and encouraged her to her VBA2C (vaginal birth after two cesareans) at a birth center. She was told her body was not built to birth a baby naturally but must have missed the memo. She will soon have her fourth child and first home birth. She is grateful to share her story and encourage mothers-to-be to educate themselves. She has become passionate about the joy birth and parenting brings. She hopes to pay it forward and encourage women to have faith in what their body was designed to do and to dispel fear through knowledge. To birth with power, love, and a sound mind.
Laura-WebCity: Aledo & Fort Worth
Name: Laura Morrow
Email: lmorrow@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.fortworthbirth.com
Laura Morrow has been passionate about birth for years and is so excited to be teaching others about it! She is married to a great guy and has one precious little boy. Her son was born in a peaceful, intervention-free, un-medicated hospital birth with a CNM. His birth was her greatest accomplishment and she wouldn’t have been able to do it without the love and support from her husband. Laura believes that birth is normal and natural, and when women trust their bodies, it is awesome what they can accomplish. Laura’s class will empower couples to make informed decisions and will give them confidence that they can have a wonderful childbirth.
 Aubrey True WebCity: Aledo
Name: Aubrey True
Email: atrue@birthbootcamp.com
Website: class.birthbootcamp.com/aubreytrue
Aubrey is a passionate advocate of informed choice in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She has had two home births and believes that education through midwifery care and childbirth classes was a key in her success. Aubrey considers herself a day-maker; her caring heart wants to make your day. She was a prenatal massage therapist for two years to help expectant mothers feel great. Now she wants to help couples have their best possible birth. Aubrey also has experience in breastfeeding, baby wearing, and cloth diapering. She looks forward to serving couples in Parker County, Tarrant County, and surrounding areas.
City: Arlington/Mansfield
Name: Shazia Lackey
Email: slackey@birthbootcamp.com
Website:  www.abovebeyondbirth.com
Shazia is a registered nurse who believes God has designed women to birth naturally and breastfeed. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2008. She works part-time as a breastfeeding resource nurse at a local pediatric hospital. She married her high school sweetheart in 2006 and they have one beautiful baby boy together. She had an amazing natural birth at a local hospital with a CNM in November 2011. She has successfully breastfed her son 18 months and counting. She believes birth preparation is the key to a better birth. She also provides all of her students with unlimited postpartum and breastfeeding support.
Melek Speros WebCity: Austin
Name: Melek Speros
Email: msperos@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.birthblissfully.com
Melek planned three natural, out of hospital births and after two cesareans, her dream finally came true when she gave birth to her youngest son peacefully at home in 2012. Melek also works as a doula and is passionate about informing women and couples about the benefits of natural childbirth and breastfeeding. An inactive attorney, she also works to inform mothers of their rights in childbirth, especially VBAC mothers, who often face barriers other mothers do not. A Humanist, Melek loves working with all different kinds of women and families and supporting them on their journeys into parenthood. She is excited to join the Birth Boot Camp team and hopes to see you in class soon!
City: Azle & Weatherford
Name: Dawn Bowden
Email: dbowden@birthbootcamp.com
Dawn is a loving wife and proud mother who is passionate about educating expecting families on their options and helping them on their journey to an amazing birth. As a Registered Nurse of 9 years, Dawn has learned the value of preventative care and has sought more natural health for her  family. Dawn and her husband prepared for the birth of their son by taking natural childbirth classes and he was born at a birthing center in 2011. Dawn wants to help every woman feel confident in their birth choices through knowledge and support.
Cheryl Amelang WebCity: Brenham & Bryan
Name: Cheryl Amelang
Email: camelang@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.darlingbirth.com
Cheryl has been passionate about natural birth, education, and support since the birth of her first baby in 2004.  She finally decided it was time to make her passion her job. She is excited to be part of the Birth Boot Camp team and will also receive her certification for lactation educator in the summer of 2014. She loves teaching and attending births.  She has served as a doula for her sister, friends, and students.  She also serves as a birth assistant for a local midwife and postpartum care provider at Jubilee Birth Center in Bryan, TX.  She is excited to bring Birth Boot Camp to Brenham and Bryan, providing excellent education on the benefits of natural childbirth and breastfeeding to new families. Cheryl and her husband, John, have been married for 13 years,  have four boys and a girl who were all born at home with wonderful midwives and the additional support of a doula. Between reading and teaching about birth and breastfeeding, you can find her homeschooling her children, drinking coffee, playing board games, and sorting laundry. Life is pretty sweet!
Ashlea Bruno WebCity: Bryan & College Station
Name: Ashlea Bruno
Email: abruno@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.anindulgentbirth.com
Having obtained a Master’s degree in English education and having taught at the high school and collegiate levels, Ashlea is excited to start training eager new couples in natural childbirth. With the support of her husband, she gave birth naturally to her daughter at home on their second wedding anniversary in October 2013. Since then, she has experienced the benefits of co-sleeping, baby wearing, and handmade cloth diapering.  Ashlea joined the Birth Boot Camp team as an instructor in the spring of 2014.  She enthusiastically believes in the strength and ability of each laboring woman and is eager to train couples in an amazing natural birth of their own.
Allison Record WebCity: Burleson & South Grand Prairie
Name: Allison Record
Email: arecord@birthbootcamp.com
Website:  www.trustmybirth.com
Allison is a Birth Boot Camp Instructor, domestic engineer, and current lactator. She has always loved babies, believing that pregnancy and birth are normal, healthy, sacred aspects of life and should be treated as such. The births of her four children, in the hospital and at home, have been quite an education and she is a passionate supporter of VBAC. Allison’s enthusiasm about the amazing process of pregnancy and birth can be contagious – the more you learn about birth, the deeper trust you can have in your body and its natural power to birth your baby!
City: Burleson
Name: Megan Hughes
Email: mhughes@birthbootcamp.com
Website: birthhigh.com
Megan is a college graduate with a strong interest in education. She believes that to achieve a positive birth experience, no matter the circumstance, couples need to be educated on the full scope of the birth process, starting with pregnancy and continuing through labor, birth and postpartum. She believes birth is a normal, natural process that has the power to transform a woman’s perspective of herself. As such, respect and compassion should be priorities in the relationship between mother, supporting partner and care provider. She has successfully achieved a water birth with the support of midwives and the unfailing strength of her husband and is the happy mother of a beautiful daughter. She has experience and knowledge in serving special needs families. She is excited and motivated to help other couples on the road to their very own wonderful birth experience and introduction to parenthood!
City: Burleson
Name: Megan Martin
Email: mmartin@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.mybirthtraining.com
Megan has a strong passion for pregnancy, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering. She married her high school sweetheart in 2005 and together they have a son and two daughters. After a classic 39 week hospital induced birth of her first child in 2006, Megan became interested in natural childbirth after hearing about the home birth experience of her close friend.  Soon after she began educating herself in all things related to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and childbirth.  In 2009 she gave birth to her second child at home and experienced an amazing water birth.  Two years later her third child was also born at home in an equally amazing water birth.  Megan aspires to help other couples achieve the birth of their dreams, in whatever place they choose, through childbirth education.
City: Burleson & Cleburne
Name: Rachel Johnson
Email: rjohnson@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.dfwbirthclass.com 
Do you want a magnificent, life-changing birth experience? Rachel has attended births at birth centers, homes and hospitals. She is an enthusiastic instructor who enjoys teaching and giving people options! She cares deeply for those around her. She is a born again follower of Jesus Christ, a devoted wife and nurturing mother who is passionate about helping people discover natural childbirth and successful breastfeeding. Rachel earned her Bachelor of Arts from Pensacola Christian College. She and her husband, Andrew, met over 17 years ago and have been married since 2005. He is a music minister.  Together they prepared with natural childbirth classes, under the founder of Birth Boot Camp, for two unmedicated births. Their daughters were born at home, deep in the heart of Texas! They also have one baby in heaven. “The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.” -Job 33:4. You too can enjoy a fun and exciting 10 week Birth Boot Camp class, giving you the tools necessary to have the best birth ever! She frequently does refresher classes, as well. “Knowledge can bring wisdom, wisdom inspires joy!” -Rachel Johnson. There should be no secret to natural childbirth, just register now! For details on her class schedule, check her website, email or Facebook.
City: Carrollton
Name: Caryn Westdyk
Email: cwestdyk@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.inspiringbirth.com
Caryn is passionate about natural birth and helping educate women to have the birth they desire. She is also passionate about breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, and homeschooling. She and her husband Steve have been married since 2005 and have four children. They are very involved with their local church. Her first three births were C-sections and her fourth birth was an empowering natural VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with a very supportive doctor. She loves helping other hopeful VBAC moms achieve their goals as well as helping first time moms make the right decisions for their first birth. She is concerned with the rising C-section rates and believes that education is the key to seeing this change. Her approach to education is unique since she has birthed in two completely different ways. Caryn is excited to be a Birth Boot Camp instructor and help you have an empowering birth, too!
City: Cleburne
Name: Melody Morrow
Email: melody@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.midwifemelody.com
Melody Morrow has been actively involved in supporting natural birth options since the fall of 1998 when she first began her training as a student midwife. Four years later she became a Texas licensed midwife. She has now participated in over 1000 births and assisted in the training of over 70 students. She is nationally recognized as a Certified Professional Midwife. Melody is very enthusiastic about her calling and loves to help families become empowered as they are informed and educated about their choices during their maternity and birth experiences. Melody believes that education is key to a successful natural birth experience and is excited to be teaching under Birth Boot Camp!
City: Colleyville & Denton
Name: Suzanne Brown
Email: sbrown@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.bun-bundle.com
Suzanne, a mother of two, received her B.S. in Development and Family Studies in 2004. Her first pregnancy took place overseas and she experienced just how difficult it can be to locate a supportive care provider and birth place. Thorough research and education enabled her to achieve an unmedicated birth. That experience and a second natural delivery have shown Suzanne that when a woman and her partner are educated in how her body is designed to work with her baby to give birth, the labor and delivery process is trans-formative.
City: Coppell and Denton
Name: Claire Dodge
Email: cdodge@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.BirthAtEase.com
With a psychology and education background, Claire has a passion for families and children. She has experienced birth in a birth center and at home, with strong support from her husband. She believes that education and partner support are critical to achieving an amazing, natural birth and is passionate about helping couples prepare for natural childbirth. Claire actively helps new parents learn how to advocate for themselves and their baby and believes that the curriculum taught through Birth Boot Camp is the best preparation a couple can choose! Offering classes in Denton and Coppell, Claire is dedicated to assisting families in experiencing how amazing birth can be. 
City: Dallas & Grapevine
Name: Hollie Hauptly
Email: hhauptly@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.sweetserenitybirth.com
Hollie Hauptly is passionate about all things pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. After achieving a beautiful, natural birth with her first child she became a doula in 2010 and then shortly after began teaching childbirth classes. Hollie has seen firsthand how education and preparation play an important role in birth. She loves encouraging couples to learn about birth and the many options that are available to them, so they can make informed decisions about the care they receive. She is very excited to continue teaching using a great program such as Birth Boot Camp.
Holly Faske WebCity: Denton
Name: Holly Faske
Email: hfaske@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.birthconfidently.com 
Holly Faske is a wife and a mother of two young boys. Her interest in birth began during her first pregnancy which resulted in an unplanned Cesarean Section. Her second child was a successful VBAC at home which was a beautiful and healing experience.  Holly’s goal is two-fold; to inform others about the natural process of birth in order to eliminate fear and to impart confidence to mothers about their bodies’ ability to give birth. Holly is excited to be a part of your pregnancy and looks forward to giving you the tools you need for an amazing birth!
Taylor Barnes WebCity: Denton
Name: Taylor Barnes
Email: tbarnes@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.dentonbirtheducation.com 
Taylor is a wife and stay at home mom of one son who was born in the water, at home. While learning about the benefits of birthing naturally, she also became interested in achieving health through nutrition, exercise and natural medicine. She is passionate about helping others become informed decision makers about the care they receive and confident parents.  Taylor believes that education can relieve the stigma surrounding natural birth and is excited to meet and educate couples who desire to have a healthy pregnancy and an amazing labor and birth!
City: DeSoto
Name: Rebecca Pinola
Email: rpinola@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.rockinbirth.com
Rebecca is a stay-at-home mom with a strong passion for everything baby. She has experienced two medicated hospital births, one unmedicated birth center birth and two home births, and has breastfed for a total of seven years. Rebecca believes that the high hormone levels present during a natural birth set the stage for confident parenting, and she is dedicated to teaching you and your partner how to rock your birth!
Abbey-WebCity: Fort Worth
Name: Abbey Robinson
Email: fortworthdoula@yahoo.com
Website: www.divinebirthservices.com
Abbey has been helping families achieve natural birth since 2000.   Her dedication to have her own natural birth never ceased and she had her own drug free, healing VBA3C (Vaginal Birth After 3 Cesareans) in 2010.  She truly believes in the benefits of natural birth and understands how important a solid education and support system is throughout the process.  Abbey is very excited to be on the Birth Boot Camp team and can’t wait to share how you and your partner can enjoy participating and advocating for your own birth journey.
City: Fort Worth
Name: Erin Golden
Email: egolden@birthbootcamp.com
Website: victoriousbirthservices.com
After seven years as a high school teacher, Erin Golden is excited about getting back into teaching, this time as a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. Erin is the mother of two wonderful boys with whom she had completely opposite birth experiences. The traumatic birth of her first son, which ended in a cesarean section, started Erin on a journey of learning everything she could about birth and getting involved in groups like the International Cesarean Awareness Network and the Tarrant County Birth Network. The knowledge she gained in the three years that followed led to the amazing, unmedicated VBAC of her second child and a passion to equip other parents with evidence-based information about pregnancy, care providers, birth, and breastfeeding.  This journey also led Erin to become both a Birth Boot Camp instructor as well as a birth doula with DONA. She is eager to educate others and to help parents feel so confident in their ability to birth that they eliminate their fears and approach birth with a sense of excitement, expectation, and trust in the amazing process of bringing their children into the world.
City: Fort Worth
Name: Hannah Reasoner
Email: hannah@intuitivemothering.com
Website:  www.intuitivemothering.com
Hannah Reasoner is a Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist in Fort Worth. As life has unfolded, she has become very passionate about pregnancy, childbirth, and the amazing journey of motherhood. She is married to an incredible guy and they have two sweet boys.
She specializes in prenatal and postpartum massage, as well as acupressure for labor, birth, and postpartum. She has attended over 30 births as a doula and genuinely loves supporting families during this amazing, childbearing time. Caring for mothers during pregnancy and into motherhood is her greatest passion, and she truly loves the journey of training couples in natural birth through Birth Boot Camp classes.
City: Fort Worth 
Name: Kim Daly
Email: kdaly@birthbootcamp.com 
Website: www.wellroundedbirth.com
Kim was passionate about natural birth even before becoming pregnant with her first son almost eight years ago. Kim and her husband have three sons, all birthed naturally, with three different types of providers including an OB in the hospital, a hospital water birth with a CNM, and a home birth with the assistance of a midwife. After birthing her youngest son at home, Kim soon felt the call to midwifery. She is now a student midwife finishing up her clinicals to become a licensed midwife by the fall of 2013. Her personal birthing experience in several birthing locations and serving as a student midwife at over 30 births makes her a unique educator appealing to those who are seeking a natural birth in any setting. It is her desire to see more and more women being educated about their options in childbirth and being given the opportunity to have a peaceful, intervention-free birth.
City: Frisco
Name: Krista Young
Email: kyoung@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.friscobirthclass.com
Krista Young is excited about the opportunity to help other families to experience natural childbirth. She feels that birth is an empowering experience in a family’s life and that it is important that they are educated about natural childbirth. She knows the value in education and feels that Birth Boot Camp offers couples the best educational program out there. Krista and her husband have two daughters; her first was an induced hospital birth with an OB and her second was a home birth under the care of a midwife. The first hand knowledge that Krista gained from her vastly different birth experiences is a large part of what drives her to teach others about the benefits of natural childbirth. Her classes are sure to be fun and interactive, a great way to get prepared while having a good time.
City: Grapevine
Name: Julia West
Email: jwest@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.inspiredbybirths.com
Julia’s pregnancy and birth of her son, Canaan, in 2011 inspired her to soak up information from books and birth stories about natural birth. Canaan was born peacefully, without medication, at a birth center and that experience changed her life! She believes every mama needs education as well as encouragement to realize the power of her body and mind and to take charge of her birth.  She knows that Birth Boot Camp provides both! She is a faithful Christian, the wife of her best friend, Trevor, and they look forward to adding to their family someday.  She is so excited to meet couples interested in natural birth and can’t wait to hear their birth stories! She wants all of her students to have inspiring births, too!
City: Granbury and Weatherford
Name: Tessa Aranda
Email: taranda@birthbootcamp.com
Tessa Aranda has been working with families for the last three years, educating on natural remedies, how to become a healer in their homes, and providing her students with tools to own their health. Since the unmedicated birth of her second daughter in March of 2013 she has developed a new passion for natural childbirth and is thrilled to have the opportunity to prepare couples to own their birth! She believes the birthing process is normal and when women learn to trust their bodies they gain great strength. She hopes that natural birth will one day be the norm; a life event that every woman prepares for and aspires to.
Andrea Brannock WebCity: Granbury
Name: Andrea Brannock
Email:  andrea@adorebirthservices.com
Website: www.adorebirthservices.com
Andrea is a wife to her wonderful husband, Andrew, a mother to three beautiful daughters and is expecting her fourth child in April. She has always had a passion for pregnancy and birth but didn’t know her options with her first two pregnancies. With her third pregnancy, she finally had the education she had been looking for and chose midwifery for her care. Her third baby was born at home and it completely changed her and her husband’s life. Ever since that incredible experience, she has wanted to share her knowledge with others so that they, too, can experience the power behind having an educated birth. As a doula she has seen the difference childbirth education can make in every birth experience. She is beyond excited to share this wonderful curriculum with her students as well as her doula clients.
Kristi Keen WebCity: Houston
Name: Kristi Keen
Email: kkeen@birthbootcamp.com
Kristi is a wife, mother, flutist, and lover of all things birth. She is married to her high school sweetheart and best friend, and they are parents to two adorable little girls. Born and raised in Louisiana, she moved to Houston in 2008 to pursue her Master of Music degree. During that time she worked in the Women’s Studies department and was fortunate to work with a woman who was a doula and a childbirth educator. When Kristi became pregnant during her final semester of graduate school, she ran to her co-worker with the news, who offered great advice. Heeding her co-worker’s advice, Kristi had an amazing birth that completely transformed her life. Because of her experience, she felt inspired to begin training as a birth doula. She has been serving women and their families as a birth doula in the Houston and Sugar Land areas since the summer of 2011, and most recently became a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor in February 2014. She is looking forward to offering these outstanding classes to families in the Houston area.
City: Hurst
Name: Nancy Rebarchik
Email: nrebarchik@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.empoweringbirthdfw.com
Nancy Rebarchik is a happily married mother of two with two very different birth experiences. Her daughter was born in 2006, a medicated birth with no childbirth education prior to delivery. Realizing that her body was able to nourish her baby through 13 months of breastfeeding inspired Nancy to explore what else she had been blissfully unaware of during her first pregnancy. In 2008 she became certified as a Lamaze Labor Support Specialist, and in 2009 was certified through DONA International’s birth doula program. Nancy has served families in North Texas as a doula in hospitals, homes and birth centers. Her son was born completely unmedicated, at home in 2009. She attributes the difference in her births to the comprehensive childbirth education series she attended during her second pregnancy.
Courtney Alva WebCity: Katy/Houston
Name: Courtney Alva
Email: calva@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.awaywegobaby.com
Courtney is a mother of two, a doula, and an enthusiastic advocate for breastfeeding. She is passionate about educating families so they too can have an amazing experience. Courtney is excited to be a part of the Birth Boot Camp team and can’t wait to share her love of birth with you. Email or visit her website for details on upcoming classes.
City: Keller 
Name: Daniela Lee
Email: daniela@birthbootcamp.com 
Website: www.mamamiabirth.com
Originally from Argentina, Daniela is fluent in both Spanish and English. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor with Prenatal Yoga being her specialty. Her love for children inspired her to become a Certified Montessori Teacher, now with 10 years of experience. Making motherhood her priority, Daniela has had four children; 1 born unmedicated at a hospital and 3 water births at home. Your Birth Boot Camp experience with Daniela will  provide invaluable education, hands-on tools to use in labor, and a fun couple’s “date night” atmosphere!
City: Mansfield
Name: Donna Ryan
Email: donna@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.bannedfrombabyshowers.com
Donna has birthed 4 babies with 3 different types of care providers, locations, and even various positions! She is passionate about teaching and has trained hundreds of couples since becoming an educator in 2003. For 10 fabulous weeks, “class night” will be your favorite night of the week! Email or check her blog for details on her class schedule. 
Rebecca Grochowski WebCity: Mansfield
Name: Rebecca Grochowski
Email: rgrochowski@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.tinyblessingsbirth.com
Rebecca believes that birth matters and that education is the key to achieving an amazing birth. She is the wife of a wonderful husband and mother to a beautiful little girl. Through her own pregnancy, she experienced firsthand how taking childbirth classes shaped her understanding of the birth process and eliminated many fears. Rebecca’s daughter was born into her daddy’s arms in a wonderful, natural, hospital birth. This was the biggest accomplishment of her life and she became passionate about helping others achieve the birth of their dreams. Rebecca is thrilled to offer the tools to equip everyone to achieve their own amazing experience!
City: McKinney/Prosper Area
Name: Janie Oyakawa
Email: oyakawa@gmail.com
Website: www.prosperbirth.com
Janie is the mother of six children. Her first four children were standard hospital births with too many interventions. She became passionate about natural childbirth after her last two babies were born at home under midwifery care with her husband as the world’s best support!  Achieving a natural birth gave her confidence in her body that she never knew was possible. She previously worked in health care as an Occupational Therapist where she learned the key to success is having purpose in one’s plans. She is thrilled to be part of the Birth Boot Camp team helping parents find purpose in their birth plan.  When she is not parenting, breastfeeding, or teaching parents to be, her hobbies are frugality, photography and blogging as the Mom of Oz.
Hillary Stillwell WebCity: Midlothian
Name: Hillary Stillwell
Email: hstillwell@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.delightfulbirths.com
Hillary has a degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology. She is a mother of two and has been passionate about childbirth since she was a little girl. After having a cesarean birth with her son, Hillary learned the value of childbirth education. With the birth of her daughter, Hillary equipped herself by taking a Birth Boot Camp class and did a lot of research to ensure a satisfying and delightful birth.  She did go on to have a completely natural, unmedicated VBAC and has since wanted to teach other couples the power of education, natural childbirth, and attachment parenting. By taking this class you will find you CAN have an amazing and delightful birth!
Adria Dawidczik WebCity: Round Rock area
Name: Adria Dawidczik
Email: adawidczik@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.rocknbirth.com
Adria believes her greatest work is raising her three boys, and it is their births that have inspired her to help others on the road to natural childbirth. Each of her children has a unique birth story – adoption, cesarean, and natural birth – and she cherishes the moment she first locked eyes with each son. It is the birth of her third, however, that opened her eyes to the power of natural childbirth. The bond was instantaneous; the feeling of accomplishment overwhelming. It is this feeling that she hopes to help every mother unlock with the experience of a natural, unmedicated birth. Adria is teaching in the greater Round Rock area where she resides with her incredibly supportive husband and best buddy, Michael.
City: San Angelo
Name: Kelly Miller
Email: kmiller@birthbootcamp.com
Kelly has six children of her own and three grandchildren. Her birth history wasn’t great and she knew there had to be better options for her daughters, so she began researching and discovered midwifery care. She became a midwife and has had the pleasure of helping many women have wonderful birth experiences. Kelly has a passion for seeing families strengthened through the childbearing journey and believes that knowing and understanding your choices is a big part of that. She is excited to have the opportunity to educate couples in San Angelo about the options they have in childbirth and help them achieve a peaceful, intervention-free birth that is all they dreamed it could be.
City: Waxahachie/Ellis County Area
Name: Jennifer Flachman
Email: jflachman@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.HaveABetterBirth.com
Jennifer is passionate about natural birth and breastfeeding, and is excited to teach expectant couples how they can have the births they desire!  After induced and medicated births of her first three children (a singleton, followed by twins), she and her husband took a natural childbirth class and had a fulfilling natural water birth at a birth center.  Jennifer believes that every couple deserves to experience the exhilaration that comes with natural birth, and that education and preparation are key.  Her background as a teacher-turned-Registered Nurse allows her to bring a unique perspective to her class.  She looks forward to meeting you!