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Surviving the Holidays With a Baby

surviving the holidays with a baby

Surviving the Holidays With a Baby It’s that time of year. Holiday parties, Christmas celebrations, work events- it’s December! If you have a new baby, handling the holidays is a whole new experience. So how do you get through the holiday season with your sanity and your nursing relationship intact? Here are some tips for… Read more »

What to Expect Your First Week With Baby

What to expect your first week with baby

Your baby is born. You are finally home and snuggled up together. Your body feels different than it ever has before. Your baby is a fascinating creature- once part of you, now separate, but not quite… Intense. Overwhelming. Beautiful. Sacred. The first days with baby and with your new and still changing body are all… Read more »

Should I Circumcise My Baby? Guest Post By Dr Adrienne Carmack, Urologist

We are honored today to share a guest post from Dr Adrienne Carmack, a board certified Urologist and mother of three who is also a strong voice in the growing tide of medical personnel questioning and challenging the common practice of routine infant circumcision. Dr Carmack has also recently published a book detailing her fascinating story as she… Read more »

Safe Cleaning Products for Pregnancy and Beyond

natural cleaners for pregnancy and beyond

Safe Cleaning Products for Pregnancy and Beyond Pregnancy can bring both nesting (clean house!) and nausea (boo!), so what better time to find some more natural friendly cleaners. While the March of Dimes says that most commercial cleansers are safe during pregnancy, many women find the smells overwhelming or would rather just be on the… Read more »

10 Tips to Gently Help Baby Sleep

surviving the holidays with a baby

*Please note that there are affiliate links in this post. For new parents, one of the most frequently asked questions is “Are you getting any sleep?” What is a new couple to do when everyone wonders how you and your baby are performing in this area? Here are a few simple tips that can help… Read more »

Announcing Your Pregnancy

announcing your pregnancy

Announcing Your Pregnancy The coming of a new baby is a wonderful thing.  Now with the benefits of social media, there are as many ways to announce the beginning of your newest adventure as there are types of personalities.  Here are a few cute (or fun or creative or just plain silly!) ways to share… Read more »