City: Bloomington-Normal
Name: Abbey Fish
Abbey is excited to bring Birth Boot Camp to the Bloomington-Normal community and surrounding areas!  She worked as a hairstylist prior to having her first baby and is now a stay at home mom to her three kids on their family farm.  After a traumatic hospital birth, she was determined to strengthen the bond through attachment parenting and successful breast feeding.  She discovered how important education is to making informed decisions. Abbey is passionate about helping others receive the information they need to make their birthing and parenting experiences as gentle and joyful as possible.  She went on to have two beautiful home water births with her second son and daughter, where she learned how crucially beneficial the midwifery model is to making birth a family centered experience.  She has been breast feeding for over 5 years and has extensive experience with baby wearing and cloth diapering.  She is a big believer in chiropractic, holistic care, and loves learning about everything pregnancy and baby.  She can’t wait to share her passion and knowledge with you!
Cara Schipkowski WebCity: Edwardsville
Name: Cara Schipkowski
It was with the beautiful and peaceful waterbirth of my first son that I felt a strong pull to begin supporting women through pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. I am currently a Birth Boot Camp Instructor, placenta encapsulation specialist (PBi), and I am working towards doula and breastfeeding counselor certification. I believe wholeheartedly in the strength and power of women and I wish to empower individuals through their birth experience. I cherish the growth in the relationship with my husband through the birth of our son and hope to help other families experience that closeness. I also emphasize evidence based care and I am an advocate for education related to pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. While growing my own knowledge, I welcome clients of all backgrounds who wish to have support before, during, and after birth.