City: New Orleans
Name: Amanda Devereux
Email: adevereux@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.nolanesting.com
Amanda has been fascinated and inspired by pregnancy, birth, and women’s health long before she became a mother. As a devoted Nurse, Doula, Birth Boot Camp Instructor, and Mother of three, she draws from experience and compassion when supporting women who are beginning their own journey into motherhood. She believes pregnancy is a time to nurture, cherish, and connect with one’s self and baby, as well as celebrate the growing family. She understands and believes birth to be a natural process and incredible rite-of-passage for a woman. The births of her own children are the most powerful experiences in her life, and she found herself redefined by each labor and birth. Her path has led her to be a committed force in the community as a birth advocate, birth and postpartum doula, birth educator, and certified happiest baby educator. “It is a gift to be invited into a woman’s birth circle. To share in her miracle and be in awe of her strength and power is humbling.  There is nothing more precious than to be present as a family is born.” Amanda also holds a BS in Biology, has advanced training in VBAC, and is co-owner of Nola Nesting, LLC.