List of Instructors: Wisconsin

City: Green Bay
Name: Natashia Atkinson
You are having a baby! It is a big event, it's beautiful, and worth preparing for! I am a passionate lady, a wife to a wonderfully dedicated man, and a mama to four. When I had my first baby 12 years ago it was the most beautiful, scary,and enlightening moment I had accomplished in my life and that truth only grew stronger with my next 3 births. Having experienced medically necessary inductions, and natural births I began to research and share information with others so they could bring knowledge and informed choices to their experience. I began to support families through pregnancy & birth and I have now journeyed to my path as an educator & doula.  I am so excited that I have had the opportunity to bring education, clarity & peace to birthing families in a most precious, beautiful, and challenging time in their lives. I am just a friendly, neighborhood birth lady, with much to share with you as you prepare for your blessed event! You are so warmly welcomed! 

Nika Michaels WebCity: Rosendale
Name: Nika Michaels
Nika recently left active duty service in the Navy to be a stay-at-home mom to a very lively, one year old son. She is a full time college student, currently finishing a degree in Human Services and planning to pursue further education in Perinatal Hospice. After two unfortunate pregnancy losses, she became interested in and passionate about everything related to healthy pregnancy and birth. In 2012, with her third pregnancy, she overcame several obstacles to have an amazing natural birth in a military hospital. (It was the first the nurses had seen in 10 years!) She strongly believes that education, nutrition, and confidence are paramount, no matter where or how you choose to give birth. She is excited to give her students the positive support they need to feel confident in their birth decisions, as well as continued support during postpartum. She also has experience with breastfeeding, exclusive pumping, and baby wearing.

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