Theryssa Gossman WebCity: Memphis area
Name: Theryssa Gossman
Email: tgossman@birthbootcamp.com
Website: granolaglam.wordpress.com
Theryssa, a native Memphian, became interested in natural birth in 2008 while living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. After suffering two miscarriages, she discovered the importance of education and the support of like-minded people. In 2008, pregnant with Samuel, she and her husband, Jeremy, switched care providers mid-pregnancy and prepared for a natural birth with a midwife. But this planned birth center birth became a hospital induction and epidural birth. She continued to educate herself on pregnancy, natural birth and breastfeeding, while looking ahead to their next pregnancy and birth. In 2010, she and Jeremy welcomed their daughter, Kate, with a beautiful water birth at home. Jeremy takes an active role in preparing for labor and in being an educated and supportive birth partner. Having a spouse who sees the importance of child birth education, added to Theryssa’s excitement of becoming a child birth class instructor.
Theryssa values breastfeeding and nursed Samuel for 20 months and Kate for 32 months. She also enjoys helping new moms through those first magical, yet sometimes challenging, postpartum weeks. Becoming a Birth Boot Camp instructor was a natural step in her life as a birth enthusiast. Having recently relocated back to Memphis, she is thrilled to be the first BBC instructor in Memphis and Tennessee!