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Birth Boot Camp Visits MANA Conference!

Birth Boot Camp both at MANA with Dona Ryan and Alexa Gumm

Birth Boot Camp has been busy lately. With a recent instructor training and a pending doula training, we managed to fit in a visit to the MANA (Midwives Association of North America) Conference last week. Alexa Gumm (our recruiter) and Donna Ryan (our founder) had a great time and were able to meet so many… Read more »

How Birth Boot Camp Supports Midwives

How Birth Boot Camp Supports Midwives

Birth Boot Camp embraces a physiological approach to childbirth that perfectly aligns with the midwifery model of care. We are proud to have so many midwives recommending our childbirth educators and doulas. We truly love working with and supporting incredible midwives. Melody Morrow, an experienced midwife and advisory board member for Birth Boot Camp explains… Read more »

Thinking About Homebirth – Where to Begin

Are you thinking about a home birth but wondering how to get started?  Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.  First, decide what you are looking for in a midwife.  What things do you feel you will need at your birth in order to feel safe and happy?  What kind of skills… Read more »

Using a Midwife (Types of Midwives)

Many women desire the benefits of midwifery care for their pregnancy but become overwhelmed when they start to look into it and find that there are many different types of midwives to choose from. While options, certifications, and even legality vary from one state to another and from one country to the next, here are… Read more »