Alisa Spear WebCity: Oklahoma City
Name: Alisa Spear
Email: aspear@birthbootcamp.com
Alisa is mom to her daughter and 3 sons and treasures the experiences of each of her children’s unique births. She is an advocate for breastfeeding and pumping, sharing sleep and babywearing. With 16+ years of experience Alisa encourages moms to become educated about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Located in Oklahoma City, she is excited to teach and guide you as you make decisions during your pregnancy. Email her with your questions and for information about upcoming classes.
City: Oklahoma City Metro and Davis
Name: D’Andra Parsons
Email: dparsons@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.arbucklebirth.com
As a nationally certified sign language interpreter, D’Andra is fluent in American Sign Language. She has a passion for education and considers herself a lifelong learner. In 2004, D’Andra earned a B.S. in Elementary Education. Shortly thereafter, she became pregnant with her first child and immersed herself in information on pregnancy and birth.  Under the care of a midwife, D’Andra welcomed her daughter at a birth center completely naturally in 2006. D’Andra has since had two more children, one in a hospital with limited interventions in 2008, and another completely naturally in a birth center in 2011. She has breastfed all three of her children, and birth has become her passion. Just after earning a M.Ed. in Interpreting in 2012, D’Andra signed on for Birth Boot Camp Instructor training. She is excited to empower mothers to trust their bodies and make informed decisions about care for themselves and their babies with Birth Boot Camp’s holistic approach to childbirth preparation. Couples are sure to enjoy coming to class each week!
City: Oklahoma City Metro and Shawnee
Name: Amanda Standlee
Email: astandlee@birthbootcamp.com
Website: Fruitfuldoula.com  
Amanda Standlee, CD(DONA), has been a birth doula since 2010. After two medicated births, she experienced a hospital water birth with her third child. This motivated her to become a doula. Since then, she has given birth to her fourth daughter at home. As a doula, Amanda has seen the difference that a great childbirth education class can make for a birthing couple. That is why she is so excited to start offering Birth Boot Camp classes in her area.
City: Oklahoma City and Edmond
Name: Amy Anderson
Email: aanderson@birthbootcamp.com 
Amy Anderson has been a doula since 2010. She decided to become a doula after the birth of her third daughter, which was a VBA2C. Having two cesarean sections and experiencing first-hand how being unprepared can affect labor and birth, she was motivated to become a childbirth educator. Amy desires to help couples avoid unnecessary interventions and give them the knowledge to help them achieve the birth they desire.
City: Oklahoma City
Name: Samantha Flowers
Email: sflowers@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.bravozulubirth.com 
Samantha first became interested in natural childbirth while in nursing school at the University of Oklahoma. Upon graduating, she worked in a local children’s hospital as a pediatric nurse. Later, in an effort to follow her passion for childbirth, she became a Certified Doula through Doulas of North America, and a Certified Breastfeeding Educator in 2011. Her passion stems from the belief that birth is a natural event that should be experienced and respected. She also believes that by educating families in natural birth you are equipping them with the needed tools to improve their own birthing experience! Samantha and her husband have one daughter, who was born peacefully at home, and they look forward to expanding their growing family further. Check out her website for current class dates!
Joey Minick WebCity: Tulsa
Name: Joey Minick
Email: jminick@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.alightbirths.com
Joey has had two awesome birth experiences: something she didn’t even realize was possible until a few years ago, when a man who had taken a natural childbirth course with his wife excitedly told her his child’s birth story during a business meeting. She had never heard someone tell a positive birth story before. This sparked a journey which led her to give birth to both of her children naturally, including one water birth. After experiencing first-hand the empowerment of natural childbirth, she decided to become a natural birth instructor herself, and inspire others to have amazing births too. Joey is excited to offer classes through Birth Boot Camp because she feels the program offers a comprehensive and contemporary approach to helping couples achieve natural childbirth.
City: Tulsa and Broken Arrow
Name: Maggie Butterfield
Email: mbutterfield@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.birthgreencountry.com
Maggie is excited to share with you the joy of natural childbirth! After her first birthing experience that ended up in a cesarean section, she was determined to find a better way.  After getting educated, she and her husband went on to have a powerful, drug free VBAC hospital birth. As a former classroom teacher, she is thrilled to teach something she is passionate about and ready to help you get started on your own birth journey.  With the right education, you can have a birth experience that gives you the birth you have longed for!