is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Have Sex While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a magical yet sometimes stressful time for growing families. We want to do what is best for our baby, but worry over whether or not normal activities are safe, abounds.

First, consult your provider if you have any specific concerns.

Now that we have said that, sex during pregnancy is almost always considered safe for healthy, pregnant women! In fact, sex during pregnancy can even be beneficial.

Safety of sex during pregnancy:

Your baby has many built in protections from anything that may harm him or her. These protections also protect your baby when you have sex.

Your baby is surrounded by the amniotic fluid and the amniotic sac. The fluid and sac (or bag of water), equalizes pressure around the baby and keeps bacteria away from baby. It is a literal barrier from infection.

Around the baby, water, and amniotic sac is the uterus. The uterus, a powerful muscular organ, serves many purposes, including protecting the baby during pregnancy.

As pregnancy progresses and your baby gets bigger, you'll just want to choose positions that are safe and comfortable for mom and her changing body. We're confident you can figure it out.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy:

In fact, there can be many benefits of sex during pregnancy, in addition to the obvious ones.

  • Intimacy

    As a transitional time of life, keeping the intimacy in your marriage alive is both healthy and important for both partners. Also, sex during pregnancy can be very stress free for many couples. They don't have to worry about trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid getting pregnant. When else in life is this true?!

    is it safe to have sex during pregnancy

  • Prostaglandins

    Semen is a natural prostaglandin (cervical ripener) and some midwives report that their clients who are sexually active during pregnancy are less likely to go overdue. In fact, many women report that they start labor after making love.
    While lovemaking can stimulate powerful hormones that can aid labor, it doesn't seem to cause preterm labor.

When to avoid sex during pregnancy:

There are, of course, times to avoid sex during pregnancy. Your provider may discourage lovemaking if you are:

  • at risk for preterm labor or have had  preterm labor in the past
  • carrying twins
  • you have an incompetent cervix (this is a term referring to a cervix which is dilating early in pregnancy for no known reason.)
  • you have a placental issue like placenta previa, where the placenta is covering the opening (cervix) of the uterus
  • you have vaginal bleeding that is not normal or explainable
  • your partner has a sexually transmitted disease- some STDs can be very harmful to the baby

Also, if your bag of water breaks at any time, even if you are full term, your provider will recommend that you avoid sexual intercourse. Without the protection of an intact amniotic sac, it is easier for bacteria to get to the baby and infection can occur.


Growing your family can have many layers of stress, from financial to relationship changes. Having a strong, loving relationship with your partner can ease this transition and, as you know, be wonderful. Only worry if your care provider has recommended that you do so.

Otherwise, enjoy this unique time of life!

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