Meet your regional trainers

Your Birth Boot Camp regional childbirth educator trainers! From left to right: Sarah Clark (DFW), Janine Heincker (Kansas), Melissa Meyer (Oregon), Jennifer Valencia (Colorado), Carmen Calvo (Maryland), Amy Anderson (Oklahoma), and Donna Ryan (DFW and Birth Boot Camp Founder).

Meet Your Instructor Trainers

Birth Boot Camp now has women leading childbirth educator trainings all over the country. From the green forests of Oregon, to the sunny beaches of Florida, and the deep history of Maryland, we are working our hardest to bring childbirth educator trainings to you.

Each Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer is carefully selected and trained and each will make sure you have the same comprehensive childbirth educator training that we have become known for.

Feel free to contact us or any of these women individually and get your questions answered.

You can have an amazing career! Working as a childbirth educator is one way to live fully, make a difference, and love what you do.

Our Regional Trainers, listed alphabetically:


Amy Anderson

-Hosting childbirth educator training in Oklahoma City, OK, Nashville, TN, and Orlando, FL-

My name is Amy Anderson born and raised in Oklahoma, Go Pokes! I love a good storm, which I guess you have to when you live in Tornado Alley. I’ve lived in several other southern states but always come back to good ol’ home sweet ‘homa and I’ll be y’alls Southeast Regional Trainer.

I have 5 littles, each of them have their own wonderfully unique birth stories. One emergency cesarean, one repeat cesarean, 2 hospital VBA2C’s and a HBA2C. Through my own birth journey my passion for birth grew, so I became a birth doula in 2009. Then seeing the need for better education before labor I decided to find a comprehensive childbirth education program, that is when I found Birth Boot Camp and I have been a Birth Boot Camp Instructor since 2012.

I’m thrilled to be offering Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainings throughout the beautiful southeast region.



Carmen Calvo

-Hosting childbirth educator training in Baltimore, MD-

My name is Carmen Calvo and I am so excited to be bringing Birth Boot Camp instructor trainings to Baltimore! I’ve lived in Charm City all of my life and welcome you to see all the charm for yourself while preparing to bring the best childbirth education curriculum to your own community.

My husband and I have 2 sons and their very different birth experiences were the catalyst to my career as a birth worker.  My first birth went from a planned homebirth to hospital induction due to pre-eclampsia.  The quick change of plans left me and my husband feeling scared and unsure how to navigate an intervention-heavy birth.

My second son was welcomed peacefully at home only 14 months later, but my husband still wasn’t confident in supporting me as I labored.  Because of my own experiences, I knew when researching childbirth curricula that training the partner how to support a laboring mom was crucial.

I am passionate and committed to helping couples achieve their birth goals and am thrilled to be able to help you do the same as a Birth Boot Camp instructor.



Sarah Clark

-Hosting childbirth educator training in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX-

I always believed in natural birth- it just made sense to me and I sensed the innate power of women. When I had my first baby in 2004, I labored for over 50 hours and had a natural hospital birth. After that amazing birth experience, I knew that I would have had a very different experience if my husband and I not been given the knowledge we needed to make it through.

My belief in birth was just a small part of that great birth- education was what truly made it possible. I knew I needed pay it forward and I knew every couple deserved an incredible start to their parenting journey!
So much has happened since that first birth- the birth that taught me how strong I truly was. I now have four children, and I started teaching other couples how to have their own great births in 2008. I have a passion for this work- helping couples have incredible birth experiences is truly the best job ever and I feel lucky every time I walk out of teaching a birth class.
In 2011, my friend and the woman who taught my own birth class, Donna Ryan, founded Birth Boot Camp and I was honored to join her. Donna and I train future childbirth educators in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and it is AMAZING every time.

Come join us and become a childbirth educator. We have a good time, but more than that, you get to make money and do work that truly matters. I love this job because it is MORE than a job- it is your way of making a positive difference in the world every single day. Join us in DFW!


janine ssquare

Janine Heincker

-Hosting childbirth educator training in Kansas City, KS-

Hello from the Land of Oz! I’m Janine (Juh-neen), it’s French fancy. Like ruby-slippered Dorothy, I’m a small-town girl with a big heart for encouraging those placed in my path (YOU) to reach for their dreams “somewhere over the rainbow”. I strive to meet you where you are and stretch you to where you want to be.

My passion and compassion come from a decade of experience in serving expectant families as a childbirth educator and doula. I also have a degree in positive psychology, as well as personal experience birthing four (soon-to-be-five) little ones with carefully chosen interventions in various settings. Sadly, I also have experience in “birthing at every trimester” (miscarriage) and know the pain and healing that comes from those challenges.

I am proud to say that those journeys have only made me stronger and it all started with my own confidence-building childbirth classes. What you are preparing to do, to change lives one class, one birth at a time, is BIG.

When I’m not teaching or supporting expectant couples or fellow birth workers, I enjoy working and playing alongside my husband and our little “Bees” on our tree-lined lot we affectionately call our “urban oasis” in the middle of Kansas’ Capitol city, Topeka.

I look forward to connecting with you during this training and teaching journey. There will be lots of purpose, prep and maybe a few twisters, but I can truly say, “there’s no place like home” in Birth Boot Camp. Let’s take this birth world by storm!



Melissa Mayer

-Hosting childbirth educator training in Corvallis and Portland, OR and San Jose, CA-

My name is Melissa and I am your West Coast Regional Trainer. I am also a certified yoga instructor and President of the Mid Valley Birth Network. I am passionate about normal birth and breastfeeding. Just ask my kids and they will tell you “Mama loves birth!”.

My husband, Eli, and I have three beautiful children, Ethan, Lillian and Cora who were all born naturally, the first two in a birthing center and the newest at home. After the birth of our son my passion and love for the normal process of birth grew into a desire to teach others. We moved to Oregon in March 2012 and in November of that same year I joined the Birth Boot Camp family as an Instructor.

I am excited to start offering Birth Boot Camp Instructor Training in the breathtaking West Coast. Join me in the Pacific Northwest in the beautiful, historic Corvallis, Oregon



Donna Ryan

-Hosting childbirth educator training in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX-

After having my first amazing unmedicated birth in 1999, looking back, it was education that really made the difference. I have given birth four times - my last three without medication, and I knew if I could do it, other women could do it, too!

I wanted all women to have the opportunity to have an amazing birth, so I started teaching childbirth education in 2003. I've taught hundreds of couples over the years. It's been the most rewarding career, and even though I am past having babies myself, I live "vicariously" through my students. I have been involved in starting a birth network (and growing it to be the largest in the country) and have served on the Board of BirthNetwork National. Advocacy has been a big part of my career. Change starts with the consumer.

Since writing and launching the Birth Boot Camp curriculum in 2012, Sarah Clark and I have trained nearly 200 instructors, including your new Regional Trainers! We look forward to getting to know you when you join the Birth Boot Camp family, regardless of where you do your training.



Jennifer Valencia

-Hosting childbirth educator training in Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ-

Hello! I am so pleased be the Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer for the Mountain States; these include Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona! My name is Jennifer Valencia and I am proud to be a doula and Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor.

This curriculum never ceases to amaze me, and I am thrilled to be able to bring it right to your doorstep! I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Human behavior, and have pursued studies in labor support, education, leadership, social services, and entrepreneurship.

My goal, as your regional trainer, is for you to leave feeling confident and prepared to empower families with the gift of knowledge, and I have complete confidence that after training as a Birth Boot Camp Instructor, you will do just that!

On a personal note, I am married to my best friend and my biggest fan, we have three beautiful children, each with their own unique birth story – of course, and when I am not working with other perinatal professionals or expectant families, I enjoy hiking, rocking climbing – anything to pump my adrenaline, and spending time with my family. I look forward to getting to know you, what you’re passionate about, and to sharing this amazing childbirth curriculum.

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