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You CAN have an amazing birth!

Education is the key.   The 10-class Birth Boot Camp online childbirth education program will prepare you for a life-changing birth experience. We have assembled a team of professionals to give you the most complete natural birth education available today.

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Taking an online childbirth class gives you the option of studying together from the comfort of your home.

Online childbirth classes are taught by Donna Ryan and Sarah Clark, morning-talk-show style. We’ve made birth classes interesting, entertaining, and educational! They are as close to a live childbirth class as possible, from the comfort of your living room instead of ours. You’ll hear interviews from various professionals including a doula, chiropractor, lactation consultant, midwives, massage therapist, and personal trainer/health coach.

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Modern, Complete & On Your Timetable:

In addition to a comprehensive and modern birth class designed for parents planning a natural childbirth, all students will receive the full-color, professionally-printed Field Manual, relaxation training, links to additional reading on complementary topics, and an exclusive breastfeeding video download, “The Ultimate MRE”, taught by renowned lactation consultant, Mellanie Sheppard, ICBLC, RLC.

Workbook and Additional Resources

Mailed to you almost as soon as you purchase your online birth classes, will be a comprehensive Field Manual or workbook. This is full-color, detailed, over 160 pages and chock full of information. You can use it as you watch your classes to take extra notes, and write down important points. It also helps guide you in asking questions for your care provider and learning additional things not taught in the online class. The Field Manual also contains daily nutrition forms, called Chow Charts, for you to fill out. It is truly a workbook

Birth Boot Camp Field Manual

Your Birth Boot Camp “Field Manual” is full of information to help you prepare for an amazing birth.

This homework helps you feel accountable during your online childbirth class, encourages mom and dad to work together to achieve maximum health for yourselves and your baby, and helps you realize how good you are doing — or perhaps where you need to improve!

Extra Resources and Links

We know that the birthing couple of today does not just want to hear someone talk about what they should do, they want to understand and know for themselves. Below every video class is a list of links that can help you further explore the topics discussed in that chapter’s video. This organized guide includes blogs, research, and tips which help you get the information you want quickly and accurately.

Relaxation Audio Files

Learning to relax is important for achieving a more comfortable birth. In addition to your videos, links, and workbook, you will have a downloadable audio file with the chapter’s relaxation exercises. Couples are encouraged to work together! The printed text can be found in the Field Manual, so that the birth partner can read the exercises to mom.

Birth Videos

Actually witnessing birth is an important part of knowing that you, too, can do this. So many of our ideas about birth come from the media. Couples often believe, even subconsciously, that labor is very painful and very fast. While this may, occasionally, be true, often it is not. For this reason, your childbirth classes include videos of real, modern couples welcoming their babies into the world. We have chosen videos that show all different kinds of women giving birth in a variety of settings and with a variety of types of birth, so that you can feel confident about YOUR ability to give birth naturally.

Breastfeeding Download

With your workbook, you will receive an exclusive breastfeeding class download, Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE, by Mellanie Shephard, IBCLC. We feel that though birth is deeply important, it is only the beginning of your path to parenthood. The video is yours to keep, so that you can refer to it, as needed, after the arrival of your little new recruit. Running time is nearly four hours, with information that you will want before baby arrives and through the first year – or two.


Donna and Sarah are available to answer your questions. While people choose online birth classes for a variety of reasons, some would truly prefer to be in a live childbirth class.

We understand. We have tried to create the classes as close to the live classes, as possible. If you do have a question that is not answered in the class and/or materials, please do not hesitate to email us. Our contact information is found on the website as well as on business cards that will be included with your materials. We are here to support you on this amazing journey!

We want to make your online childbirth education experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible; if you experience challenges accessing the classes, we will work with you to get them resolved.

Visit our testimonials page to hear what other couples have enjoyed about their Birth Boot Camp classes. See you in class!

Looking for other education possibilities? We also offer a sibling birth class and an early pregnancy class!

Donna and Sarah teach Birth Boot Camp online childbirth classes

Donna and Sarah during filming of the Birth Boot Camp online childbirth classes.

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