City: Tampa – East Bay
Name: Kim Graves
Email: kgraves@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.keepcalmbirthon.com
After two amazing birth experiences, one in a hospital and one at home, Kim finally pursued what has been a passion of hers for years – to help other couples experience how amazing birth can be and to remove fear from the equation. Originally from Hawaii, she’s now a Navy wife of 10 years who has lived in California, Washington, and Florida. Birth Boot Camp’s military theme and availability of online classes spoke strongly to her. After watching so many friends go through pregnancy and birth alone (and doing it once herself), she thought the flexibility of Birth Boot Camp could be an amazing resource for military families. Whether you’re a military family or not, she looks forward to helping you in your journey toward your ideal birth!
Melissa Mayer WebCity: Tampa Bay
Name: Melissa Mayer
Email: mmayer@birthbootcamp.com
Melissa is not sure what inspired her to seek a midwife for her birth experience, but she is glad she followed her instincts. Throughout her pregnancy she became consumed with learning more about pregnancy and natural childbirth and was well equipped to welcome her son into the world alongside an amazing birth team including her husband, doula and family members without medical intervention. After the birth of her son Peter, she knew her journey was not complete and went on to train to be a doula herself and has now become a Birth Boot Camp instructor. Her experience assisting at births in homes, hospitals and birth centers gives her a unique insight into the birth community and has strengthened her commitment to train couples in natural childbirth. She looks forward to growing her family in the future and continuing to encourage other women have an amazing birth!