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What Makes Birth Boot Camp DOULA training different?

What Makes Birth Boot Camp DOULA Different?

What Makes Birth Boot Camp DOULA training different?

What Makes Birth Boot Camp DOULA Different?

We know that the prospective doula has many certifying organizations to choose from. When choosing to certify as a doula, you should look carefully at each organization and choose one that has traits that will serve you best as you embark on an incredible and fulfilling doula career.

What makes Birth Boot Camp DOULA different from other doula certifying organizations?

-Birth Boot Camp DOULA requires extensive pre-certification reading-

Our doulas read many books and are expected to also own and be familiar with several more for use in their doula practice. Not only are you expected to read these books, we want your feedback. What did you learn from them? What did you love? How will these books further help you as a practicing doula? Our doulas are accountable to us, to their clients, and to themselves.

-Study guide submitted BEFORE training-

In addition to your reading, there is a comprehensive list of questions that you will receive once you have applied to become a Birth Boot Camp DOULA. As you read your books and study, you will fill this out. Two weeks prior to your training, you will submit your study guide (including reading material reviews) to our Birth Boot Camp DOULA certification coordinator, Nancy Rebarchik. Yes- two weeks BEFORE training!

We value this work being done before we meet together for our incredible training experience because it carries many advantages. All our training doulas are on the same page, with the same basis of knowledge. While some may be training as doulas after working for years as L&D nurses, and some may be attending training just after finishing high school and before giving birth themselves, all will have the same basic knowledge necessary to help them be the best doula possible for their clients. Our doula training is not your chance to learn what birth is about- you have already done that!

-All inclusive!-

Maybe you have noticed that many doula trainings expect you do other learning before training also. Often this additional training involves breastfeeding education or childbirth education or both. One thing that is different with Birth Boot Camp DOULA is that we include almost all of this childbirth education and lactation training WITH the single cost of your training. The only exception to this is our requirement for a blood borne pathogens exam which can be completed for a nominal fee through a few respected organizations.

When you register as a doula trainee with Birth Boot Camp DOULA, you will receive access to our 10 week childbirth education online classes. This is INCLUDED in your cost of training. No searching your area for a birth teacher and hoping she will let you watch her teach. No coming a day early for training and paying extra to take a crash course in childbirth with your doula trainer. You get the same intensive, quality, childbirth class that is taught by Birth Boot Camp instructors as part of your training.

-Breastfeeding education and advanced lactation training-

We mentioned that your training price is all-inclusive, right? This includes two things. First, each trainee watches three hours of video, Breastfeeding: the Ultimate MRE. This video taught by an IBCLC, is a fabulous piece of breastfeeding education. Then, at training, each doula trainee has in-person advanced lactation training from Mellanie Shepphard, IBCLC which focuses on the special role of the doula in the early days of breastfeeding. There is no need for you to scramble to find a breastfeeding class in your area and “hope” that it will prepare you for the incredibly important task of assisting a new mom with her first days of breastfeeding. We provide this for all our trainees at no additional cost AND on a consistent, quality basis. This benefits both you and all your future clients. We want our doulas to be confident and capable of providing excellent breastfeeding support for their future families.

-Community and camaraderie among our instructors and doulas-

Many doulas feel so alone when they first start. They are trained up and eager to serve birthing women, but they feel lost and they themselves have no community or support. The work of a doula is both sacred and emotionally taxing. You will need community and support just as much as the women you serve. Birth Boot Camp DOULA provides this. As a company we adore our instructors and doulas and recognize that without them, we are nothing. With constant online support from your peers and trainers (see below) you will never be alone. You will always have a supportive and strong community to build you up no matter the circumstance. Whether you have attended a birth that was difficult for you, or if you just need tips on marketing and community work, we are here for you, every step of the way.

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS support each other.
The relationships built at Birth Boot Camp DOULA training last a lifetime!

-High quality materials-

One thing that has always been important to us as a company is high quality materials for our instructors and our doulas. We want you to be proud of what you are doing and be able to easily share it with those you come in contact with. We want to make it easy for you to reach out to women and care providers in your area with professional, beautiful materials tailored for your market. Not only will you have access to marketing materials, we provide all our doulas with stock photography that they can use in their own personalized business promotional materials for print and online.

But wait- there’s more! Birth Boot Camp DOULAS have access to the Supporting Arms booklet for their clients which helps organize your pregnancy and postpartum visits and helps with what education is needed with your clients. You will love this book, and so will they. It was designed by doulas for doulas.

Birth Boot Camp DOULA materials are beautiful!
Birth Boot Camp DOULA strives to provide the highest quality materials to our doulas so that they always make a great first impression.

-No certification births-

Our doulas are not required to attend certification births before they are officially trained. We respect you, your time, your value, and your in depth training too much to require such antiquated, doula de-valuing practices. Read more about that here.

-You come to us!-

Yes, we realize that not all doulas live in Dallas/Fort Worth and we realize that many other doula trainings will virtually appear in your backyard for certification. We don’t do this. There are many reasons to travel for doula training. Because our training is so comprehensive and awesome, we have a big team that we bring to the table. They are too expensive to cart all over the country, so you come to us. Not only does this keep the cost of our doula training down, but it helps encourage the community and closeness of our doulas that we feel is so important to doula career sustainability.


What does sustainability have to do with doula work? A lot. There are many people who train and try out doula work but only practice for a few short and struggling months or years. We train doulas for the long haul.  We want your doula practice to be sustainable for you, your family and your community. This means you don’t help a few women at a reduced price before you burn out and can’t take it any longer. You build a career that supports you and the women in your community. Doula work for the long haul is something we feel strongly about and which we support you in. We can’t express how important this is.

-Business training-

This plays into sustainability because no matter how perfected your double hip squeeze, if nobody hires you, you can’t use it. There are other doula programs just starting to provide business training for doulas separate from their regular training. Again, we include it along with everything else. Business training isn’t an add-on that you pay for when you have enough money- it is an integral part of your training.


Your doula trainers, Amanda Devereux and Maria Pokluda are two incredibly successful and professional doulas in their own right. They were chosen by Donna Ryan to lead this program because not only are they good at what they do, they are respected in their community and have built careers out of doula work. They didn’t take a training to become a trainer. They were hand-picked because of their unique skill set. You will learn so much from them at training (and after) that you will treasure as you build your own business. Not only that, they treasure you. They are there for you, to answer your questions, provide support, and even be a shoulder to cry on, if that is what you need. You won’t realize how much this matters until you need it.

-Relational support-

You have probably never heard of the term “relational support” and you wouldn’t be alone. This is something sadly unique to Birth Boot Camp DOULA but one of the most important parts of our training. In fact, this will help you in your doula business more than learning tricks or jam packing your doula bag with fancy comfort do-dads.

You are a passenger on the journey of pregnancy, labor, and birth with a woman and her family. Knowing how to support them on an emotional level is a gift you give to them, their birth, and yourself.

Birth Boot Camp DOULA is a new program right now, but it is not a recycled version of all the other existing doula programs out there. You would be surprised how many current  and already certified doulas come train with us for this reason (and those listed above.) We provide something unique that you will get at no other training. You get it for one price, in one place, with a quickly growing group of amazing women who will mentor, support, and lift you up in the years ahead as you practice as a fabulous doula. Join us. You won’t regret it.


No Certification Births For Birth Boot Camp DOULAS

No Certification Births For Birth Boot Camp DOULAS

No Doula Certification Births With Birth Boot Camp DOULA

No Certification Births For Birth Boot Camp DOULAS

Tradition is wonderful, but sometimes it becomes necessary to question why a certain tradition lives on. In the doula certification world, there is a long tradition of “certification births” that must be finished before you are officially a doula. While there are good intentions behind the certification birth requirements for doulas, in truth, requiring certification births that meet strict guidelines only serves to devalue the doula profession as a whole.

Maybe you’ve heard the story of the woman who cuts the ends off her pot roast before putting it in her (large) pan. When her mother notices, she asks why she is doing that. The daughter had never even thought to question why it was done, it was just something she’d seen her mother do all her life. Come to find out, the pan her mother cooked the roast in always seemed too small, so she cut the ends off the pot roast, but she should have just bought a new pan!

What does pot roast have to do with doula certification? Doula certification programs have always required certification births. To keep with tradition, we considered this requirement as part of the Birth Boot Camp DOULA program. As we started asking ourselves hard questions about the purpose of certifying births, we determined that just because they have always been part of the process, doesn’t mean they are still useful. In fact, a strict certifying birth requirement can hold a doula back professionally. In effect, it is time that doula certifying organizations metaphorically “buy a pan that fits”. At Birth Boot Camp DOULA we do not require certification births to become a doula. We have found a better way.

Why Require Doula Certification Births?

What constitutes a “certifying birth”? First, some organizations require the doula to be at the birth for a set amount of time for it to count towards certification. Birth Boot Camp teaches that labor is variable and takes as long as it needs, so setting a minimum time is not compatible with what we know about birth. Second, at Birth Boot Camp, we feel that women don’t need vaginal exams to progress in labor. To require a doula to be present from an arbitrary dilation calculation is not supported by our philosophy and continues to promote the erroneous idea that dilation is the only way of measuring labor progress. A final concern is that the Birth Boot Camp DOULA program has a huge emphasis on relational - not just physical - support. We train our doulas to connect with their clients so that they can best serve them. A certain number of certification births does not give us information about a doula’s skills in this area.

Continuous Doula Accountability

If the purpose of certifying births is accountability and experience, there is a better way. Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are accountable, not only for the first few births they attend, but all of them throughout their career with Birth Boot Camp DOULA! Based on the number of Supporting Arms booklets they order for their clients in a given year, our doulas are required to fill out a Birth Summary for 80% of them. We aim for 100% but realize this isn’t always possible. Our doulas, like Birth Boot Camp Instructors, keep statistics to be transparent and measure their own effectiveness so we can make changes as needed. Accountability for a doula should last far longer than her three certifying births.

An evaluation form is sent to every Birth Boot Camp DOULA client so that they may evaluate the care they received from their doula This form does not actually go back to the doula, but to our Doula Certification Coordinator, who can then share the evaluation with the doula if the client gives permission. So, the two evaluations are coming from the doula and her client, not a care provider who may have spent only minutes in the doula’s presence. Care providers and nurses may be willing, but generally they have no relationship with the doula or any incentive to help her reach her goal of certification. The most important opinion is that of the birthing mother. We seek her views on the birth and role of her doula and value them highly. At Birth Boot Camp DOULA, certification births are not held over the doula’s head, and ongoing evaluations simply become a part of constantly striving to be a better doula.

Changing the Culture of “Free Doulas”

It is impossible to have a conversation about “certification births” without addressing “free doulas.” At Birth Boot Camp DOULA, we talk a lot about professionalism, scope of practice, and sustainability. Doulas being forced to complete certification births perpetuates the problem of couples always looking for a “free doula” and a culture that undervalues the unique supportive role of female birth workers. Birth Boot Camp DOULAS complete a heavy workload, followed by an intense 3-day workshop. They complete an exam at the end of the workshop, and upon passing, they are declared certified. They are ready to work! We recommend they charge a starting wage at their discretion, charging not below $300. A Birth Boot Camp DOULA will never be encouraged to work for free nor will she be so desperate for her certification births that she feels compelled to work for free.

Doulas Supporting Doulas

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS leave training with all the skills, knowledge and business savvy to be incredible doulas.  She is not left to figure things out on her own, as she has a tremendous support team at Birth Boot Camp Headquarters and among her fellow Birth Boot Camp DOULAS. We have created an avenue to launch new Birth Boot Camp DOULAS to success and help them to reach their goal of having an enjoyable, profitable, and sustainable career as a doula.

Our doulas are enrolled in a mentorship program where they receive ongoing guidance and continue their development in several ways including a one-on-one consultation with one of the Birth Boot Camp DOULA creators and trainers, Amanda Devereux or Maria Pokluda. Our mentorship program is designed to develop each Birth Boot Camp DOULA’s relational support skills, business model, support them through their early births, and enhance what they learned through Birth Boot Camp DOULA training.

At Birth Boot Camp DOULA we have aimed to create a unique and superior doula certification program. We are not afraid to break tradition in order to make better doulas who can have lasting careers where they are compensated for their efforts. There is no doula certification program that offers the training, materials, and ongoing support that Birth Boot Camp DOULA does. Join our ranks today!

5 things you need from your doula certification

5 Things You Need From Your Doula Certification

5 things you need from your doula certification

We are pleased to share thoughts from Amanda Devereux today. We first met Amanda when she certified to become a Birth Boot Camp childbirth instructor. Struck by her passion and intelligence, we soon recruited her to help form the Birth Boot Camp DOULA program along with Maria Polduka. By systematically looking at what existed, what was lacking, and what professionals needed, they developed something truly unique. Here are few reasons why your doula certification should give you more than just letters after your name.


I am familiar with the increasing numbers of doulas disheartened by the certification options available to them. Doulas work hard to complete their certification and often feel they don’t gain much more than letters at the end of their name. Many are choosing not to recertify with their original certifying body because they gain little from maintaining their certification. I fully believe that when a person completes their doula certification they should be proud of the letters at the end of their name, not just because of their meaning, but because of what they get. You deserve more than just letters. Much more. Here are just five of the top things you get with Birth Boot Camp DOULA certification. We’ve set our standards high - expect a lot from us!

1. Confidence

You will not only know some doula techniques, you will be confident as a doula and business person.  You will know how to gain clients, interview and get contracts signed in addition to being confident working as a doula. Confidence is an important key to success in any business, but especially one that involves the interpersonal skills needed in doula work. From interviewing potential clients, to handling the variations of labor, you will be confident and poised.

2. Business Support

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS receive business training, contracts, all of their paper work and filing; and each of their clients receive a copy of Supporting Arms, a book just for Birth Boot Camp DOULA clients to help them prepare for their birth.  This means no crazy handouts and no copying and printing- it’s all ready for you.

3. Marketing Support

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS receive marketing training at their workshop and have continued marketing support available to them including websites, business cards, promotional materials and stock photography - this is all INCLUDED. You will have access to marketing videos you can watch at any time from a marketing professional which will guide you in the days ahead. We do this because we want you to be successful and fulfilled through your passion for birth.

4. Lactation Training

Doulas often help mom initiate their first latch and check on breastfeeding during a postpartum visit.  This means that doulas really need more breastfeeding training than just attending a breastfeeding class.  Birth Boot Camp DOULAS not only take a full breastfeeding class covering newborn through weaning, but attend a lactation workshop focused specifically on doulas and lactation support. This ability will set you apart and make you more than a doula who can provide counter pressure in labor, but one who can help mom and baby have the best start.

5. Mentorship and Community

All Birth Boot Camp DOULAS have available to them mentorship by experienced doulas and peers as well as continued community, which is invaluable in this line of work.  The culture of Birth Boot Camp is one of support - both personal and professional.  From sharing marketing ideas, celebrating births and professional highs and lows - this community is unbeatable.

Amanda Devereux-web

Amanda Devereux is an accomplished doula in New Orelans, a registered nurse, a childbirth educator, and co-creator of Birth Boot Camp DOULA. 




8 Things to Consider When Choosing Doula Certification


There are a variety of doula certifications available for women venturing into the thrilling and rewarding work of supporting families at the time of birth. There are so many available that it can be hard to choose when you are new to the birth scene. We love this list of things to consider when choosing a doula certification. Written by our very own Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer, Amanda Devereux, she simply knows what she is talking about. Not only is Amanda an experienced and successful doula, she, along with Maria Pokluda, helped form the stellar Birth Boot Camp DOULA program. Enjoy her words and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We would love to help!

8 things you should consider when choosing doula certification-

1. Will I learn how to support a woman during labor and birth?

Of course, a doula training should actually train you to do the work of a doula. One of the doula’s main jobs at the birth is hands-on, physical support and knowledge during the labor and birth of the baby. Online or distance courses simply can’t provide this in the same way an in-person training can.

2. Will I learn how to support a woman’s partner during labor and birth?

Birth support is more than just supporting the laboring woman. The doula should not be the center piece, the partner is her hero and champion; the doula is the partner’s life line!

3. What type of business support and training will I receive?

Having the skills of a doula is just part of this. Learning to be an entrepreneur is equally important. Will you learn interview skills? Will you be provided contracts? Will you gain networking tips? Will you be prepared to leave training and launch a successful business? The skills to support at birth will find little foothold if you lack the ability to implement them and let people know about the incredible service you offer.

Nancy Rebarchick (left) and Maria Pokluda, part of the Birth Boot Camp DOULA team, show off some of the beautiful materials we have created for our doulas.
Nancy Rebarchick (left) and Maria Pokluda, part of the Birth Boot Camp DOULA team, show off some of the beautiful materials we have created for our doulas.

4. How will this certifying body market me?

You pay a good chunk of money for training and certification. What do you get from this? Is your certifying body promoting you? Providing marketing materials? Anything else?

5.What type of lactation training is provided?

A doula typically helps with baby’s first latch and then with some breastfeeding support at a postpartum and often times in between. You should know what training is provided for this. You should be comfortable not only with providing support during this time but with knowing when to refer. Truly being able to help in the precious first days of breastfeeding will often require more than just personal breastfeeding experience or attendance at a La Leche League meeting.

6. Is the philosophy of the program congruent with my own ideas of birth work?

A certification agency should offer you something - a community- and this is most beneficial to you when the philosophy of the program is one that promotes your work and passion. Ideas relating to birth abound! Find an organization that you can truly get behind.

7. Am I comfortable with the Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics?

Do you find it limiting? Does it help you build your professional practice? Does it result in greater professionalism? Doulas are present for one of life’s great events. A doula who doesn’t understand how to practice in an ethical way or within her scope can cause heartache for the entire community.

8. What do I gain from re-certification?

Re-certification, in professional fields, is important to show that an individual is current in their area of expertise, is safe to practice and is maintaining their knowledge and standards as a professional. You should gain more than the maintenance of letters at the end of your name. Doula re-certification should offer you personal growth as well as continued business, education and/or marketing support.

Amanda Devereux, Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer

I am proud to say Birth Boot Camp DOULA offers all of this and more.  Learn to doula beyond “The Birth Partner.”  Whether you are an aspiring doula or an experienced doula, we offer you MORE.  Join us in 2015. 

Click here for a Birth Boot Camp DOULA application.


4 Reasons You Should Travel For Doula Training


Have you checked out Birth Boot Camp DOULA? You probably noticed some big, exciting differences between our training and other trainings out there These differences are well thought out, purposeful and based on the experience and expertise of the birth professionals who created this professional doula certification program.

One of the things that sets Birth Boot Camp DOULA apart is that we host training in one location and you come to us! Yes, you heard that right, (currently) we train only in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and unless you live there, you will need to travel to attend our training.

Why on earth should you travel when there are doula trainings all over the country put on by organizations who will come to your doorstep? Like the rest of our program, this is intentional and we want to share with you some of the reasoning behind our decision to train in this very specific manner.

1. Birth Boot Camp DOULA training is uniform

What this means is that ALL of our doulas have the same training experience. They are trained by the same two women (Amanda Devereaux and Maria Pokluda). They all learn the same techniques, business skills, professional practices and standards, ethical considerations and much more. This is nothing short of groundbreaking.

How many organizations have dozens of trainers? While the trainees get the same certification, they are not all equally trained. Variation can be great depending on who leads the training. This just simply isn’t acceptable for us. So, in order to have a consistent training and consistently trained doulas, we have set up our training in this manner.

2. Birth Boot Camp DOULA training prepares you for a sustainable doula career, not just a doula hobby

The word ‘doula’ is one that is still foreign to many people in our culture. Often the first people ever hear of a doula is when they are pregnant and start looking around for birth support. Because even the idea of a doula is fairly new in our country, it is no wonder that the work of doula as a professional career is just gaining traction.

For most birth workers, the passion for birth must be equally yoked with a need for sustainability. Working as a free or low cost doula isn’t sustainable due the very real cost and time necessitated in this amazing, but often difficult, work.

We want doulas to be financially successful because we know this is needed to maintain joy in their profession and enables them to benefit from their work rather than just sacrifice. We believe that doulas who know how to run a business are better doulas and will have a long, satisfying doula career that is both emotionally and monetarily rewarding.

3. We can charge you less if you come to us

Birth Boot Camp DOULA (and childbirth education) organize training differently than any other doula training company out there. We believe there is a lot of value in working as a team. Your training involves many people, not just one. This has benefits including different teaching techniques, personalities, areas of expertise (including lactation, marketing and business support) and experience that are brought to the table from a variety of people who comprise the Birth Boot Camp team. We know from practice that this makes our training both comprehensive and unique.

We also know from experience that it is very expensive to travel with our large education team. We are not willing to sacrifice the quality of your training simply so we can pump out more doulas. We want our doulas to be the best, and after much thought and work we have decided that this is the best way to help build and support them.  We value quality over quantity. After all, when you are empowered, knowledgeable and supported to have a sustainable practice you will have a greater impact in your community. More doulas don't make as much of a positive difference as better doulas.

4. Community, community, community

Birth Boot Camp DOULA is part of a larger community that includes (currently) over 100 Birth Boot Camp childbirth educators and our growing family of doulas. As a company we strive to keep our people connected to one another.

This begins at training. As mentioned, you will attend a live training with the same trainers as every other Birth Boot Camp DOULA. Even the doulas you didn’t train with will share your experience and connection.

After training you will be added to the private Birth Boot Camp DOULA facebook group where all of our doulas can communicate and learn with one another as well as have a safe and supportive place to process the sometimes difficult job of a doula. The community of doulas continues on in our unique mentor program. You should never feel alone as a Birth Boot Camp DOULA.

Doula work is precious but not always easy. The value of community with your common trainers (who you will have continual access to) and fellow doulas is immeasurable. This will help you be successful and happy in this amazing career.


Your training comprises so much. This includes: marketing instruction, Q&A, hands on techniques, business information, a breastfeeding course and breastfeeding training specific for doulas from an IBCLC, and access to the full 10 week Birth Boot Camp online childbirth classes. This means you don’t have to pay for another childbirth class, another lactation training, or struggle wondering how to market your small business. These are things we think every doula should have knowledge of when she leaves training, and we make sure it happens.

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions about Birth Boot Camp DOULA!

Meet our amazing doula trainers, Maria and Amanda. They are incredible.

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