Texas Childbirth Educators

BBC-Instructors-feb-2016-9-webCity: Abilene
Name: Hailie Wolfe
Email: countrybumpkindoula@gmail.com
Website: www.DoulaAbilene.com
My name is Hailie Wolfe and I'm a devoted wife, and mother of five. As a former teacher, I have a passion for education. I love teaching Birth Boot Camp because it combines my love of birth with teaching! My personal experiences have had a huge impact on my birth beliefs. After a horrible experience and recovery with my 3rd child, a knew there had to be a better way to birth. I did lots of research and self educating! I went on to have two unmedicated births - one in the hospital and then a surprise breechling at home. I believe all couples deserve an education that prepares them for the mental and physical challenges of a birth, as well as the ability to make informed decisions regarding their care. I am an advocate for attachment parenting, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering. I also vlog my life as a mother on my YouTube channel, Our Wolfe Pack Life. 

City: Arlington and East Fort Worth
Name: Caren Nugent
Email: cnugent@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.BabySTEPSbirth.weebly.com
My name is Caren. I’m a wife and mother of 2. My journey into the natural birth world started when my sister used a midwife when she was pregnant with my niece. I was able to be at the birth center with her through labor and delivery and saw just how amazing birth could be. 3 years later, when I became pregnant with my first, I knew I was going to use the same midwife. Thus began my birth obsession. I knew I wanted my future career to be involved in the natural birth realm of things, but wasn’t quite sure what that would be. After attending my first birth (that wasn’t my own), I knew this is where I needed to be. I needed to educate women on the powerful experience natural birth can be. I needed to be with women during this stage of their lives. I was not able to pursue that dream until after my 2nd child was weaned. I love Birth Boot Camp’s curriculum and the way it empowers women to make educated choices for themselves. I hope my passion for birth and education comes across in the classes I teach. I am striving to let every pregnant woman know that she can have the birth she wants.

Shazia Lackey childbirth educator in Arlington, TXCity: Arlington 
Name: Shazia Lackey
Email: slackey@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.abovebeyondbirth.com
As a registered nurse and certified childbirth educator, I am passionate about educating and empowering couples throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2008. I worked in pediatrics for 6 years and now work at a local birth center. I married my high school sweetheart in 2006 and together we have 2 beautiful sons. They both were born naturally with the help of a Certified Nurse Midwife. My first birth was in a hospital and my second birth was at a birth center. I love helping moms achieve an amazing birth and a successful breastfeeding relationship for as long as they desire! I also teach prenatal yoga! Visit my website for more information. 

CJM_6046-webCity: Austin
Name: Melanie Galloway
Email: mgalloway@birthbootcamp.com
Hi! My name is Melanie and I am a Birth Boot Camp Instructor in Austin. My husband, Jason and I have a little boy named Landon who was born naturally at a birthing center. During my pregnancy, I had difficulties with hyperemesis gravidarum and trying to find a mother-friendly care provider. But when I found a natural childbirth class and met my amazing midwives and doula, I was able to prepare my mind and body to have an unmedicated birth that was such an empowering moment in my life. I have experience with water birth, extended breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering. I love training couples to be prepared for their own beautiful birthing experience.  Contact me today to find out about my upcoming class schedule!

Melek Speros WebCity: Austin
Name: Melek Speros
Email: msperos@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.birthblissfully.com
I planned three natural, out of hospital births and after two cesareans, my dream finally came true when I gave birth to my youngest son peacefully at home in 2012. As a doula and student midwife, I am passionate about informing women and couples about the benefits of natural childbirth and breastfeeding. An inactive attorney, I also work to inform mothers of their rights in childbirth, especially VBAC mothers, who often face barriers other mothers do not. I love working with all different kinds of women and families and supporting them on their journeys into parenthood. I am excited to be on the Birth Boot Camp team and hope to see you in class soon!

City: Azle and Weatherford
Name: Dawn Bowden
Email: dbowden@birthbootcamp.com
I am a loving wife and proud mother who is passionate about educating expecting families on their options and helping them on their journey to an amazing birth. As a Registered Nurse of 9 years, I have learned the value of preventative care and has sought more natural health for my family. My husband and I prepared for the birth of our son by taking natural childbirth classes and he was born at a birthing center in 2011. I want to help every woman feel confident in their birth choices through knowledge and support.

Cheryl Amelang WebCity: Bryan/College Station and Katy
Name: Cheryl Amelang
Email: cheryl@darlingbirth.com
Website: www.darlingbirth.com
I have been passionate about natural birth, education, and support since the birth of my first baby in 2004. Over the few years that followed I attended the births of several family members and friends, serving as their doula. I also went on to have four more babies myself! I finally decided it was time to turn my passion into my career. I began teaching and assisting at home and birth center births with our local midwife in the spring of 2012.  I also certified as a Lactation Educator and teach breastfeeding classes. I am excited to bring Birth Boot Camp to Bryan/College Station and Katy, providing excellent education on the benefits of natural childbirth and breastfeeding to new families. I love being part of their journey through pregnancy and birth.  My husband, John, and I have been married for 15 years, we have four boys and a girl who were all born at home with wonderful midwives and a doula. In addition to teaching, you can find me homeschooling my children, drinking coffee, playing board games, and folding laundry. Life is pretty sweet (except the laundry part)!

IMG_7809City: Bryan/College Station
Name: Riley Dawson
Email: rdawson@birthbootcamp.com
My name is Riley Dawson. I’m the wife of a lineman and the mother of a little red headed girl. I became interested in natural birth when I researched fertility. After watching documentaries about natural birth I was convinced that birth is a natural process. When we moved to Bryan/College Station I immediately began looking for a midwife. It was my good fortune that I found Toni Kimpel who introduced me to Birth Boot Camp. Our baby was born at Jubilee Birth Center using the tools we learned at our Birth Boot Camp Class. That fueled my passion to teach childbirth classes. I wanted other women to have the chance of having a great birth like I did. I’m excited to offer this great curriculum to all of the pregnant women in Bryan/College Station. 

BBC-Instructors-feb-2016-10-webCity: Buda, Kyle, San Marcos
Name: Michelle Davidson
Email: mdavidson@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.BirthIsAwesome.com
I am a wife and homeschooling mother of three wonderful children, 2 girls and a boy. All of them were born at home, with two of them being water births. My husband and I took a childbirth class to prepare for our first daughter's birth, and I can't imagine what labor would have been like without it. My first daughter was born with a velamentous cord insertion which is rare, not often caught before delivery, and does not take well to interventions. My husband caught both of our daughters, and I am proud that he has those dad bragging rights. I have since found that the women that do not take childbirth classes are left with many unanswered questions when it comes to labor, delivery, and their new baby. I became an instructor to encourage couples to research, trust in what a mother's body was created to do, and to expect an awesome birth!

childbirth educator in Burleson, TexasCity: Burleson
Name: Jen Jacobson
Email: jjacobson@birthbootcamp.com
Greetings and congratulations! Comprehensive childbirth education and positive, reliable support are the keys to having an extraordinary birth experience. Having attended Birth Boot Camp classes ourselves, my husband and I were thoroughly prepared for the natural hoe birth of our son, surrounded by our amazing birth team. You can achieve your ideal birth and the best start possible for your and your new addition! There is nothing comparable to the live class experience. Come join other expectant couples and have fun learning together! Contact me today to find out when the next session starts. I'd be honored to be part of your journey!

City: Burleson
Name: Megan Hughes
Email: mhughes@birthbootcamp.com
Website: birthhigh.com
I am a college graduate with a strong interest in education. I have had a positive experience with water birth with the support of midwives in a hospital setting and the unfailing strength of my husband and am the happy mother of a beautiful daughter. I am looking forward to the upcoming birth of my son at home with midwifery care and hope to bring the knowledge that both a hospital and home setting experience have given me to my students. I also have experience and knowledge in serving special needs families. I believe informed decision making on the part of both mom and dad leads to much higher rate of positive birth experiences no matter the circumstances or location. In order to make those decisions both parents need to be educated on the full scope of the birth process, starting with pregnancy and continuing through labor, birth and postpartum and all the choices and variables involved. I believe birth is a normal, natural process that has the power to transform a woman’s perspective of herself. As such, respect and compassion should be priorities in the relationship between mother, supporting partner and care provider. I am excited and motivated to help other couples on the road to their very own wonderful birth experience and introduction to parenthood!

City: Burleson and Cleburne
Name: Rachel Johnson
Email: rjohnson@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.dfwbirthclass.com
Do you want a transformative birth experience? I LOVE providing parents with the best evidence-based information on pregnancy, labor, birth and breastfeeding! It's a passion of mine to empower parents with options to make their own decisions and I believe it is the strongest foundation for achieving the birth you want. I have attended births at birth centers, homes and hospitals. I am married to my high school sweetheart. He is amazing, supportive, and everything a woman can hope for in a husband and is an excellent father. Andrew and I met over 17 years ago. I am a woman of God. I love Him, and love His leading in our life. In 2008 he became a music minister here in Ft. Worth. Together Andrew and I prepared with natural childbirth classes, under the founder of Birth Boot Camp. Since then, three of our daughters have been born at home. Parents who have taken my class have left feeling prepared and dads have told me my class is fun! Dads give the confidence their partner really needs in labor. Together you can have the tools necessary to achieve an AMAZING birth! For details on my Full Series or Reboot Refresher classes check my website, email me or find me on Facebook.

City: Carrollton
Name: Caryn Westdyk
Email: cwestdyk@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.inspiringbirth.com
Do you want to have an inspiring and empowering birth? My approach to education is unique because I have birthed in two completely different ways. My passion for natural birth started when I realized that my lack of education led me to have three unnecessary cesarean births. With the cesarean rates climbing each year, I believe that education is the key to see change in the birthing community. My husband Steve and I have been married since 2005 and have five children. Our first three children were born by cesarean section and our last two children were born by VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean.) Both were empowering natural births in a hospital with a very supportive Doctor. I love to help other hopeful VBAC Moms achieve their goals as well as help first time Moms make the right decisions for their first birth. I am excited to be a part of the Birth Boot Camp team and help other Moms have inspiring births too!

Andrea Brannock WebCity: Cleburne, Glen Rose, and Granbury
Name: Andrea Brannock
Email: andrea@adorebirthservices.com
Website: www.adorebirthservices.com
My name is Andrea Brannock, owner of Adore Birth Services. I am a mother, a wife, a crafter at heart (not in actuality), and lover of all things pregnancy and birth. In 2013, I began my doula and Birth Boot Camp Instructor career and have loved this great opportunity ever since. I have had five births. Each was different and helped to shape and set my path toward supporting families during such a special time. It was after the birth of my third baby - first natural - that I felt called to this wonderful work. That birth was such a amazing experience for me AND my husband. The work we put in during the pregnancy and at the birth brought us closer together and it was amazing! I wanted to share that gift with others. I want others to experience what birth and pregnancy really can be. My goal is to help you gain the confidence that you need to have an empowered birth. Through Birth Boot Camp classes, our meeting together and my confidence in you and your partner, you can achieve the wonderful experience birth can be. I find it an honor and privilege every time a couple invites me to be a part of their birth team. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and support you during this special time. To schedule a free consultation, please contact me today! 

BBC-Instructors-feb-2016-3-webCity: Cleburne
Name: Bevin Victory
Email: bvictory@birthbootcamp.com 
Hello! My name is Bevin Victory and I am the owner of Victory Doula and Birth Services in Cleburne, Texas. My husband, Michael, and I have two little girls, one born at a birth center and the other born at home.  I enjoy cooking and gardening with my kids, tennis with my husband, and reading on a beach.  
Our amazing birth experiences have ignited my passion to help other families have great births as well. I have a background in teaching Spanish and am so fortunate to combine my passion for education with my enthusiasm for birth to serve other families as a Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss YOUR amazing birth!

City: Cleburne
Name: Melody Morrow
Email: melody@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.midwifemelody.com
I have been actively involved in supporting natural birth options since the fall of 1998 when I first began my training as a student midwife. Four years later I became a Texas licensed midwife. I have participated in over 1000 births and assisted in the training of over 70 students. I am nationally recognized as a Certified Professional Midwife. I am very enthusiastic about my calling and love to help families become empowered as they are informed and educated about their choices during their maternity and birth experiences. I believe that education is key to a successful natural birth experience and I'm excited to be teaching under Birth Boot Camp!

City: Dallas
Name: Alecia Cumberworth
Email: acumberworth@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.mybelovedbirth.com 
Hi, I'm Alecia Cumberworth and I teach in Dallas, TX. I have had many different birth experiences, ranging from an intervention filled hospital birth with my first baby, to a natural birth attended by midwives at a birthing center, and then homebirth with a midwife. In these births I utilized many different positions, had the loving support of my husband, and the help of a wonderful friend as my doula. I have over 7 years of breastfeeding experience. One thing I am passionate about is teaching and enabling couples to have a natural birth, and empowering them to parent in the best way for their family. Every woman, and every labor, is different. Birth Boot Camp doesn't just teach a method. It teaches couples all the information they may need to pull from to decide what works best for them, both through pregnancy, labor, birth, and into those special early months with your newest addition. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm so excited to be able to share it with you!

City: Dallas and Grapevine
Name: Hollie Hauptly
Email: hhauptly@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.sweetserenitybirth.com
Hi, I’m Hollie Hauptly, a natural childbirth educator and birth doula. My passion for all things pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding began in 2009 after the natural birth of my first child. Both of my children have been born naturally in a hospital with a CNM and without intervention. I have seen firsthand how education and preparation play an important role in having the birth you desire. I encourage all expecting couples to learn about birth and the many options available to them in order to be able to make informed decisions. Birth is a natural, normal process and has the power to change your life forever. I’ve been a part of many births in many different settings and it is always an honor to be invited into a family’s life as they prepare for and welcome a new member of their family. Hollie also holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education.

City: Dallas
Name: Leslie Geick
Email: leslieg.doula@gmail.com
Hi, I’m Leslie! I’m a wife and mother of two. I am a full-time Doula and Birth Boot Camp Instructor in Dallas, Tx. After the birth of our first daughter, I quickly realized that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. After that, I began learning with a passion. I read, and watched, and learned some more. I shared my knowledge with my friends and family. In 2013, I had an unmedicated VBAC birth for our second daughter. My education, as well as my support team, really helped to achieve a birth experience that made me proud. My goal as your educator is for you to know your options so that you are able to make the best choices for your family. I look forward to seeing you in class!

Holly Faske WebCity: Denton
Name: Holly Faske
Email: hfaske@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.birthconfidently.com
I am a wife and stay at home to two young boys, and am expecting our third boy August 2014! My interest in birth began during my first pregnancy, which resulted in an unplanned Cesarean Section. My second son was birthed at home through a wonderful and healing VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). As a childbirth educator, my goal is to inform others about the natural process of birth in order to eliminate fear and to impart confidence to mothers (and their partners!) about their bodies’ ability to give birth. I am so excited to be a part of your pregnancy and I look forward to helping give you the tools you need for an amazing birth! 

City: Denton and Justin
Name: Suzanne Brown
Email: suzanne@bun-bundle.com
Website: www.bun-bundle.com
I am a wife and full-time mother of three. I received my B.S. in Development and Family Studies in 2004. My first pregnancy took place overseas and I experienced just how difficult it can be to locate a supportive care provider and birth place. Thorough research and education enabled me to achieve an unmedicated birth. That experience and a second natural delivery have shown me that when a woman and her partner are educated in how her body is designed to work with her baby to give birth, the labor and delivery process is transformative.

Ebon'NaePiggeeWebCity: DeSoto
Name: Ebon'Nae Piggee
Email: epiggee@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.desotobirthclass.com
Hello! I  am a Birth Boot Camp instructor serving the Desoto, Tx area.  I am also a certified elementary teacher, wife, & mother of 3 boys (+ 1 on the way).  After two successful and life changing VBACs (Vaginal Births After Caesarean), I understand that childbirth education is the foundation needed to prepare you for a great natural birth.  
For this reason, I am inspired to give women the tools they need to transform their childbirth experiences.  My mission is to empower women, through comprehensive childbirth education.  Birth Boot Camp is the information you've been searching for. I am grateful to present a curriculum that yields REAL results! You and your partner are sure to walk away equipped, confident, & ready for an amazing childbirth!

childbirth educator in El Paso, TexasCity: El Paso
Name: Cheryl Eisenberg
Email: ceisenberg@birthbootcamp.com
Hi there! My name is Cheryl Eisenberg. I have been married to my very encouraging husband, Ernest since 2012 and started my journey into motherhood in January of 2014 with our first son, Judah. We are expecting our second son December 2015 and my husband has no intentions of stopping this train any time soon. I am an event planner by trade but my true passion is motherhood and birth. My devotion to birth began in college when I was introduced to natural birth by a couple I was a nanny for.  I had no idea people still birthed that way, much less birthed at home! After soaking up as much information as I could get my hands on and even years before I had met my husband, much less was ready for children, I decided an un-medicated, natural birth was the way I wanted to go. I was able to achieve that with my very supportive OB in a hospital setting, with the assistance of a wonderful Doula here in El Paso. I moved here from Austin, Texas with my husband in 2012 and when we got pregnant I searched for a natural birth class for us to take. Unfortunately the closest I could find was several hours away in New Mexico. We ended up finding and doing Birth Boot Camp classes online and were blown away by the amount of solid information we were given.  As much as we loved what we were able to gain from the online classes I really missed the connection of being in a group setting with other like-minded couples. That is when I decided I wanted to bring more natural birth resources to El Paso.  I didn’t want another couple to have to miss out on the opportunity of taking an actual live class and sharing this experience with others, so I became a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. I firmly believe that there is no exact way for every woman to birth, but you deserve to know all the facts and what choices you have for YOUR birth, and I truly believe this is the best program you can find that gives you that information. You should feel prepared and empowered in the most vulnerable time of your life, and it is my mission to make that possible. I want you to have an amazing birth experience and I will do what it takes to guide you in your personal journey, using what I believe is the best childbirth education that can be offered!

Childbirth Educator in Euless, TexasCity: Euless
Name: Mya Apple
Email: mapple@birthbootcamp.com
My love of natural childbirth began with the birth of my first child at home with a midwife in 1989 followed by two more natural unmedicated at home births, in 1990 and 1993. Feeling empowered by my own birthing experience, and wanting to make a difference for other women, I decided to pursue an education in women’s health and mother-baby care through the Texas Department of health’s Documented Midwife program and held that documentation with the state for 5 years. During that time I supported many women in the natural childbirth process. I am forever in awe at the amazing strength and ability that birthing women possess, and I am honored and blessed to be teaching Birth Boot Camp Classes in Euless, Texas and the surrounding DFW area.

BBC-Instructors-feb-2016-7-webCity: Fort Worth
Name: Brandi Cline
Email: bcline@birthbootcamp.com
In addition to being a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, I am so excited to offer Birth Boot Camp Classes in Fort Worth, Texas. Before becoming pregnant I remember telling relatives that I wanted to have a scheduled cesarean section. Fortunately, they educated me on the benefits of natural childbirth. Several years later when I became pregnant with my first child I began researching the natural birth options in my community. That's when I discovered Birth Boot Camp. The education I received from Birth Boot Camp not only prepared me mentally and physically, but also provided me with the confidence to birth without fear. I have experienced 2 amazing, natural, un­medicated, out of hospital births. I truly look forward to providing the same education to other parents to help them achieve the amazing birth they desire.

City: Fort Worth
Name: Erin Golden
Email: egolden@birthbootcamp.com
Website: victoriousbirthservices.com
Although I taught high school for seven years, nothing can compare to the rewards of being a Birth Boot Camp Instructor and helping babies and their families achieve the best possible start in life. My husband and I have two wonderful boys with whom I had completely opposite birth experiences. The traumatic birth of our first son, which ended in a cesarean section, started me on a journey of learning everything I could about birth and getting involved in groups like the International Cesarean Awareness Network and the Tarrant County Birth Network. The knowledge I gained in the three years that followed led to the amazing, unmedicated VBAC of our second child in 2011 and to my passion to equip other parents with evidence-based information about pregnancy, care providers, birth, and breastfeeding. This journey also led me to become both a Birth Boot Camp Instructor as well as a certified birth doula with DONA. I love educating others and helping parents become so confident in their ability to birth that they eliminate their fears and approach birth with a sense of excitement, expectation, and trust in the amazing process of bringing their children into the world.

City: Fort Worth
Name: Megan Martin
Email: mmartin@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.MeganMartinDoula.com
I have a strong passion for pregnancy, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering. I married her high school sweetheart in 2005 and together we have a son and two daughters. After a classic 39 week hospital induced birth of her first child in 2006, I became interested in natural childbirth after hearing about the home birth experience of my close friend. Soon after I began educating myself in all things related to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and childbirth. In 2009, I gave birth to my second child at home and experienced an amazing water birth. Two years later, my third child was also born at home in an equally amazing water birth. I aspire to help other couples achieve the birth of their dreams, in whatever place they choose, through childbirth education.

Childbirth Educator in North Fort Worth and SaginawCity: North Fort Worth/Saginaw
Name: Ashleigh Valdez
Email: avaldez@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.befruitfuldfw.com
I'm the wife of an awesome man, and a homeschooling mom of 4 littles. Recently, I found my passion in all things birth, babies, and breastfeeding.
I had two medicated hospital births without complications, but realized I wanted a different experience because something was missing. When we got pregnant with our third baby, we started down the same path of using nurse-midwives at the hospital. A friend of mine told me she was going to use a birth center so I decided to look into it as an option. We knew we needed to prepare for an out-of-hospital birth and that's when we found Birth Boot Camp. The class prepared us for what to expect, and gave us confidence to have a natural birth. After interviewing many midwives, we finally found the perfect one. We decided to pursue a home birth and God blessed us with our third baby, who was born at home, in a very exciting and life changing moment. It was his birth that taught me how empowering it can be to take charge of your birth. Your birth matters and you have the power to make it amazing. I want to help guide you on your journey to a satisfying birth.
Find upcoming classes at befruitfuldfw.com

childbirth educator in Fort Worth, TexasCity: Northwest Fort Worth
Name: Nicole McPherson
Email: nmcpherson@birthbootcamp.com 
Website: www.VictoriousBirths.com
I am a wife to my amazing husband, Brandon, and a stay at home mom to a sweet boy. I am a Christ follower, and my husband and I are pastors in training with a desire to start a church in Paris, France. Brandon and I married in 2012, and conceived two years later. I started my pregnancy with an OBGYN and planned on having an un-medicated hospital birth. During my pregnancy, I took Birth Boot Camp classes and became aware of how medicalized birth is in our society. After being told by my OB that I should prepare myself for a cesarean section due to a big baby, I switched care providers at 36 weeks pregnant. I gave birth to my son completely un-medicated at a birth center with a wonderful midwife in early 2015. The moment he was born I knew I had found my passion in life. I desire to empower women to experience birth without fear, and to be confident about the choices they make throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. I also want dads to leave my class with a greater connection to the mother of their child, and give them the knowledge they need to be her greatest advocate and supporter.

City: Grapevine
Name: Julia West
Email: jwest@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.inspiredbybirths.com
I started reading about birth and pregnancy in the early days of my marriage, and came to realize the birth process is so often overcomplicated and unnecessarily micromanaged. My first pregnancy changed my life! I became more active and healthy than ever and prepared daily for the birth of my son. He was born in 2011 at a birth center after a peaceful, uninterrupted labor that bonded my husband and me in ways we did not imagine. I fell in love with birth that day and was anxious to find a way to help other mothers take control of their births. When I found Birth Boot Camp, I knew THIS was the class I wanted to teach! I am so excited to share this all- encompassing curriculum with couples and help them grow confident in their decisions, the birth process and each other. I believe every mama needs encouragement and education and I would love to provide that for you!


CJM_6048-webCity: Houston

Name: Andrea Powell
Email: bayoucitybirth@gmail.com
Website: www.BayouCityBirth.com

I am a native Houstonian, proud wife, and busy mom to an active toddler. My interest in all things pregnancy and birth became evident as we prepared for the birth of our son. My husband and I attended a natural childbirth class that gave us the knowledge to not only achieve a natural childbirth, but to make informed decisions when we were faced with a medically necessary induction. As someone who initially struggled with breastfeeding, I am passionate about breastfeeding education and encouraging moms throughout their breastfeeding journey. I truly believe that an amazing birth experience begins with preparation. I am dedicated to helping couples achieve an amazing birth and leave class feeling confident in their role as new parents.

KacyBunteWebCity: Houston
Name: Kacy Bunte
Email: kbunte@birthbootcamp.com 
Website: www.HoustonBirthClass.com 
I'm Kacy Bunte, the mother to one adorable son who was born at home with the support & encouragement of my husband, Justin, and our incredible birth team. Becoming pregnant set us on an unexpected & eye-opening journey where knowledge played an important role in our amazing birth experience. My desire is to help educate couples on the benefits & beauty of natural childbirth. As a former elementary school teacher and librarian, my love for teaching is now channeled into educating & empowering couples to have an amazing, natural birth. I love a good birth story and look forward to helping you write yours!

Kristi Keen WebCity: Houston
Name: Kristi Keen
Email: kkeen@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.KeenDoulaCare.com
I am a wife, mother, flutist, and lover of all things birth. I am married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, and we are parents to two adorable little girls. Born and raised in Louisiana, I moved to Houston in 2008 to pursue my Master of Music degree. During that time I worked in the Women's Studies department and was fortunate to work with a woman who was a doula and a childbirth educator. When I became pregnant during my final semester of graduate school, I ran to my co-worker with the news, who offered great advice. Heeding my co-worker's advice, I had an amazing birth that completely transformed my life. Because of my experience, I felt inspired to begin training as a birth doula. I have been serving women and their families as a birth doula in the Houston and Sugar Land areas since the summer of 2011. In February 2014, I decided the time was right to attend the Birth Boot Camp Instructor training that I had been eagerly awaiting since first hearing about Birth Boot Camp. I am excited to offer these outstanding classes to couples in the Houston area.

IMG_7807City: Houston/Spring/The Woodlands/Conroe
Name: Mackenzie Droll
Email: mdroll@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.birthingwithawe.com 
My name is Mackenzie Droll and I am a blessed wife and homeschooling mama to 4 sweet but rambunctious kiddos. I love scrapbooking, sewing and being outdoors. Now I found another passion…after having such amazing drug free, natural births (all different scenarios... one was with a doctor in the hospital, one was with a doula and doctor in the hospital and the last one was a water birth at home with a midwife) I found myself sharing my stories with anyone that would listen. Clarity set in that I should become a natural birthing instructor when a friend approached me about her very difficult first birth experience and fears of her upcoming labor and birth. I was able to guide her and help her to a new, more peaceful and confident experience with her second child. That is my passion! To teach and empower couples on how to have the birth they want and know they have a choice in so many aspects if well educated. I am excited to be on this journey and look forward to helping you to achieve the pregnancy, childbirth and parenting goals you have.

BBC-Instructors-feb-2016-12-webCity: Humble, Kingwood, North Houston
Name: Amber Berry
Email: aberry@birthbootcamp.com
Website: thejourneybirthservices.com
My name is Amber Berry.  I’m a devoted wife, mom to three of the cutest kids in the world, childbirth educator, doula, birth assistant with local midwives, and midwife trainee.  I’m very passionate about natural childbirth and empowering couples with the tools they need to have an amazing birth.  After personally attending over 80 births, I began to see that Birth Boot Camp graduates really did have amazing births—and I wanted to make these classes available in my area of North Houston.  Each of my own three childbirths were beautiful, wonderful experiences, each different yet equally sacred—one was even born in a third world country with a missionary midwife!  The education and tender support given to me and my husband during each of my pregnancies and birth experiences ignited a desire to train and educate couples to have their own beautiful, empowering, natural childbirth experiences.  I believe in women’s bodies and their ability to give birth the way it was designed, and recognize the crucial role the father has throughout pregnancy and childbirth.  I also believe in informed consent and being an informed consumer—every couple has the right to be educated about birth and to make their own decisions based on information.  I’m married to Weston, who serves as an associate pastor at a local church.  My husband and I served as missionaries overseas for 5 years where I first began my journey serving pregnant and birthing women.  Before returning to the USA, I was able to gain experience in birth world in Egypt, the Philippines, and Haiti.  It is my heart’s desire to encourage and educate couples in their own unique experiences to have the best, safest, most positive, AMAZING birth possible.

City: Hurst
Name: Nancy Rebarchik
Email: nrebarchik@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.empoweringbirthdfw.com
Hey there, I'm Nancy! I was fortunate to be one of the very first Birth Boot Camp Instructors certified in June of 2012, and have been teaching classes regularly in Hurst, Texas ever since. I'm a happily married mother of two with two very different birth experiences. My daughter was born in 2006, a medicated birth with almost no childbirth education prior to delivery. Realizing that my body was able to nourish my baby through 13 months of breastfeeding inspired me to explore what else I had been blissfully unaware of during my first pregnancy. In 2008 I became a certified doula and have had the honor of serving families in North Texas as their doula in hospitals, homes, and birth centers ever since. My son was born completely unmedicated, at home in 2009. I attribute the difference in my births to the comprehensive childbirth education series my husband and I attended during our second pregnancy. I'd love for you to join my class! I believe you CAN have an amazing birth!

web-CJM_5334City: Katy and Houston
Name: Courtney Alva
Email: calva@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.awaywegobaby.com
Courtney is a mother of two, a doula, and an enthusiastic advocate for breastfeeding. She is passionate about educating families so they too can have an amazing experience. Courtney is excited to be a part of the Birth Boot Camp team and can't wait to share her love of birth with you. Email or visit her website for details on upcoming classes.

web_CJM_3248City: Katy and West Houston
Name: Kristen Powers
Email: birthpowers@gmail.com
Website: www.BeautifulMomma.webs.com 
I am Mommy to two awesome boys: Marcus, my sweet autistic 3 year old and Titus, my extroverted 2 year old.  My first birth was an induced hospital birth with a not so great Midwife. I did not educate myself or gather support around me and ended up with an unnecessary epidural and not succeeding with breastfeeding. My second birth was a home birth with a great Midwife. My partner and I did our best to be more knowledgeable this time around, taking a class and reading a lot of books. Labor was hard work but our little team did great together and we succeeded in getting the birth we wanted. I also have able to breastfeed successfully for two years now.  I believe that every woman should know how amazing her body is and what she is capable of. I believe every father should know how valuable he is to his partner during labor. I believe you are capable of making wise decisions and deserve the support you need to see them through. I am a Birth Boot Camp instructor because I believe you deserve a great birth and you deserve to be well informed about how to achieve one. You are amazing already and will be amazing parents to this little one! I look forward to supporting and encouraging you and your family as you take this journey through pregnancy and birth.

City: Keller
Name: Daniela Lee
Email: mamamiabirth@gmail.com
Website: www.mamamiabirth.com
Born and raised in Argentina and making my home in the US for the last 15 years, I am fluent in both English and Spanish. I have been blessed with a husband and family of four children, all born naturally; one hospital birth and three water home births. To help couples prepare for the birth of their babies, I am committed to serving families as a certified doula, prenatal yoga and birth boot camp instructor. I believe passionately in creating a climate of confidence around birth, minimizing fears and providing the knowledge necessary for couples to make informed decisions. Your Birth Boot Camp experience with me will provide you with an invaluable education, hands-on tools to use in labor, and a fun couple’s “date night” atmosphere!

BBC-Instructors-feb-2016-8-webCity: Keller
Name: Jillian Blakeman
Email: jblakeman@birthbootcamp.com 
Website: www.TheBestBirthClass.com
I made Biology everybody’s favorite class; I look forward to making The Best Birth Class your favorite class. I discovered my passion for education when, at thirteen, I started working as a math tutor. I continued to teach math, horseback riding lessons, and floral design until 2007 when I became a high school Biology, Physics, and AP Biology teacher. I am confident that I could teach a dog to knit. My son’s outdoor homebirth sparked a desire to help other people experience natural childbirth. Though we had an exceptional birth, my husband and I could have done a better job preparing ourselves for this beautiful challenge. When I found Birth Boot Camp and its amazing curriculum I knew I had found just the tool to equip expecting couples. When I’m not learning about all things birth, I enjoy travel, bike riding, goat watching, and Post-Impressionism art.

BBC-Instructors-feb-2016-6-webCity: Keller and Mansfield
Name: Kelli Besancon
Email: kelli@nidobirth.com
Website: www.nidobirth.com
Hi! I'm Kelli and I love being a Birth Boot Camp Instructor in the DFW metroplex! I am also a wife, proud mom of 3 to Quinn (6), Caroline (4), and Hazel (8 months), a physical therapist, and a certified Birth Boot Camp Doula. Personally,  I've had a wide range of experiences with birth and those experiences are what led me to Birth Boot Camp. With my son, I was not educated at all about pregnancy or birth and after laboring for 3 days, I ended up with a cesarean when they discovered he was breech. Had I taken a Birth Boot Camp class during that pregnancy, I would have had the tools and resources to help promote better positioning for my baby, I would have had more confidence in my body instead of confusion, and I possibly would not have ended up with a cesarean birth. However, in some ways I'm thankful for that birth because I might not be the birth advocate I am today without that experience, and I would not be able to support moms in similar situations as well had I not been through that myself. With great education and support, I went on to have two fabulous VBACs: the first unmedicated in the hospital and the second at home in the water. Knowing and understanding about healthy pregnancy, the natural process of birth, and how our bodies were made gave me the ability to experience the beauty of natural birth. That is exactly why I am so passionate about childbirth education! Birth can absolutely be amazing and that "I did it!" moment when a mom has just pushed out her baby is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Contact me today and let's get started planning and preparing for YOUR amazing birth!

Tami Zubke WebCity: Keller and Fort Worth
Name: Tami Zubke
Email: tzubke@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.empoweringyourbirth.com 
I am Mom to 2 wonderful kids. I am so proud of my son, he is 21 and will graduate college soon. I have cloth diapered, my 4 year old little girl and I still enjoy breastfeeding, co-sleeping with, baby wearing and homeschooling her. I am married to an Iraq/Afghanistan veteran. I believe women should know their options regarding birth. My son was born in the hospital while I was in the Marine Corps. I wanted to give birth naturally, however, I had no real training. I was laying in bed for the entire labor and after a few hours I needed some pain relief. I also had an episiotomy. Seventeen years later I had my daughter at home in my bathtub with a wonderful midwife. This empowered me and made me realize I wanted all women to know they had options and that they can learn how to have an amazing natural birth.

11aCity: Lewisville
Name: Christina Upchurch
Email: cupchurch@birthbootcamp.com 
Website: http://bitly.com/livelifebirth
I am a wife and mother. I married my high school sweetheart and friend. As a chiropractor, I love serving pregnant women and families. After having a wonderful natural birth, I could not stop talking about my great experience. I realized that chiropractic and natural birth work well together. They both have the same principles, by allowing the body to work without the use of interventions. When I was pregnant, my husband and I took Birth Boot Camp classes and both benefited from them. I had no idea that there were so many birthing options and my husband could effectively communicate and understand why natural birth is important. After seeing how much he gained from the classes, I knew that educating and empowering couples about natural birth is what I was meant to do.

City: Lewisville
Name: Elisha Adams
Email: eadams@birthbootcamp.com 
Website: www.MyBabyMyBirth.com 
My husband and I were married in 2010 in the Dallas Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We were excited to start growing our family, but the reality of PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) halted that desire for a little while. After being diagnosed, I took the initiative to seek better understanding and knowledge of this condition and the effect it has on fertility. When pregnancy was achieved, my thirst for knowledge grew which lead me to choose to have a natural birth. In 2013, our sweet boy was born peacefully in the water at a birth center. These experiences have created this burning desire inside my heart to share and empower other women to take control of their bodies and make informed decisions. My goal as a Birth Boot Camp Instructor is to provide education, enlightenment, and encouragement. This childbirth class provides phenomenal instruction which will ensure a satisfying birth experience and a wonderful start to parenthood. I am excited to be your Birth Boot Camp Instructor, and I look forward to seeing you in my class!

Rebecca Grochowski WebCity: Little Elm
Name: Rebecca Grochowski
Email: rgrochowski@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.tinyblessingsbirth.com
I believe that birth matters and that education is the key to achieving an amazing birth. I am the wife to a wonderful husband and the mother to a beautiful little girl. Through my own pregnancy, I experienced firsthand how taking classes shaped my understanding of the birth process and eliminated many fears. My daughter was born into her daddy’s arms in a wonderful, natural hospital birth. This was one of the biggest accomplishments of my life and I became passionate about helping others achieve the birth of their dreams. I am thrilled to offer the tools to equip everyone to achieve their own amazing experience!

2City: Lubbock
Name: Melissa McCauley
Email: lubbockbirth@gmail.com 
I am a northern girl who got swept away by a Texas boy. We love to travel the world and hope to instil wonder and adventure in our boys. I had participated in over 400 births before having my first baby. Though I knew natural childbirth was challenging, my own labors were longer and more intense than I expected. I'm so glad we chose a great birth team for all three of them. Bringing Birth Boot Camp to Lubbock is a dream come true and I'm so excited this option is out there for couples in west Texas. I've been involved in nearly all aspects of childbirth for over 15 years and want to help couples prepare for an amazing birth.

 City: Mansfield
Name: April Francom
Email: april@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.MomentsOfSunshine.com
I believe that my work as a mother is the most important job I will ever have. I am blessed to have been married for over 20 years and we have 4 amazing children. As a Birth Boot Camp Instructor {since 2012} and Birth Boot Camp DOULA {since 2015}, I am able to combine my passions of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, teaching, and helping others.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Education and I love to teach! Often, I am described as happy, joyful, kind, a good listener, caring, and that I have a contagious laugh. My childbirth education classes are casual, fun, engaging, and informational.  I enjoy bringing Moments of Sunshine to your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Contact me today to reserve a spot in an upcoming class. I look forward to hearing from you! 

IMG_7788City: Midlothian
Name: Marcia Kacho
Email: mkacho@birthbootcamp.com
In 1985 I obtained my BSN from Cedarville University and began my nursing career specializing in obstetrics and focusing on childbirth education. I completed my MSN as a nurse educator from Liberty University in 2012. Educating clients in childbirth has been very rewarding second only to being the mother of three beautiful daughters and the wife of my super-terrific husband. All three of our daughters were natural vaginal deliveries in the hospital. I also developed a unique bond with each of them through my breastfeeding experiences. As a mother and nurse, having a passion for childbirth education is what lead me to become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. I am so excited for the opportunity to share with couples Birth Boot Camp’s natural childbirth classes. The tools and techniques taught in the classes thoroughly prepare parents to face their “greatest mission” – birthing their child and entering parenthood. Together we can prepare so “You Can Have an Amazing Birth”!

Hillary Stillwell WebCity: Midlothian
Name: Hillary Stillwell
Email: hstillwell@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.delightfulbirths.com
Hillary has a degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology. She is a mother of two and has been passionate about childbirth since she was a little girl. After having a cesarean birth with her son, Hillary learned the value of childbirth education. With the birth of her daughter, Hillary equipped herself by taking a Birth Boot Camp class and did a lot of research to ensure a satisfying and delightful birth. She did go on to have a completely natural, unmedicated VBAC and has since wanted to teach other couples the power of education, natural childbirth, and attachment parenting. By taking this class you will find you CAN have an amazing and delightful birth!

Adria Dawidczik WebCity: Round Rock area
Name: Adria Dawidczik
Email: adawidczik@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.rocknbirth.com

Adria believes her greatest work is raising her three boys, and it is their births that have inspired her to help others on the road to natural childbirth. Each of her children has a unique birth story - adoption, cesarean, and natural birth - and she cherishes the moment she first locked eyes with each son. It is the birth of her third, however, that opened her eyes to the power of natural childbirth. The bond was instantaneous; the feeling of accomplishment overwhelming. It is this feeling that she hopes to help every mother unlock with the experience of a natural, unmedicated birth.
Adria is teaching in the greater Round Rock area where she resides with her incredibly supporting husband and best buddy, Michael.

CJM_6155-webCity: San Angelo
Name: Regina Woodley
Email: rwoodley@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.PowerInBirth.com 
While getting a degree in animal science and now living on a farm I have seen a lot of animals give birth. It never ceases to amaze me how often the babies and mother do just fine if they're kept calm and feel safe. I am the mother of eight children, and raising them is my purpose in life. Their births have all been quite different (two in the hospital and the rest at home), but they all ended up being natural and teaching me so much about trusting our bodies. I would love to pass along some of my knowledge and see other couples experience the same ecstatic, healthy births. 

City: San Antonio
Name: Kelley Young
Email: kyoung@birthbootcamp.com
 Hi folks! I'm Kelley Alyce Young, and I'm very excited to be sharing my passion in lovely San Antonio. My husband is currently stationed at JBSA Lackland, which is why I get to share this awesome time with you all.
At the moment, we have three children: a five year old daughter who loves ballet, a three year old daughter who was born with Cornelia deLange Syndrome and a one year old son who is toddling everywhere, flirting with all the ladies.  Each of my pregnancies/births were very different experiences. During my first, I read and studied everything I could about birthing, different methods/philosophies and what to expect with hospital births.  After she was born I continued to read and study. Our second daughter was a preemie, born via emergency Cesarean due to extreme complications, and before she was even out of the NICU I was researching VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).  Two years later, I achieved that goal with the birth of my son, which was a quick and complication free experience, without any medication and a fair amount of laughter. Despite all my personal research during each pregnancy, however, I wanted to take a class, but I could never find one that satisfied my desire for varied information and equipped me to make my own decisions.  That is until I found this course! Now I want to impart my experience and knowledge on to you, sharing my passion and empowering you to take control of your own birth experience.

web_CJM_3230City: San Antonio
Name: Valerie Lopez
Email: AlamoCityBirth@gmail.com 
Website: www.AlamoCityBirth.com
Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting is a lifelong learning experience. My husband and I have four hilariously vibrant daughters. We often question who is learning more in this parenting gig; the kids or us? I've discovered people laugh a lot in my presence. I'm not sure if it's because of my awesome comedic talent, if I forgot to zip my pants again, or have a large booger on my face. Either way, laughing just happens. A thorough childbirth education is more than just learning when to contact your provider (Spoiler alert:  It’s before you see the baby’s head). It is about sharing resources, building a community and support system, fostering a partnership, providing options and tools that can be carried with you from pregnancy, birth, and beyond. So yes, while I am a huge advocate of birth education, contain immense knowledge of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond in my noggin, I am also a huge advocate for laughing up life. You may laugh so hard in my class that you tinkle a little.  We even cover that! 

City: Spring
Name: Carrie Williams Gomez
Email: cgomez@birthbootcamp.com 
Originally a Michigander, I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Women Studies. After college I headed to the beaches of San Diego where I earned a Masters in Organizational Leadership and lost my ideology of “never getting married and never having children” when I met a hot Navy SEAL. Now, I currently reside in Spring, Texas. I am a wife to a retired sailor and mother to two incredible daughters and a beautiful stepdaughter. I love to unravel the awesomeness/power/strength of women, and what better way to do this than helping couples discover the life-changing journey of growing, birthing, and nurturing another human being. With my passions for women’s studies, leadership, and my babies it’s no wonder I love birth.

BBC-Instructors-feb-2016-4-webCity: Sugarland
Name: Rachael Bradley
Email: sugarlandbirth@yahoo.com
Website: www.sugarlandbirth.com
Hi everyone! My name is Rachael and I am a special education teacher. I truly love teaching and am so excited to now have the opportunity to teach couples, in addition to my kids. My husband was actually the one who introduced me to the idea of a natural birth, and signed us up for a BBC class! I am so glad that he did and I felt that we had our second baby as a team this time. He was just as prepared as I was and we were able to make the decisions that worked best for us, together. 
I feel that birth is a celebration to new beginnings and hope to empower couples with the knowledge they need in order to have a healthy pregnancy and an amazing birth experience! Please join me here in Sugar Land for classes and I look forward to meeting you!

BBC-Instructors-feb-2016-5-webCity: Waco
Name: Kristina Baucom
Email: kbaucom@birthbootcamp.com
Hi! I am Kristina Baucom, and I teach Birth Boot Camp classes in Waco, TX. My husband, Travis, and I are the proud parents of two beautiful children, Eden (4) and Elijah (2).  Women's health is a passion of mine, specifically as it relates to pregnancy and childbirth. As a Labor & Delivery Nurse at a local hospital, I have seen the vast majority of women walk through the doors unprepared for birth. Seeing this happen motivated me to get certified with Birth Boot Camp so that I could help prepare moms to have the best birth possible. I consider education to be a key factor that can shift birth outcomes in America. With my experience in healthcare, I believe Birth Boot Camp is the best program available to help prepare couples for natural birth. My goal is for you to feel prepared and empowered to navigate your labor and delivery with confidence. I look forward to helping you and your partner in the process of welcoming your new "recruit" because it is absolutely true you can have an amazing birth experience!

City: Waxahachie and Ellis County Area
Name: Jennifer Flachman
Email: jflachman@birthbootcamp.com
Website: www.HaveABetterBirth.com
Hi! My name is Jennifer Flachman, and I am excited to help you learn how to have the birth you desire! After induced and medicated births of my first three children (a singleton, followed by twins), my husband and I finally decided to take a natural childbirth class and had a fulfilling natural water birth at a birth center. If only I could go back and educate myself about natural birth before my first three sweet babies! I believe that every couple deserves to experience the exhilaration that comes with natural birth, and that education and preparation are key. In addition to natural birth, I am also passionate about breastfeeding. Although I lacked support when struggles arose with my first baby, I went on to nurse my youngest three, despite the same challenges, for a total of six years... and counting! Just as with natural birth, breastfeeding is more possible- and more enjoyable- with education, preparation, and support. Teaching Birth Boot Camp is one way that I am able to pass on the information that I wish I had received earlier in my journey to motherhood, and my background as both a teacher and a Registered Nurse allow me to bring a unique perspective to my class. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and support with you!

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