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I Did Not Have A Natural Birth, But I Help Women Who Do

I did not have a natural birth, buy I help women who do

Our biggest goal at Birth Boot Camp is to help couples have amazing births. This dedication has helped us grow. It has also required change. We have added a doula program, instructor trainers across the nation, and we are in the process of adding more and more options beyond natural birth preparation. As our vision… Read more »

Birth Classes in Flower Mound, TX

birth classes in flower mound, TX

Birth Classes in Flower Mound, TX We are excited to introduce you to Callie Corless, one of our Birth Boot Camp instructors. She teaches birth classes in Flower Mound, TX. Callie is a woman of many talents. From doula work to childbirth education, to prenatal fitness, she has so many skills that can help make… Read more »

Preparing For Birth Boot Camp Instructor Training

Preparing for Birth Boot Camp Instructor Training! Do you want to teach birth and change the world one couple at a time? Our passion for helping couples have great birth experiences is what binds us together at Birth Boot Camp and it’s a beautiful thing! We are so excited to have you joining us and we… Read more »

Our Favorite Books For Childbirth Educators

Our Favorite Books For Childbirth Educators

Our Favorite Books For Childbirth Educators We gathered a group of birth experts together to help us choose the required reading for our childbirth educators. Their selections are amazing and we highly recommend them. Reading all of these books is a big commitment, but it will give the reader a well rounded basis from which… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons To Certify With Birth Boot Camp

top 10 reasons to certify with Birth Boot Camp

Top 10 Reasons to Certify with Birth Boot Camp Birth Boot Camp brings the benefits of technology and the need for human touch together in a unique childbirth education program that helps couples achieve the natural birth they desire. In addition, our childbirth educator certification program is like none other. Here are a few of… Read more »

10 Ways Birth Boot Camp Supports Their Instructors

10 Ways Birth Boot Camp Supports Their Instructors Birth Boot Camp offers childbirth education for the modern couple. More than a method, we offer childbirth classes that give a birthing mom AND her partner all the tools they need to prepare for an amazing birth. We have online classes and they are awesome! But most… Read more »

Childbirth Classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming

childbirth classes in Cheyenne Wyoming

Childbirth Classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming It is has been an amazing journey training instructors across the country and watching Birth Boot Camp grow. We have recently welcomed several instructors in Wyoming. Rachael is one of these wonderful women and teachers. We are so excited to have her offering childbirth classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming! Check her… Read more »

More Than A Method

Birth Boot Camp: More than A Method

Birth Boot Camp: More Than A Method Merriam-Webster defines a method as- “: a way of doing something   : a careful or organized plan that controls the way something is done” In the world of childbirth education, there are many methods. A method approach to childbirth education usually gives a student a coping tool… Read more »

Online vs Live Childbirth Classes

online vs live childbirth classes

Online vs Live Childbirth Classes- Which is right for you?   We are excited to be able to offer both online and in-person childbirth classes to our students. We also realize that each couple has different needs and what works perfect for one may not be great for another. So how do you decide what… Read more »

Birth Classes in Bowie and Annapolis, Maryland

Childbirth classes in bowie and annapolis, Maryland

Birth Classes In Bowie and Annapolis, Maryland We are excited to introduce you to another one of our amazing instructors today. Lauren McClain is an incredible woman, former school teacher, mother of three, gatherer of breech baby knowledge, and she teaches birth classes in Bowie and Annapolis, Maryland. Those in her area are lucky to… Read more »