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List of Instructors: Ohio

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City: Norwalk

Name: Melissa Carroll
Hi! My name is Melissa Carroll. I am a wife of twenty seven years, mother to five married children and grandmother of three. I am a retired home educator (21 years), writer, preschool teacher, childbirth educator and doula in training. My passion and heart for guiding women during pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond grew during the births of my children. My first birth was a natural premature birth. The middle three were c-sections for various reasons. And finally, my youngest was a beautiful and empowering VBAC homebirth. Each of those births taught me much about myself. And in hindsight, I learned how differently each birth could have turned out, had I been more informed. I believe a natural birth is a powerful and life-changing experience for a woman. I am convinced that well informed, trained couples are prepared for that experience and approach birth quite differently and as a result, have considerably better birth outcomes. Birth Boot Camp is a well- rounded and thorough program in which I am thrilled to be a part of teaching. I love empowering each couple for their new journey as parents to be and helping seasoned parents, who may have had some “bumps in the road” with previous births, know how they too can have an amazing birth experience.
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