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I Did Not Have A Natural Birth, But I Help Women Who Do

I did not have a natural birth, buy I help women who do

Our biggest goal at Birth Boot Camp is to help couples have amazing births. This dedication has helped us grow. It has also required change. We have added a doula program, instructor trainers across the nation, and we are in the process of adding more and more options beyond natural birth preparation. As our vision… Read more »

Want A Natural Birth, But Hate Pain? Read This!

Want a natural birth, but hate pain? Read this!

Want A Natural Birth, But Hate Pain? Read This! So you have a “low threshold for pain” but want a natural birth. Your friends are rolling their eyes and people seem to doubt you. Never fear! Many a woman who “hates” pain has had a triumphant natural birth! It can be done! Birth pain is… Read more »

“Why I Loved My Natural Birth” WINNER!

We are so excited about all the people who participated in our “Why I Loved My Natural Birth” contest. So many wonderful videos with touching, amazing, funny stories. Birth does matter and you all showed us why it mattered to you. If you haven’t seen the videos, please go check them out. The YouTube playlist… Read more »

Doulas Do Not Empower Women

doulas don't empower women (doula backrub)

One common belief about doulas is that hiring a doula will automatically “empower” you. This isn’t quite the case. What is true is that doulas can help you empower yourself. We love this guest post from doula and VBAC mom, Alex Rounds. Read it and share it with someone you care about. A doula just… Read more »

4 Reasons You Should Travel For Doula Training

4 reasons you should travel for doula training

Have you checked out Birth Boot Camp DOULA? You probably noticed some big, exciting differences between our training and other trainings out there These differences are well thought out, purposeful and based on the experience and expertise of the birth professionals who created this professional doula certification program. One of the things that sets Birth… Read more »

What Your Doctor Wants To Tell You About Birth, But Can’t

Too often, medical doctors are portrayed as the bad guys in the birthing world. In truth, there is a lot we don’t see and which they really can’t talk about. We are excited to share this guest post today from Jessicca Moore, a family nurse practitioner and filmmaker in Petaluma, CA. Jessica is currently raising… Read more »

Birth Classes in Abilene, TX

Natural Birth Classes in Abilene, TX We are excited to share with you a series of articles highlighting our diverse group of birth instructors. These are the amazing women who are doing real work trying to make birth better for women and their families all over the world. Today we introduce Hailie Wolfe, a birth… Read more »

Doula Myth: I Don’t Need A Doula, My Nurse Will Help Me!

Doula Myth: I don't need a doula, my nurse will help me!

  Today we are excited to share a guest post from an incredibly experienced doula and one of the driving forces behind our very own Birth Boot Camp DOULA program, Maria Pokluda. Maria’s words of wisdom on the importance of and difference between both a doula and a labor and delivery nurse are so important.  Enjoy… Read more »

Natural Birth Classes in Arlington, TX

birth classes in Arlington, TX

Birth Boot Camp now has over 100 instructors spanning from coast to coast in the United States and a couple in other countries (and more to come!) We simply adore our birth instructors and are so glad they have taken this leap with us to help make birth better through education. Because there are so… Read more »

Exercises For A Great Pregnancy (& Birth!)

Exercises For A Great Pregnancy (& Birth!) We are honored to share a guest post today from one of our newest board members, Katie Dudley. Katie first became interested in natural birth as she prepared for the birth of her own child and attended our founder, Donna Ryan’s, birth class. Our newest student manuals include… Read more »